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  1. We just had our first cache approved earlier this week. It was exciting. I was checking the cache page constantly eager to see our first log. It was like when I was kid on Christmas Eve. We can't wait to hide more. We emailed a few of the finders and asked their opinion about how we rated the cache. That was our big concern. Of course we got a different answer from each of them! We are still a little concerned about the way it's rated but we'll just wait for feedback and it is winter. In the summer time the place will look much different. Congrats on your first hide!
  2. If we find a cache where the log is missing we add a spare log we keep in our pack or at the very least a piece of paper, even if it is the printed cache page. Then we sign that and in our log we mention that the log book was missing and what we did to fix it. If we look for a cache and cannot find it how do we know it's missing? We only know we couldn't find it. Then we log a DNF. If we come upon a site where the remains of a cache are scattered around we try to put everything back together and put it back in the container then replace the cache where we think it belonged according to hints and our GPSr readings. If the container is missing we gather everything up, take it home and log a DNF and contact the owner to arrange to give the the remains of the cache back. We also go back and try to find all our DNF's.
  3. It's all fun and games until a 12 year old girl finds a charcoled foot. Happened to me in the Poconoes with my older brother. We were camping near Pecks Pond and hiked up to a radio tower where a plane had crashed. We were poking around the crash site and I found it. I will never forget it or the smell. Geez I'm all smiles today aren't I? Sorry. But it was pretty gross. About a week or 2 later one of the boys in my neighborhood was out with a magnifying glass burning ants and the smell was almost the same.
  4. I recently picked up a coupon for free coffee from a cache. The name of the coffee place incorporates the name of a nearby town so I thought it wold be easy to find. Since the cache was a new cache I didn't think the coffee card was outdated. However there is no address on the card and we can't locate the coffee place. We've looked online, in the phone book etc. but no luck. I even looked through the logs to see if I could find who put the card in the cache so I could email them and ask where this place is, but no luck that way either. So if you're going to leave a coupon for something free like a cup of coffee from XYZ coffee then add a sticky note on the coupon where the establishment is located. Then put the whole thing in a zip lock so it doesn't get destroyed in a cache.
  5. There is a virtual at the national zoo in Washington D.C. called tiger paws.
  6. The picture with the coin is a little scary, but he looks so lovable and trusting in all the others. Dogs are amazing. Good luck with trying to find his owners. Hopefully they are actively seeking him out. I was thinking with his limp I wonder how far he traveled. Perhaps contacting shelters outside your area or maybe the helpful girl at your local shelter will contact other shelters for you.
  7. A few that I have on my list in PA are: AT Indian Princess Pulpit rock Cache The Pinnacle Cache Oh Danny Boy This 'MUS' be the place I've only been to 2 of these caches but they were nice ones.
  8. Good thing you weren't wearing shorts, things could have ended differently.
  9. I don't know about copying your drivers license but I know that making a copy of your passport or military ID (if it applies) is not illegal. However, making a color copy of those two documents is illegal. It could very well apply to the DL too. There are certain types of businesses that often need copies of your ID. Such as mortgage brokers, passport offices, hospital. Just to name a few. When I renewed my passport, the passport office made a photocopy of my current valid passport to send in with my renewal application. The bank made a copy of my driver's license when I opened an account. The emergency room at a civilian hospital will photo copy my military ID when I have to go there because my military ID is also my proof of insurance.
  10. What a great idea. We're getting ready to hide our first cache and we couldn't come up with a FTF prize idea so we were just going to hide it without one. But now I know what to use.
  11. Sometimes the owner will write on the cache page that it will be more difficult in the snow, sometimes they don't. Although caches are not supposed to buried because we don't want to disturb the area, it is okay to dig in the snow to find the cache. If you look at the logs for the cache before you go you may be able to get some idea if you'll be able to find it in the snow. Look at logs for last winter and see what people wrote. If there were a lot of DNFs because of the snow then maybe wait until Spring.
  12. You were signing a log at 11:30 on Dec 31st 2005. Linky thingy
  13. Hasn't snowed much in our part of Maryland yet. But we were out caching in the snow in Nov. This is our first winter caching so we weren't sure how we would like it. Well we love it. In fact I like it better than summer caching. I can't wait for even more snow - bring it on! We have our first cache ready to hide. I went and got the first set of coords in Nov, then over Christmas break I had my husband try to find the location and he had almost the exact reading I did in Nov. We'll check the coords again when we actually place the hide but winter is great! We just ran out of zip lock bags so as soon as I get to the store the cache will be placed and I will do the page, so hopefully by this weekend the cache will be in place and sent in for approval. We've talked about some caching strategy of trying to get in a bunch of wilderness finds before all the brambles grow back and then in the summer do some of the city caches. My poor husband had one PI almost all summer long. We love winter caching so far!
  14. I found a few for you, but I've never been to these so I just don't know that they are wheelchair friendly. Even though the terrains are all rated 1 or 1.5 at least 2 of the caches have the icon showing they are not wheelchair friendly. I guess depending on what sort of wheelchair you may have... here is the list I came up with: Movies: Flowerman S Valley: Flowerman Rose Park: Flowerman Secret Garden: Tim m CPA Papal Potpourri: Dancing Gophers Perhaps you could email the owners or recent finders to find out what sort of path there is. Dawn
  15. Anything from the Team Red Oak gallery is okay to use. Last I knew none of us were wanted in Idaho.
  16. Another virtual that we loved in DC was at the National Cathedral. The clues needed for the answer are outside, but you should be able to enter the cathedral with a wheel chair. After living in Germany for 7 years and visiting many cathedrals in Europe we thought we might be dissapointed with ours since it is not very old at all. But we loved the uniquely American stone carvings. Somewhere at the cathedral Darth Vader supposedly is carved, but we couldn't find him. There was a wedding the day we were there. I think there is a virtual at the Roosevelt monument at the WWII monument. We visited both before we knew what caching was, but they are well worth visiting cache or not. Good luck and happy caching
  17. I belong to a group that recreates the Middle Ages so seeing guys in kilts is no big deal. What is a big deal though is when guys decide to go 'comando' then don't know how to sit down properly. Please if you wear the kilt, learn to sit because people don't want to see your bits and pieces or your undies. Thank-you
  18. First of all I want to say I am not looking for the answer to any particular puzzle. I just have a general question about puzzle caches. How do you know how to solve them? There are a few in my area that are easy. One we've recently done asked for numbers from NASCAR drivers and certain TV shows. Then we just added or subtracted and had the cache. But there is one I saw that gives four complete sets of coords then says the cache is related to the four sets given but not at them. Many people have solved it. Is there something everyone else knows about solving puzzles that we are missing? There is a hider in the area who has many puzzle caches and each time I look at one of them I just don't get what we're supposed to do in order to solve it. I'd like to try them, but don't know where to start. I'd hate to email the owner asking for hints all the time. Is there some book or something about code breaking that people use to assist them in solving the puzzles? I can do cryptograms, but so far I haven't seen that type of puzzle in my area. I just don't understand how to solve these things if there was some book I could look at to see examples then I could see the type of pattern or puzzle the cache was modeled after and have a clue to solve it. any suggestions serious or funny would be entertaining. thanks
  19. Pretty funny stuff. I think I caught most of the 'in' jokes. I loved the tin foil hats and the bionic man stuff. Even my son who doesn't like geocacheing watched the movie and thought it was funny. Can't wait for part deux!
  20. Santa got Geocaching baseball style caps for both my husband and me and I got a geocaching logo thingy to tack onto my walking stick. I always wear a baseball cap when we go caching so now if we meet other cachers on the trail at least they will know we are fellow cachers.
  21. In our limited experience we have found that Spotted Dog has very good hides in Maryland (Severna Park/Glen Burnie). They really make you think and she uses excellent camoflauge.
  22. No question is ever dumb but sometimes the answers people give... (not directed towards the answer given in this thread)
  23. Cool idea for a thread. If we had to pick names again and assuming we picked individual names and not a team name, my husband may choose Groo and I would be Arba, or Chakaal. Groo was a comic book character who traveled around wreaking havoc. But he didn't know it. www.groo.com
  24. I can't believe no one mentioned the Llamas. The first time I saw them was in the Mad Marty thread which had me rivited to my computer, meaning it was a low production day at work for me. Recently they showed up again in a thread and someone linked to the song which I love by the way. So aside from everything else in the forums I will remember the llamas the most, llamas rock!
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