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  1. When I write in the log book I will tell which TB I took and when I expect to log it online.
  2. Recently on CNN there was an article about a girl who died after kissing her boyfriend who had eaten a Peanut Butter snack. The attached link is from CBS. Link
  3. I'm still stuck on the upper 48 states. So do we have a lower 48 states too?
  4. Look at Auntie Weasel's post then look at the small blue print at the bottm. Click and read the book. Pretty funny stuff.
  5. The owner also asked if they could pick up the TB before 7 Feb, perhaps they are vacationing. I would wait to hear from the owners and then I would tell them what cache I was going to place the bug in. Or even better, arrange to meet them for coffee somewhere and then you get to meet fellow cachers. If 7 Feb comes and goes with no word from the owners then I would place the TB into a cache with a note about the new destination.
  6. When we put out our first cache we included 3 scratch off lottery tickets for the first three finders. We noted on the cache page what they were for. I don't know if anyone won any money from them. Only one person logged that they tried and said they did not win. We've been thinking about some other items for the next time. The lottery tickets were so easy to get and put in the cache though.
  7. There is a cache around here that is in an animal skull lodged back in a hole in a tree. We've also found a multi where the first stage is a rubber snake with the coords written on the underside and one more that was some type of rubber animal with the coords written in it. All by the same hider, this person also has a snake in a can at one stage of a multi. Put the spider out with your cache.
  8. I'd like a button to push that would make the cacher invisible. That way it would be easier to grab caches in areas where there are a lot of people. It would probably lead to other mischief too.
  9. I guess it would depend on where at the church it is. I don't think I would feel right entering a church to find one, but I've found a cache that was near the parking lot of a church. Just make sure you let people know not to try to find it on a Sunday morning. The parking lot may be full, or if they get there just before services are over people leaving the church may be a little put off by people in or near the parking lot looking in trees or under rocks.
  10. I'm not a PM (but I plan to be) so I watch caches as a way to bookmark them. I also watch caches we posted a DNF on. We like to go back and find our DNFs so we watch to see what others post after us.
  11. Write and submit the article. Geocaching is already being covered in many newspapers, magazines, TV programs, and recently someone mentioned it was in a book his wife was reading. Last night I started to tell my sister, who lives in another state, about Geocaching she said she already knew about it, which floored me. She read an article about it in Parade Magazine a few months ago. For those who don't know, Parade magazine is an insert that comes in the Sunday paper. Where I live we get some other insert. I bet most college age people, and I have a few of them at home, who read the article may think it sounds interesting, but they either won't care or they'll think it's too much trouble to do. We're not a secret organization afterall. Who knows maybe one day when a police officer gets a call about a suspicious looking box in the park, he'll know what it is because he read an article, or saw a news segment.
  12. Congratulations! This is one of the best threads in a long time. I did read every post and I do like a good respectful debate. What set this apart from every other thread about not publishing a cache was the respect shown by all parties. People can disagree and still be friends. Lets all lift a beer or whatever you prefer to put in your glass and give a toast to AZBliss02, all the reviewers, and Groundspeak. No matter what the final out come would have been, this was still a great thread. (if I knew where to get the beer drinking smilies, there would be a few inserted here.)
  13. Oh my gosh - greatness I'm not so sure of that. Maybe if I was still a Tupperware Lady after 17 years then possibly the title of greatness could be bestowed upon me. I have to say the reason I am no longer selling the stuff is because I'm just not a good sales person. I've seen how people who have the gift of sales can benefit from Tupperware. The gifts and incentives are awesome and the product is the best, maybe by now the freezer containers have been improved.
  14. As a former Tupperware Lady I can tell you that any round piece of Tupperware that you have to 'Burp' will not leak. So you could actually store it on its side in your fridge with no spillage. If it won't leak, it also won't allow moisture inside of it. I still have the same Tupperware I had 17 years ago when I sold it and the only problems I've had are with the containers for the freezer. I don't like them at all and I have gotten rid of just about all my freezer containers. If you have warped lids or any other broken or damaged pieces (sometimes they peel when they get old) you can call a Tupperware sales person and have them replaced for free. You do not have to have a party. I think the reason most caches are not in real Tupperware is due to the expense when bought brand new.
  15. Oh my gosh that is a funny story, poor dawg! Zoltig did you link to the right picture? The picture I see is of a cute little girl. I can that she may need a shower and a good drying off after a day of caching, but to munch from her bowl??
  16. Very interesting responses I've gotten here. Beffums mentioned notifying the cache owner. In this case we did not notify the cache owner privately because the baggies really were not close to the cache. Since the baggies were strewn about on a paved pathway it seemed as though they were accidently dropped. Not llike someone was hiding the drugs near the cache so it was unlikely to happen again. We wrote about the experience in our log. More recently we found a cache in woods near a residential area. While looking through the ammo can I found a ziploc bag with squished aluminum foil in it. I thought it was a strange thing so I took it out and when I unsquished it I could see that it was a homemade pipe used for either hash or pot. In reading through the log book, we read that the cache had been ransacked a few weeks before and the cachers who found it said they picked up everything they could find and put it back in the cache. Since this aluminum foil pipe was in a ziplock bag they probably didn't even realize what it was. I think who ever trashed the cache probably dropped the pipe. In this case, I did not mention the pipe in my log, but I did PM the cache owner. Oh yeah we took the pipe with us and when we drove to the next cache we deposited the pipe into a trash can in the parking lot. I am confident we did the right thing in both instances. Although I do have some regrets about the Arboretum. I wish we would have been more insistent about talking to the police instead of the Arboretum security. Had we brought our cell phone with us at the arboretum we would have called the police ourselves, but we forgot the phone at home that day. The second case was not worth calling the police for.
  17. Not only should the line be taken out of the cache description, it should not be a requirement at all. If the line is taken out and then someone drives a long way to get there only to be told they have to purchase something is just wrong. So is the hour window for sign in.
  18. I think this cache should be approved. I've read each post and while I feel I can see both sides of the debate, I most strongly agree with the OP. I've never found a library cache, but I do like libraries so I'm not sure why people think they are bad. I'd rather go to the library than a lamppost or guardrail both of which I've found.
  19. What a clever name. We have a Kohls not too far from our house. Hhhmmmm. I wouldn't be concerned about it, go mess up that person's desk and you'll feel better. I didn't know that I had to check for a similar name. I thought if I used the same name as another cache I would get an error message or something. It's good to know this bit of info for future reference. We've only hidden one cache and I know in my immediate area there is not a cache with a similar name.
  20. BTW if you want to test your GPSr stand in front of your house and when you have a good satellite lock, mark your spot. Then go to the store or something and let your GPSr guide you back home. It won't bring you back to the exact same spot you stood, but it should get you within 30 feet or so. If it doesn't, then there may be a problem with your set up. edit for speeeling
  21. We have a few test tubes that once contained vanilla beans. They have a tight fitting cap. We wrapped one in black duct tape and used it for the first part of our mulit-cache. It only contains the coords for the final. I've also seen a few others in my area who use small glass jars to hold coords to the next stage. They've always been wrapped in duct tape or electrical tape. I've seen one cache where the container was a glass spaghetti noodle holder with a flippy lid like you could get at wal-mart. It was secured to the tree so if it was dropped it wouldn't go very far. Again I didn't see a problem with any of these containers.
  22. We've had our Legend almost a year now and we've never loaded any other maps. We too had never seen a GPSr before we bought one for caching. The instruction book is very easy to undersand. I hand enter coords, name the cache, mark it as a cache (once we find it we change the icon) and press goto. Sometimes we bring a road map with us other times we don't. If we're not familiar with the area, I'll print the map from the cache page by clicking on it and zooming in to the detail we need. One day maybe we can get someone to actually show us how to hook it to the computer and download coords and stuff. But right now it's just not that important. What we're doing works fine. We've found 91 caches since May. We have 4 more we've looked for and DNF that we plan to get back to eventually. Welcome to caching. Before you go find your first make sure it's something you really want to do. We thought we'd go looking once in a while and it would be fun. Well I enjoy it so much that I find I think about it often, I plan to look for caches when we go places, I spend time at work planning, and when I can't cache I get cranky. Our kids think we've lost our marbles.
  23. Since we're all confessing: One of us turned 50 in Dec and the other is a mere 41. We have kids, but they don't like to cache, they think its wierd. Huh, imagine that coming from teenagers who by their very nature are just weird! I'd like to think people can tell which one of us is older, but if they can't then I need a day at the spa! We both act much younger (and our bodies remind us of our true age the next day). We will not go gently into the night, we're afraid of the dark!
  24. Bleached to try and get the food smell out of them so an animal doesn't try to destroy the container.
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