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  1. We've only done two in DC. But I would strongly recommend the National Cathedral. What a great place to see. If the tower is open you will have a great view of DC. The tower was closed when we were there so we'll have to go back. I look forward to going back.
  2. These were taken at the National Zoo. We were there to see the baby Cheetahs and pick up a virtual last year and while waiting to see the Pandas (before Tia Shan) we took pictures of the flowers. and and We have other nice ones but I haven't finished loading them.
  3. Huh I never noticed the owner maintenance icon and have always posted a note. I wonder if I can go back and change the icons from when I actually did maintenance?
  4. What's the difference between a cache in this parking lot and a cache at Wal-Mart? I do agree that if the guy wants to give you certifcates for his store you should distribute them in other local caches. I picked up a card for a free cup of coffee once. It was in a cache about a half hour drive from where I live, but the coffee place is maybe a half mile from my house. I agree he will probably get cacher business just by having the cache in his parking lot. Who can resist ice cream on a summer day?
  5. There was a multi cache in Baltimore that uses the metro/streetcar to make connections to the stages. I never got a chance to do it before it was archived. But it seemed like it would have been fun. I believe you could also drive it if you wanted to, but taking the metro/streetcars would ahve been more fun.
  6. Sure is. In our first cache we put three scratch off tickets as first, second, and third to find prizes. To my knowledge no one won anything though. Dawn
  7. Oh no what if I am MadMarty? Maybe that's what happens during my black outs. I accept your apology
  8. The last cache he found had crabs, he probably won't find any crabs playing cards with his wife. So I guess I should just back away from the keyboard now.
  9. The picture looks like a crazed Easter bunny about to devour a small child. I think it's a great picture, certainly one to blackmail the child with once he gets older. A while back Snoogans had a picture of an really ugly dog that was freaky. Welcome to the forums fhantazm may you find all the answers you seek within.
  10. I actually enjoy looking at the cache pages and planning where we're going to go find caches as much as I enjoy caching. Maryland doesn't have the great vistas you'll find in the rockies but there are things that will surprise you. We've only lived here a little over 2 years so just about every place is new to us. So why cache? Becasue we like to explore new places and see new things.
  11. Here is my gang the one and only time we've been out together. One of the boys was home sick with a fever. My grandson is in the stroller holding a matchbox car we got from the cache. His mom (my daughter) is the one squatting, his dad is the guy in the black t-shirt they were visiting us from Germany. My other daughter is in the blue shirt and her boy friend is pushing the stroller. My son is in the gray shirt, his twin brother was sick that day with a fever and stayed home. My husband is the older guy. This picture was taken on the trail near Crystal Cache in Berks county, PA. We were visiting my sister and we took our family to Crystal Cave and did the cache. You can see how entusiastic they all were I believe I called this picture 'Forced Road March'. They will put up with caching as long as we don;t make them go too many times.
  12. My teens dislike caching. Our youngest are 17 year old twin boys who have other interests. Diablo II, America's Army, finding goofy things on the internet. Most recently they showed me the site called 'you tube' I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. But if we are visiting our friends in VA and we cache on the way home, they have no choice but to come along or sit in the car. They usually come along and we try to make it short. I wish we would have had something like this to do when they were little. I think they would have really enjoyed it then. My 21 year old daughter just laughs each time we ask her if she wants to go. My older daughter thinks it's interesting.
  13. We love the Amazing Race, have never seen an episode of survivor but a girl my daughter used to know and still keeps somewhat in contact with is on the current season that started 2 Feb. Her name is Misty Giles. She and my daughter hated each other in middle school. But they had a mutual friend and managed to be civil to each other and eventually came to be friendly. But being military we all moved away. Then a few years ago the mutual friend wanted to come visit my daughter in Germany and brought Misty with her and now they even email each other.
  14. I work for Northrop Grumman in the business management office in the PDAS program. My husband is a facilities maintenance manager for a local produce company. If they break it he fixes it. We are both going back to school, me for my bachelor's in Gov't contracting and he for network engineering.
  15. I admit I have a sweet spot for MadMarty even if he actually was someone else first. Since I've only been around a year, he was my first sock puppet (and I compare all others to him). Because of him I learned The Llama song, which drives my family crazy. What more could I ask for? I did read BobLog this morning and had quite a laugh. We need more good sock puppets. Dawn Yikes edited to add the word 'read' to the last sentence.
  16. We recently found a micro in which many people before us said that a new log was needed and they were leaving paper inside the film canister. When we found the cache, we pulled out the scraps of paper to find a place to sign when we saw one of the scraps had a code word with instructions to email the owner the code word instead of signing a log. Even though this owner tried to do what you suggested, people were leaving paper in the cotainer anyway. Dawn
  17. Thanks Vinny & Sue for opening up the page for all to see. It is very interesting. I'm curious about the woman, is she a ghost or real?
  18. We found a white 5 gallon bucket too. This one was in Maryland in a city park where there were a few other caches. After we left the trail and started to bushwack a little bit we saw the bucket and actually decided it wasn't the cache. Who would hide white 5 gallon bucket with out camo?? But the little arrow kept pointing to the bucket and sure enough it was the cache. It was hidden far enough off the trail that no one could see it unless you were looking for it.
  19. Nice container Fishingdude. Do I see a strap on it? How did you attach it without putting a hole in the container? Or did you put a hole and then seal it? What did you seal it with? We found a container recently where the owner attached a hook to the top in order to hang the container from a tree. Well the cache was a little wet inside and we figure the water must leak from where he attached the hook. He should have put some epoxy or caulking around the area where the hook was attached. We'd like to do something similar and want to know how to make it water tight.
  20. I want the Leprechauns to compose all of my correspondence. Every time he suggests an email it is so polite and tactful. My email suggestion wouldn't have been half as nice and I would have spent hours trying to compose a nice email.
  21. I live in MD, but have family in PA, does anyone know how far of a drive this is from Quakertown or Kutztown? Thanks
  22. We never would have hopped a fence much less 3 fences and one of them being electric. Our common sense would have told us something was wrong and we should not hunt this cache today. That is part of the risk taken when looking for a FTF. The owner could have made a mistake when typing the coords on the page. If there had been an icon meaning the cache was placed by permission, then we may have thought the cache was on private property and gone over 2 of the fences if they were split rail or something easy, cuz we don't bend like we used to. We would never have gone over the electric fence, they are there for a reason! When the land owner wants to know why we are on his property and we say we have permission, well he certainly didn't give permission. The absence of an icon tells us the cache is on public property where no permission is needed.
  23. Skunks can snarl I hope never to be close enough to a skunk to find out for myself! 43) Make sure your car keys are in a safe place so they don't drop out of you pocket.
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