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  1. After reading this thread from the beginning I agree that if you actually had to go find the cache because it was moved from the original hiding place and you weren't present for the move you should log a find. You received the coords and had to go find the cache same as everyone else. I also agree that since you are listed as the owner, some people will have a problem. I would mention in my log that I had to find it because it was moved, and then I wouldn't give a hoot what others think. Of course this opinion is subject to change if the story is changed again.
  2. We also decrypt by hand in the field. We hate it when the hint is useless, we also hate when we have to decrypt a hint nearly the size of War and Peace. We try to keep our hints simple and clear. We have a multi that has the hint "it's all about the logs", the first stage of the multi is velcroed to the underside of a fallen log and the final is hidden inside a very large fallen log. We don't decrypt until we need the hint we don't expect a hint to tell the exact location, but it would be nice to have the hint make sense if you are in the correct area.
  3. I had a Yelllow Jeep 4X4, my friend from Germany came to visit last year and he wanted to take it back with him. He forgot the TB here so I boxed it up and sent it a long with some other items and he was just going to grab it from me. He never did and I always forgot to ask him about it. I finally saw him this past weekend and I asked him about the Jeep. It was lost in the mail. He said the box we mailed arrived destroyed. There was a large hole in the box that had been repaired so the main items were still there, but the Jeep and another item that was small were missing from the box. When I go to my profile I can only write a note for the Jeep, I can't do anything else. How do I show the Jeep is gone? Dawn
  4. Welcome to geocaching and good luck learning to use your GPSr. I don't know anything about the Magellan, but I would also say you should contact your local group some one could help you and show you the ropes. If you don't know how to contact your local group, just scroll down in the forums page until you see the regions broken out. Go to your region and post a note that you're new and need help. If you click on the state you're from it will bring up a page of caches, perhaps there is an upcoming event you could go to locally. Bring you GPSr, and the manual I'm sure someone will help you get it figured out. Caching is fun and grandkids will love it.
  5. Or they may just be Harry Potter fans.
  6. I am a woman and I love to cache. I'm the one who found the website on the internet and told my husband about it twice before he bought me a GPSr for Mother's Day last year. I plan out our trips and which caches we're going to find. The husband enjoys caching, but leaves the planning up to me. I've even started to let him hold the GPSr recently. He kept finding the caches first because I was trying to get a good direction before I put the thing in my pocket to look. I find that when he holds the GPSr I find more cahces first. Since I've started to cache I feel better, haven't lost weight (and dropping some poundage wouldn't kill me), but I feel better. I live for the weekends and I sulk when we can't get out and cache. My house is a constant mess now becasue we really don't clean as much as we used to. I guess I am obsessed with caching and he enjoys caching. My house isn't going anywhere, but that cache might get muggled if I don't find it - now.
  7. We like to go caching. We will look for almost any type of cache. We prefer caches that are scenic or interesting. So we'd give this one a try if we lived in the area. We don't decrypt the hint until we are in the field and we need the hint. This hint would tick us off to no end and we would stop our search. If we have already looked for 30-45 minutes and we couldn't find the cache and we decrypt the hint to find a wise crack remark searching another 30-45 minutes won't help us so we would leave and log our DNF. But becasue I hate to leave anything unfinished this cache would go on our watchlist so we could see if it is ever found or if the owner ever decides to change the cache. If we were traveling through the area we wouldn't even attempt this cache because of possible time constraints.
  8. You could post a note to the garage sale page in the forums asking if anyone has a used GPS in your price range.
  9. We had a terrible time on Sunday (Maryland Eastern Shore) with 2 of the 4 caches we searched for. We use a Garmin eTrex Legend. We figured it was our location though. The area we were in was a pine forest, but it is also in an area where they used to mine bog iron in the 1800s so there is iron in the area. We would occasionally lose reception or the arrow wouldn't move as we turned. The numbers would continue to decrease though. One of the the other 2 caches was also in a pine forest, but about an hour away and we had no problems, the fourth cache was at a marina and no problems. Our WAAS was off. Sunday was a very unusual day, normally we have very good accuracy. I doubt WAAS would have made a difference.
  10. We left our house about 7am Sunday morning to get a cache about 3 hours away. On the way we passed a few golf courses and noticed there were golfers out there. I thought why on earth would someone get up that early to golf. Then I had to chuckle because I'm sure the golfers didn't drive 3 hours to get to the really cool golf course. I've tried to golf a few times, but it was not relaxing to me and I just never took a shine to it.
  11. Here, here I second that opinion and suggest if there are no new posts in 12 months the thread should be locked. Being able to read them is one thing, but to reply to one as though it was just posted is absurd.
  12. I love the cache description, it shows just how well the internet langauge translators work.
  13. We're part of a search team looking for a body. That's not what we really say. Usually we'll try to explain geocaching to them. But very recently something has happened and I think a cache was destroyed because I told the truth so the body explaination may come in handy next time someone asks.
  14. I'm going to stick up for the paintball crowd here. My boys and husband enjoy the sport, although my husband doesn't go as often as the boys do. We have seen evidence that paintball is played near some of the caches we've found and we will mention it in our logs. Normally the paint evidence is washed away by the first good rain since the paint is biodegradeable. But look for things like old pallets propped up against trees or small logs stacked up in order for someone to hide behind them. If a game is actually being played you should be able to hear the popping of the paintball markers (they don't call them guns). If you suspect you're near a game, just announce yourself so you are not mistaken for a fellow player. Most paintball enthusiasts are respectful of other people when they are out in the woods as are cachers. If you are accidently shot, the paint should wash right off the clothes you are wearing. However, depending on how close you are to the shooter it will sting and possibly leave a welt. None of the clothes I wear while caching out in the woods could be ruined by a little paintball. If by some chance the paint sprays in your mouth it will not harm you. It won't taste good, but it is non toxic.
  15. Our life is so boring... I'm so depressed. You guys sound like you have so much fun. The closest we've ever gotten to an adventure like that was way before geocaching in the 1980's when we were visiting the mother in law in Oregon and we were in our car on a logging road driving up to some hiking paths near the Detroit Ranger station and we met a truck coming down. My husband had to go backwards down to a wide spot in the road so the truck could pass us. I was quite unnerved and almost hyperventilating. Being from PA originally I wasn't used to mountains that size, logging roads, or driving in reverse on a logging road. Keep having fun. Dawn
  16. Our reviewer is pretty quick to review and approve caches, but it always seems like it takes forever because everytime we submit a cache I feel like a kid on X-mas eve. We've only submitted 2 caches, but I hope that feeling doesn't go away.
  17. I thought a coin was supposed to be like a travel bug, you find it in a cache and move it to another cache somewhere else.
  18. I would ask that it get approved the day after your anniversary. You can still print the cache page before approval. Depending on where you live there could be one or two FTF hounds out there that could get it before you. Depending on what you plan to put into it, do you want someone else to claim that FTF prize?
  19. We just hid (not yet published) a cache near two old houses they could be gardinels laying in wait. Maybe we should up the rating from 3 to 5 and remind people to keep their children close.
  20. I saw on the news this week that a new bus service has started around the Smithsonians. I don't recall the exact name but it had word circle in the name. It costs a dollar a ride and I think it just circles the mall. That would be one way to get around the mall area.
  21. I just looked at the cache page in question and the owner posted a note in English that the French translation will follow. I agree it would have been nice to include the translation from the beginning. In any case it looks as though someone asked him before the OP asked him and he said he'd do it.
  22. Thanks for replying. Last year we used Deep Woods Off with DEET and were very happy with it. A lady at work started selling AVON recently so I asked her if the products had DEET she said yes, then today gave me the story of DEET being pulled and no one is using it anymore but the AVON products were great etc. I thought that all sounded strange. I've never used the AVON products, but I know Deep Woods Off works so we'll stick with it. To answer Mr and Mrs Wisearse, we have several cats and they never became sick from our DEET use. We used the lotion and put it on at the car before we started our hike. Normally when we came home we showered. I usually logged when my husband showered, and at least one of the cats has to be in my lap when I'm on the computer. No one ever got sick.
  23. It happened to us on a multi cache. Someone misread one of the numbers. We walked about a mile one way before we realized something must be wrong. Luckily we were walking on a paved rails to trails path. Unfortunately it was in the summer and on one of the days last year that heated up into a humid scorcher here in Maryland.
  24. It seems as though AVON has taken the DEET out of all their bug repellent. They say it is harmful and that all companies have stopped using DEET. Has anyone else heard this? We still have some Deep Woods Off with DEET from last year so we haven't been looking to buy any. But AVON has thier repellent on sale so I thought I'd get some, but there is no DEET. I know that too much DEET is harmful but the amount in Deep Woods Off never bothered us. So has anyone used the AVON Bug Guard Plus Expedition? Is it true that there will be no more products with DEET on the market?
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