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  1. Definately better to leave the DNF and then in your Found it log tell what you did differently (without giving anything away) that enabled you to find it. If I can't find a cache, I'll go back and read the logs and even when someone writes that they had to look from a different perspective or they write that they came at the cache from the pile of rocks instead of the path makes a difference and can be helpful to some one else. Besides some of the DNF logs are the best ones to read.
  2. I thought the same thing about placing a cache when I saw the article today. If it can be done, it would be a nice area find a cache in.
  3. We once did a muli where one of the middle stages was can with a snake in it. My husband opened up the can, but I was standing right next to him and I'm the one who yelled and he's the one who got a good laugh. The coordinates to the next stage were on the inside of the lid.
  4. I started at 12:10 and finished at 12:42 in IE. I know in an earlier post I said I wouldn't be able to do it at work, but it's Friday, it's slow and it's lunch time. I love these puzzles. Ziggy is an evil genius (I mean that in a kind way, I don't want to break the rules with name calling) I just hope the cache isn't hidden in a field of rocks. I can't wait to get home and have my husband try this in firefox. Almost forgot: No problems with the puzzle at all.
  5. www.tigerdirect.com has pretty good pricing although you'd have to pay shipping.
  6. Looks like fun, but I don't use IE at home and I would never be able to take that much time at work to solve the puzzle. I would love to see the puzzle in Firefox too so I could do it at home. I would definately pursue the cache if I was in NY and if I could view it in Firefox.
  7. Over a year ago while at work, I was looking for a map on line for somewhere in Florida. I probably did a google search for the name of the state park or something and I found a cache page. I looked at it and thought it looked interesting. I told the hubby about it when I got home from work. I told him it sounds like fun, but we could never afford a GPSr. Then I promtly forgot all about it. Months later, I stumbled onto the web site yet again and I looked up caches near where I live, near where I grew up, near friends houses etc, and I lurked in the Forums gaining knowledge. I told the hubby about it again, but still thought we couldn't afford a GPSr. Apparently, hubby thought that since I mentioned it twice in a year or so it must be something I would really like to do becasue for Mother's Day this year he bought me an etrex Legend and we've been hooked ever since. Our teenagers think we're crazy and never want to come with us, but that's okay becasue it's nice getting to spend time alone in the woods with the hubby. We actually talk a lot more, and it gets me off my duff!
  8. I'm in Maryland between DC and Baltimore. Would love to meet someone new, drop me a line. Dawn
  9. We haven't hidden a cache yet, but when we do, we plan to make it clear on the cache page that if you don't sign the log you didn't find the cache. If someone misses that part then we will have no problem sending them an email reminding them to either change their smiley or go sign the the log. If they don't comply within a week or so then we will use the delete button. I would never log a find with out signing the log book or meeting the requirements as stated. But in the end, I only have to answer to my conscience.
  10. I've only asked the owner once for a hint, but I am also pretty new . I tried to make it clear that all I wanted was a very small hint and she understood and only gave me the slightest nudge and I was able to find it. I still wanted to feel as though I had found it. But I've had someone I don't know email me for a hint about a cache that I was the last one to find. Not knowing the finder, I was reluctant to give him too much of a hint so I just gave him the slightest nudge and told him if he needed more he could email me back. He never emailed me back and last time I checked he had not found the cache. I don't mind being asked, but I would always ask the cache owner unless I was friends with someone who had already found the cache and I could call them from the field.
  11. Recently my GPSr read that my max walking speed was 14mph. Of course I thought that was pretty fast since we were on the Appalacian Trail in PA. I kept watch on it and I just couldn't walk that fast again even on the flat areas. I guess I must have lost reception in the trees and then the GPSr caught up.
  12. Welcome- It just goes down hill from here. Next thing you know you'll take long lunches, get to work late and blame it on the traffic. You'll duck out of extended family picnics with excuses like you're going to the store and when you return you have to say the store was out of the item you were looking for and try to explain the scratches or rashes. Soon your children will think you've lost your mind, mine have no interest in caching. If you're single, geocaching will become criteria for a date. Yeah it's a bad thing!
  13. Would you tell people it looked like a wasp's nest in the hint? If not, you may not get many finds. Too many people would never go near a wasp's nest.
  14. Hawaii's center of population is in the channel between Oahu and Molokai. My opinion would be that finding the markers would be better since some of the actual centers are on private property, bombing ranges, ocean, etc. Each state has a POC listed for information Center of population monument.
  15. I copied this off the Maryland site: I used the link from Firestone's original post and clicked on the black dot in Maryland and there was a map and write up about the ceremony with pictures of the marker. In Maryland the ceremony took place 9 Oct 2001. What a cool idea. Edited to add: I just clicked around on several other states and most of them only have the map and a drawing of what the marker looks like. California was the only other state that had a press release and gave the date of the ceremony and details where the marker is. The map is color coded to show the level of info in each state. Sadly, many states are green meaning no interest.
  16. Maybe Mr. Potato Head wrote the book. I'll definately have to check it out!
  17. I believe it is called a cloudberry. They grow in Finland. I've never actually tasted one, but I've had liquor made from cloudberry. http://www.webtender.com/db/ingred/210 MMMM MMMM Good
  18. I GOT IT ! MadMarty reminds me of CreekFalls90! His posts were locked because he was such a troll and so young too. Such a pitty.
  19. No probbably not but sometimes when a person is sooooo upset one jsut isn't enough (I am not promoting the use of either drugs or al-kee-hol). Kinda like llamas one just ain't enough.
  20. What we have here, is a failure to communicate. To quote another great movie. I agree whole heartedly with what Sue Grelim said back on page 1 or 2 about how Marty should sit back and observe for a while. I am also fairly new here and I am not a premium member (because I'm lazy, one day I'll pay) and I've never met Jeremy. But I love his taste in movies. MadMarty take a pill (maybe a good old fashioned valium) then have a beer. You stated your opinion which is good, but for cryin out loud stop it. You're beating a dead horse. Does anyone else see a resemblance between MadMarty and another thread from a few weeks ago started by a 14 year old boy. Unfortunately, I can't recall the kids nick and I don't remember what the thread was about - just chalk full of angst though. Thanks for the llamas they made my day.
  21. Hi- I just wanted to say welcome to caching and TWINS never double trouble, always twice the fun! Mine are 17 years old. I know nothing about your brand of GPSr, but you could look at your local area and see if there is anyone you could cache with in order to get a feel for how close your unit comes to the cache. Just scroll down the forum page to the regional sites and find your location. If you happen to be in the Baltimore or DC area let me know.
  22. How about this for a mistake: Holman said caches might be hidden on land, both above and below ground, or under water. If by below ground he means buried - oops edit: darn I type too slow how about this one - In order to participate, a GPS unit is required, and Holman said you get what you pay for, adding the higher priced models produce better results. I thought GPSr's were created equal except the bells and whistles would cost more money from one to the other. edit #2: Nutz I just can't win. I didn't even notice the contest rulz! Boy I never win anything.
  23. Jupilli- Is that a cloudberry?? I just love cloudberry liquor, I have only about 1 or 2 shots left in the bottle and then I will sadly be without it again. Nothing like sauna and snow and alcohol! sigh. edit: Oh yeah keeping on topic there are lots of Mulberries and pepper trees in my part of MD.
  24. It would have to be very interesting. The first multi we ever did had 7 stages. They were all in the same park that led you in a circle so you finished near where you started. We thought it was challenging and fun, but it took us longer than we thought. Each stage had a decent hint in case you needed one. But I think 51 stages is a bit excessive and would be difficult to keep my interest.
  25. I like them both too. I really don't cache for the trinkets, I just like the hunt and rarely do I trade anything, but I do like TB's. I live near D.C. and we've found 2 virtuals in DC and one in Baltimore. Since we've only lived in the area a little over a year, I really enjoy caching in general as a way to 'explore my world'. I find virtuals allow me to explore the touristy spots I might not get to and traditional caches get me out to the local parks and allow me to get to know my way around the area. If I'm going to visit a monument like any other tourist in DC, I may as well get a smiley for it, but I won't go back to a place I visited BGC (before geocaching) just to log the virtual unless I am acting as a tour guide for house guests.
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