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  1. This may have been posted before…. I just watch the second episode of the final shows of Breaking Bad. Walter Wright a.k.a. Heisenberg buried several 55 gallon drums of cash, then marked it was a GPSr. I had it on DVR so I rewound and paused it as necessary to get the cords. He read out loud off the GPSr 54⁰ 59’ 21” 106⁰ 36’ 52” this placed the cache in Canada. Then it showed the GPSr screen backwards 34⁰ 29’ 50” 106⁰ 36’ 25” places the cache in a open area in Becker, NM. Then the Loto ticket 34⁰ 59’ 20” 106⁰ 36’ 52” places the cache on a building for the University of Albuquerque. So is any one thinking of placing a cache on Heisenbergs cache of cash? The first and third ones are out, but the second could be a viable spot for a cache. Any thoughts?
  2. I will take the DVD and use it as a target next time I go to the range. I will leave an empty 2oz bottle of hand sanitizer.
  3. I will use your wood chips to build a fire and roast hot dogs. I will leave the hot dog wrapper.
  4. I will take your empty bottle of Tylenol. Toss a piece of scrap paper in it that will be watter logged the next time it rains and place the cache in a park known for drug dealing, drug using and other crimes not mentionable on the forums. I will leave the receipt for the ammo can I just bought for a real cache on a nice trail that I will place the same day as this crappy one.
  5. I will melt down your McToy in an old frying pan that I was going to throw away. Drill a hole in the center and attach a TB dog tag. I will keep the TB for a better cache. I will leave an old combat boot (Right boot) that I have not been able to find the left boot for a few years now.
  6. I will take the glue and repair the hole in the disposable plastic container, that some one thought would be great for a cache even if the microwave burned a small hole in the bottom corner. I will leave the used Chemlight.
  7. I think everyone is guilty of bush whacking in and taking the wide well maintained trail out a time or two.
  8. 22 years in the U.S. Army I can take an entire bath with that one baby wipe. Pill bottle of stool softener. Found this in a cache on Bargram Air Field (BAF) Afghanistan last year.
  9. In a cache on Bargram Air Field (BAF) Afghanistan: A Condom and a bottle of stool softener. I started laughing and attracted the attention of a muggle.
  10. I have committed a few dumb acts while Geocaching. Act # 1: 12 May 2005 when I was new to Geocaching. The guy that introduced me to this addiction and I lunched a canoe from the Fort Polk - Toledo Bend Morale, Welfare and Recreation and paddled out to “Skull Island (GCJKP4)”. This was about 2.5 miles each way. This was back when we both fat fingered cords in to the GPSr off the cache page and before we had maps loaded in our GPSr. We failed to mark our lunch point nor did we have the track back log turned on, oh yea neither of us brought our cell phones. We managed to get back on memory/terrain association. Act #2: 30 December 2010 – Yesterday. While out on a run to grab four first to finds. I took the cache “Hwy.10 # 3 (GC2KHYD)” and signed the long in my truck as it was sprinkling. Replaced the cache and returned to my truck only to find myself locked out with the keys in the ignition and the truck running. Lucky my wife was at home and was able to come and rescue me about 30 minutes later. O.K. Time to fess up. What dumb acts are you guilty of while Geocaching.
  11. A windy day on the top of Pikes Peak. The wind was 50-60mph and the temp was about 12-15deg. Lucky for me I just got back from Afghanistan a few days before and was use to high altitude and cold. It was funny watching people huffing and puffing in the thin air and I was not even close to being short of breath. Me and the wife LOL just a tad windy.
  12. The U.S. Army issues one of these PLB's to every soldier in Afghanistan. PLB 1 PLB 2 The links are to show you the PLB I am talking about and not an endorsement to who is selling it. You are given strict orders not to activate unless you are separated from your unit and have no other means of contacting them. But if you ever feel you are separated or lost turn it on, they will come and get you. I just got back on 04 NOV 09 and will buy one and throw it in my cache bag as I usually cache alone in remote areas of Louisiana. My wife has gotten on to me a few times in the past when I did not come home on time and she could not get me on my cell phone as cell phone coverage in this part of Louisiana sucks. The SPOT is garbage and riles on cell phone towers or something that is not reliable and has a hevty subscription fee, if you Google reviews on it you will see it is a rip off. The PLB the Army issued me: Utilizes a powerful 406 MHz signal to relay your distress call to orbiting SAR satellites. As local Search and Rescue is deployed, a separate homing signal and integrated LED strobe light guide rescuers to your location. Go with a PLB and don't even consider the SPOT. The PLB will pay for it self in peace of mind as it will work when the chips are down, and not have a subscription fee. edit for broken links and added a few things.
  13. Add on: A +3k road trip after you get back from Afghanistan so you can log 5 states that you have not cached in. Returned to Fort Riley, KS went to Pikes Peak, CO (3 Caches), Las Vegas, NV (3 Caches), Grand Canyon, AZ today (1 cache so far). Going to Four Corners and plan on hitting 3 caches in NM on the way home to Fort Polk, LA.
  14. stool softner and condoms in The Eagles Nest (GC1D45F)
  15. I am going to have to try that one. Gloves or a stick to poke around the blind spot firts.
  16. What color do you paint them in the spring? Do you also have a fall color? Jim Jim, this is Minnesota. I leave them white in the spring and paint them white for fall. I paint them in forest tones for June (maybe), July, and the first week of August. I thought you would just throw in some Lutefisk and call it a day.
  17. When you plan your vacation to go to a state on the sole grounds that you have not marked that state off as one of the places you have cache in. Heck I almost did not take R&R wile in deployed in Afghanistan, but there were 15 caches on Bargram Airfield and a few caches in Kuwait that I would not have had access to if I did not go on leave. Once you cross that line you are a Geocacher.
  18. You could not be more wrong, and access to the person that is the decision maker if you can place a cache is a lot easier wile deployed. For one of the caches I placed I did not know the “FOB Commander” so I just sat down with him while he was eating lunch and explained the Five W's and he agreed on the spot. The other one I knew the FOB Mayor, he already knew ahead of time that I was planning on placing a cache as I have talked to him about Geocaching before. I told him where it was going to be and showed him the container. He just looked at me like I was nuts and said knock your self out. I was unable to convert him to the caching world.
  19. If you are in Iraq or Afghanistan, odds are you are affiliated with the military i.e. in the military or a contractor working for the military and have the proper ID to gain access to get on and have a reason for being on the camps, FOB’s, COP’s etc. But Joe civilian back in the U.S. does not have a valid reason to be wondering around a military installation and may wonder into an area that is off limits that someone affiliated with the military would know better by the very nature of being in the military or a contractor for the military. Case in point the thread; “Most Interesting Road Sign While Geocachig” A cacher posing with a Danger Unexploded Ordinance sign. You and I both know that sign is not a joke, as do most people, but some people just don’t understand the gravity of the situation they have placed themselves in because they have never been in or worked for the military. When I was an O/C at JRTC twice I caught civilians fishing in the maneuver box. I would stop and let them know that a rotation was going on and the unit that was training might think that they are roll players and detain them as part of the exercise. I think GC.com is giving us deployed military a little slack on the rules as there has not been any problems with caches placed over here as long as the local commander allows Geocaching. Now if you were to get written permission from the Garrison commander and involve the MWR you might be able to get your cache approved.
  20. That is just sad. That some one with that much time on their hands to put forth that much effort then spend the money on the supples to make to copy and the gas money to drive to and from the cache twice. They could have just outright bought a ligament coin and not have to keep it hidden form everyone.
  21. Ammo can the bigger the better. I had two MK-19 ammo cans out until they were destroyed. One by the forest service clearing habitat for the red cockaded woodpecker, they were nice enough to leave a note in the log that they did it and were sorry. The other one some one broke the lid, not sure how much BSI (Brute Strength and Ignorance) you have to use to break the latch on a MK-19 ammo can but they did.
  22. That is a good new story. Happy thanksgivings day.
  23. I think what they were looking for was how to get your photo on the main Geocaching page where you log on.
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