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  1. BTW, she got a 60CSX and loves it. No problems one week in to it.
  2. I went with a newbie that I recruited to buy their first GPS last weekend. I suggested REI since that was where I got mine and we were up the street. If you are a member, you get the 10% back at year end, which is awesome. But this is what I learned on Saturday that I did NOT know. If you are a member, they will make good on any purchase at any time if you are not completely satisfied. I asked lots of questions to verify what he was saying. So, if your unit is out of warranty, no worries, REI will fix or replace it. To me, that is worth the extra few bucks knowing I'll have a company around to honor warranty work AND post-warranty work. You don't get that kind of service from a website, at least I never have. I have always thought REI was a bit pricey, but the service is phenomenal at both stores in the Dallas area, and I really miss customer service. Remember when?
  3. JakeInTexas makes great tree caches. This one, Cone fishin' is along those lines. I really enjoy all of his caches.
  4. I used to wear cargo pants or BDUs because of all the pockets. I am very prone to just falling down for no apparent reason and I do it often. Its quite the sight to see. I almost broke my Palm last time so I tried a fanny pack. The one I had was too small so I went to my favorite Mart, I like to call WallyWorld and bought a great one for $12. It has two water bottle holders and a large pack that holds my PDA, extra batteries, bandaids, wetwipes, pens and small swag. It also has two caribiners (sp) to attach other stuff. I found it in the camping section. Its perfect for me.
  5. We're at 305 finds to 7 hides. I have tried 3 others that were either denied or have been archived. I also have 3 sitting in the garage ready to go out, just haven't done them yet. I kind of go in waves when I really want to get new caches out there, I call them my creative times. I come up with the idea and make it, then am slow to getting around to placing them. Then, sometimes the spot gets taken. Thats how it goes. I think some people enjoy hiding as much as or more than finding. As long as you make the effort to give back, I wouldn't say there should be any defining ratio. I am certainly not the expert, but that's my thought.
  6. Sent in email for preorder of 2 polished nickel coins. Hope I can still get in on this. Thanks.
  7. I go so tired of going blind and took everyone's suggestions and purchased a used Palm IIIex on ebay for $19 including S&H. It arrived yesterday. I was already using GSAK. I also purchased cachemate for $8 and man does this ROCK! I was so impressed with everything, how easy it all was to put together, that I have told everyone I come in contact with. I'm not a techie so this stuffed really intimidated me. I feel like the fool for going so long with out this tool. I can literally see EVERYTHING on that little Palm that is on my screen at home. I should be able to knock it out of the ballpark next time I head out and see if I can beat my all time best day of 19 in 5 hours. This is not a paid advertisement, but an actual testimonial to the software. Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences in the forums to help me along.
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