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  1. AFAIK, the only difference is form factor (the 60 is larger, button placement, click stick versus push pad, etc.), screen size and antenna type (the 60 has quad helix instead of patch).


    With SiRFIII chip set, the antenna difference shouldn't matter much. The size and button arrangement is largely a matter of personal preference. That pretty much leaves screen size.


    Well - i own 2 devices with exactly the same Sirf III chip set. And there is MUCH difference between them.

    The GPSMap 60cx has a really good reception while the reception with the SAME CHIPSET in my Laptop i quite bad. So an antenna makes a BIG difference.


    It would be interesting to see side by side comparison of the reception of an extre hcx VS an gpsmap 60cx.

  2. Pocket Query data is overdue for an update, including attributes for caches. We have had this request before (although not in the same manner :unsure:) and will consider it as part of the next update. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I've search for "pocket query attributes" and found this message. Sorry to bring back an old thread.. but, when would be the next update?


    Like a lot of people, I'm really looking forward for this new feature!


    Thanks :lol:

    Still no news about this overdue Feature?

    The Attributes are available Online since January 2005 and still not available in the GPX-Files to be Used via GSAK.

    So they are still nearly useless to me.

  3. Not sure I understand you correctly, but are you saying that the Legend CX is a"beginner device"? !!


    Yes i think so.

    When i began using a GPS it was mainly for bicycling. And i was very shure that i needed a Device with a map.

    So normally i would tell anyone to buy a GPS just with a direction like a Gecko.


    Also Geocaching is that easier when you havem a digital map to see how to get to the Cache and so i you like geocaching you would have to update but youve then spend already half of the price for a good beginner device lige the etrex for a gecko...


    Also i would take the smalles extre cx device because the only difference apart from the colour of the Housing was the size of the Micro-SD - but you get those Cards much cheaper on the market than from garmin...




  4. Hi,


    I read some posts and head to smile.

    EG Quotes like "I will sell my Gpsmap 60cx" and such.


    Also when the etrex gets an better Receiver there is another Main difference:

    The Etrex only has a patch antenna while the 60cx has a Built-in quad-helix receiving antenna.

    This antenna makes a big difference!


    I have a 60cx and an PC with a builtin Sirf III - both have EXACTLY the same Chip! but the Reception differs very much.

    The 60cx has a much better reception - so Im looking forward to see comparisons how well the new etrex

    series Performs compared to a 60cx


    On the Other Hand because of the price the new etrex series is as the cx etrex-series a good beginner device which does a good job.




  5. Hello,


    I just wanted to point you to a new tool of mine:GCEdit


    It can be found at GCEdit


    GCEdit - A Notepad specially handy for Geocaching from m.zielinski



    -Autosave all 2 Minutes - no more selecting save, choosing a filename etc...

    -Autoname saveed file from the first 15 Chars of the text


    Geocaching special features

    - you can select text/numbers etc and then choose one of the Geocaching Functions

    The Result of the Function is written into the Text right behind the selection

    - Eval Evaluates any equation containing +-*/^() and Numbers

    - ROT13 - should be clear

    - Roman - calculate roman Numer from Latin and vice versa

    - A=1 - show the value of the charactwers using A=1 B=2 etc, also Sum and Product

    - Vanity - show the value of the Characters on a Cellphone-Pad

    - Reverse - Reverse the selected Text

  6. I currently use GPX sonar on the PPC which has a report feature so that when I mark a cache as found, when I get home I just run the report and it tells me which cache's I need to log. 


    Have a look at "GGT" which is a tool of mine. It converts the output of gpxsonar (gsak-notes export) into a cachemate gpx-file which can be used via boulters express logger and also for importing the fieldnotes into GSAK..


    It runs on the Pocket PC...


    You can get it there:


  7. I use GSAK also for documenting for myself my found caches, making notes etc. But when generating my pocket-querys i found that there are missed about 100 of my found caches - seems those are "archived" ones.

    Is there a way to get a gpx-file with them?


    Also because of the 500waypoint-limit it would be nice to be able to say "found by me until" or such to get e.g. the last 500 founds or such....

  8. Hello,

    I really like the Pocket Querie-generator for preparing cache-tours.

    Unfortunatelly i have to check all caches pages by hand because i havent fount any possibillity to see if there are spoiler-pictures on the page/logs which are often needed to find the cache.


    Often the caches descriptions in areas where i am around dont have encryptet hints enough to find the cache but have spoiler-fotos.

    so i really need them. when mnaking a bigger tour i would like to have the spoiler fotos on my laptop to look at them when needed.


    So i need the ability to see on the generated gpx-report that there are spoilers and much better the ability to download the spoiler fotos from the gc.com page.


    at the moment i look at the cache pages by hand and have to give each picture a name with e.g. the waypoint-name to enable my finding the picture corresponding to a special cache...


    A tool like gpx-watcher already helps so that i dont have to download any page other than receiving the Pocket Querie but still the pictures ae missing...


    Any ideas how to to this?



  9. Hello,


    SOmetimes you can only find a cahce when looking at the provided pictures - spo it would be nice if its possible to include them in the pocket query.

    I use the pocketr query with my laptoip because there is a nice Reader for PC...

    So i dont have to print the pictures or download them by hand..


    any good suggestions for such a problem?


    Grreting Michael

  10. Sometimes when following a route my Legend with software 2.40c and also before that! it says "Lost Sattelite Signal" - no problem at all, but it also doesnt get reception back after that. Only Power off/on helps to get back the sattelite reception.


    Is anyone else having this Problem?

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