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  1. Aloha jmy, As perhaps you can, not many Hawaii cachers hang out on these forums. Our local forum is here. You may have better luck there. Also check out our bookmark of unique caches. There are also bookmarks for caches nominated for Hawaii's best. My advice is to start there. If there is a particular cache you are interested in finding, try posting a note on the cache page or getting in touch with the owner. Enjoy your trip and congratulations on your daughter's wedding! jrr
  2. That is one aussum coin Just great, I think everything has been said, this is a must have to every Transformers Fan -> A must have to me, too Where do you get those? I think my other post got lost at the bottom of the page. They were made by this cacher. I don't know if he is trading them. The first one appeared as a raffle donation at the local CITO event. We found ours in a cache. The rumor I heard is that there were 100 made. jrr
  3. Not sure it is exactly a mystery, they were made by this cacher. The first one appeared as a raffle donation at the local CITO event. We found ours in a cache. The rumor I heard is that there were 100 made. And today was a great mail day for me. A 2005 Lackey, + 57chevy coin, and assorted other items. Mahalo for the trade. Also (& I had forgotten about them): Lighthouse Benchmark coins from coins and pins, very cool with the little jewels in them. (sillygirl confiscated all of them...) jrr
  4. Ares our: sillygirl (blue no glitter) &jrr (purple glitter) Plus: sg&jrr (both colors) We kept mosts of the sg&jrr ones to leave in caches.
  5. Congratulations to DaFunkyFrogs!!! I think I might have been the first person to find a GSA version 1, so I know the feeling! Don't know if I'll get to see one of the trackable versions though maybe if I'm lucky, one will come to visit Agent 137! Mahalo GSA for the new versions of your coins! jrr
  6. Trade made, mahalo for all the offers! (Wish I had another set to trade too). jrr
  7. I have a full set of four Tiki Stackers to trade. They are all #13 (unless you can talk me out of the #4s). I would prefer to trade them as a set. I envsion trading them for something between 1 and 8 coins, depending on what is offered. I don't really have a seeking list, but here are some things I don't have to give you ideas: Swedish Moose Red or Green 2008 Earth Turtle Purple & Black 4 Muskeeters Two-tone LE 2007 Compass Rose Geocaching Jedi MiniGPS coins (I think from the geocoin store) Lackey either version Volunteer (new version) If I don't get any offers for the set I will trade them individually. Please send offers via e-mail as because of the "&" we don't get PMs. jrr
  8. Happy Birthday Karma! And many happy returns. It was great to meet you at GW6, thanks for the necklace. (Since I have one of the coins already I don't need to be entered into the cointest). jrr
  9. Will there be banjos involved? So the night of GWVI I told sillygirl we didn't have to do another mega-event for at least a decade, but now that I look at the map... How far is this event from Atlanta? (We used to live there.) And when we did I thought of Chattanooga as less than 2 hours, & Nashville as a 4-5 hour drive... So that would make Bell Buckle 3.5-4 hours from Hot-lanta, is that about right? Must start planning... jrr
  10. Oooh, just one is gonna be tough, especially since I'm not at home to look at them all... The Official GW6 coin with hologram, very cool.... Copper Earth Turtle--I like it even better than the purple one... Dhenninger coin is adorable, & it was great to meet you... Kealia/Hula Bum....that one keeps staring back at me... (Though not a coin) the Moun10bike Pin I found in a cache up in Lake Tahoe gets admired a fair amount ... Plus all those bears (both shapes).... But if I have to pick just one it would be the Tennessee Jed Glitter (with the darker colors). "What a long strange trip it's been." jrr
  11. The Bent Lava lamp coins were from Oakcoins...there may be some up on their presale page now.
  12. And Now For Something Completely Different is our bookmark of some unique caches on the island of Oahu. Geospyder's choices are fine and the Aiea Loop trail includes the oldest cache in Hawaii, GC23. In addition us kama'aina vote on our favorite caches at the annual CITO event; the nominated caches can be found in these bookmarks: 2007 Cito Award Nominees and 2008 Cito Award Nominees. On Maui our favorites are 'Haleakala Hubcap' and 'Eddie's Nakalele Blowhole.' Enjoy your trip. jrr
  13. While I understand your decision, there are worse things that could happen to your coin... (getting stolen, sitting for months in an infrequently found cache come to mind). And if it had to go to an event, then GWVI was the one to be at! We helped a bit at the trackable station and Max B on the River ran a tight ship. All the coins/tbs were bagged and labeled at check in; then they then were sorted based on the their geographical goals. With any luck someone from the northeast picked up your coin at it will soon be closer to its goal! jrr
  14. Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geocoin Fairy V1 Method Obtained: Found in a cache Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geocoin Fairy V2 Method Obtained: Found in a cache Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geocoin Secret Agent Method Obtained: Found in a cache Name of Mystery Geocoin: Creepy Crawly Cachers Method Obtained: Found in cache Name of Mystery Geocoin: Christmas Snowflake 2006 Method Obtained: Found in a cache Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geo Leprechaun Method Obtained: Found in a cache Name of Mystery Geocoin: Christmas Stocking/Santa's Caching Clauses Blue glitter Method Obtained: Mail Name of Mystery Geocoin: Gator Nation (sent to sillygirl) Method Obtained: Mail Name of Mystery Geocoin: Mickey Diver Method Obtained: Got it from Mickey before I knew it was a mystery coin.... Name of Mystery Geocoin: Geocaching Jedi Method Obtained: Oh wait, I'm just dreaming about that one... jrr (who has been very fortunate when it comes to the mystery coins and loves them all!)
  15. Had such a great time meeting so many folks from the forums. Of course now reading, I realize how many I missed. I did get to play poker, didn't quite make the final table, but had a great time. Congratulations to fossillady, all the forum regulars were rooting for her at the end! Traded with many...got 1/2 my GeoJellies and our bears. A few of my trading highlights: Tennessee Jed Glitter Copper Earth Turtle XLE Good Karma/Bad Karma Mrs. Icecream Man Red/Green Earth Turtle Kewalo Basin Benchmark Plus in caches I found: Moun10bike pin Kealia/Hula Bum coin. Though our hippie bus didn't make it to GWVI, our Racing Balloon did, and we were able to retrieve it! jrr
  16. Our blue/green ones say GWIV, so yes they are errors.
  17. We have 2 of the Blue/green ones. Did they really stop selling them? Our friends Huck & Scarlett told us about the mistake, but said the guitars were still being sold.
  18. Oak Coins also had 3 different Lava Lamp shaped coins that had "GW6" on them. Coins and Pins was selling a shiny gold version of the Nocturnal geocoin (we got the last one). jrr
  19. I got to see the same pretty copper one as TMA...plus I got to trade with him for a multi-color one. And with any luck a purple one will be waiting for me after GW6. jrr
  20. We've been in California since last weekend, it was 92F in Sacramento when we landed at 10 pm. We are up in Lake Tahoe now and it's snowing. Good thing we went ahead and brought those winter clothes; we don't get to do much snow caching in Hawaii! Headed back to town tomorrow for the Meet & Greet.
  21. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Avroair! Welcome to the world Jillian.
  22. Mine were mailed by C&P 4/25, left Richmond CA 5/1, apparently via the slow boat, as they have not arrived here yet. I'm sure they will show up eventually, but the WWFM coins that are in the package with them won't make it to the event tomorrow.
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