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  1. We've also ordered from them many times. Right after you place an order you get an automated e-mail confirming it; if you didn't get one of those there may have been a problem placing your order. Assuming you did get a confirmation e-mail and/or your paypal account/credit card was charged, then send them an e-mail at: support @ geoswag.com (This e-mail can be found at the top of the geoswag home page, there is also a contact phone number.) In our experience they respond quickly and will attempt to resolve any issues with your order. jrr
  2. Glad you liked your package. Sorry it was so late. Only you missed a pathtag.... Check to bottom of the one edible treat. Enjoy. &jrr PS: sillygirl does not post in the forums, or collect geocoins...(she does collect pathtags). She also confiscates any geocoin she fancies).
  3. 1. Participating: yes 2. Received Name: yes 3. Mission Complete: yes -finally sent my mission on its way. I sent it priority and it only needs to make it to the left coast so it should make it before Halloween. Hope my recipient thinks it was worth the wait when it arrives. 4. Package Received: yes. We returned from vacation a couple weeks ago and a very fun package was waiting. Some sweet treats, cute ducks, and 2 coins I didn't have! Mahalo. BOO! jrr
  4. Been thinking about this thread. And since we currently maintain one vacation cache here on Oahu and we own a cache on Maui and one on Kauai we do understand the desire to own caches far from home. So if after reading this whole thread, you still have the urge to place a vacation cache in Hawaii (or elsewhere), this is what has worked for us. 1. Do identify a local maintainer before you hide a cache. 2. Once the maintainer is identified, work out cache size/location/terrain ground rules. (Our cache on Kauai is maintained by a cacher who doesn't hunt caches with terrain higher than 2 so we made sure ours would be easy for him to access. 3. Ask you local for advice on either locations that could use a cache or locations to avoid. 4. After the cache is hidden give the maintainer the option of "approving" the coordinates (or at least the general area) before the cache is submitted for publication. Now if you have read this thread and have been convinced that vacation caches are just a bad idea, here are a couple alternatives to consider: A.) Set up a "collaborative" cache. We own two: Aoha Eh, (Hawaii) and From Sea to Shining Sea (Pacific). Click on the links for more info. But the idea is, you hide a cache in your hometown and your partner hides a cache in the vacation location/his hometown. Not only do you get to collaborate with a cacher from far away, all the finders do too! Put your partner's cache on your watch list, and it's almost a good as being there! B.) Set up an earthcache! Hawaii is full of amazing geologically important places that would make great Earthcaches. There are currently less than a dozen in the state, most set up by visitors. And as for us Hawaii cachers, like Etoa said, don't believe everything you read. We have made friends from all over the world thanks to caching here in the Aloha State! jrr
  5. DING DING DING We have a WINNER Send me your address through my profile. My next favorite is Field of Dreams... .... It's one of my all time faves too. I remember seeing it (in a movie theater) more than once! Even when I catch bits of it now, I still notice things I never "got" before. E-mail sent, mahalo for the cointest! jrr
  6. We're not there either...maybe next year.
  7. Mahalo for bringing that up! We've been out of town as well and reading through the recent posts that was what I wanted to say most, so technically I don't need to post at all. I will add that any visiting cacher wishing to leave a container behind, might be better off helping with maintenance of these well placed "legacy" caches rather than trying to get a new cache published. While I share (for the most part) the Geohana distaste for vacation caches, I did want to post the exception which proves the rule. We just returned from French Polynesia, an area with (as far as I can tell) NO active cachers. The cache there that has been found most often (and the only one that receives any maintenance) is a vacation cache placed on private property and maintained by non-geocachers (who do own the property). So I guess that just brings us back to why we have "guidelines" not laws! jrr
  8. 1. Participating YES 8/27/08 2. Received Name YES 9/14/08 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  9. You could also try their geocaching profile, last find 4 days ago: FuRbRaT As of today this was still their Profile Information: "**Our Story.... We had an idea for a coin and had our first coin made. "Don't Tread On Me" Finding that we wanted to produce more, we got involved and made contacts of our own to make more coins and for other geocachers at a cheaper price. If you would like to get your idea made into a geocoin contact us. We can do any amount-large or small. Our prices are lower than most and have high quality coins produced. Check out our site and or contact us at www.SoCalGeocoins.com / SoCalGeocoins@aol.com" Guess I'm just lucky I hadn't bought any coins from them lately. jrr
  10. Interesting, I think if it happened to me I'd delete the discovery too. And I have a related question. If we agree that it's not ethical for a coin maker (who bought the tracking numbers) to "discover" those coins once they have been purchased by others. What to you all think about event organizers/attendees who write down the tracking numbers of unactivated coins that are given away as raffle prizes and discover them later (once the winners have activated them)? I ask since I won a coin at an event raffle and activated it for it to remain in my collection. A few days later there were several "discovered" logs on the coin from cachers (who were at the event). For the most part the logs said "discovered at xxx event." I really wanted to delete the logs, but didn't since a) I knew the people and if they had asked if they could discover the coin I likely would have said yes. I still wish they would have asked first. Is this a common practice? jrr
  11. 1. Participating - Yes, email sent 8/27/08 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received
  12. Aloha, I've posted your message on our local forum as not too many of the Oahu hardy hikers hangout on the national forums. You need to register to post, but anyone can see the replies. If she's really up for a challenge she could get herself a first to find. We will be off island this weekend, but would be happy to offer hiking suggestions what part of the island is she staying? jrr
  13. We just recently found our 1000th cache, it took us 3 years 3 months give or take a few days. jrr
  14. I have a Hawaii 8/8/8 event coin to trade, would like to trade for one of the new Quebec 2008 coins since we were just there, (discovered the limits of my rusty French)! We missed the Meg-Event by a week, maybe next time. jrr
  15. Aloha! You could've asked us, we visit my brother there every year. We second the recommendations in the linked thread. Earthcache Central is a nice quick one in town. There's also a series of Malty Micros which have the advantage of proximity to cold frosty ones. And if you get a chance to drive out Boulder Canyon drive you can get great views another Cache Across America + a few others. Also our nephew g-vader (age 8) is an excellent cacher and I'm sure my brother would happy to lend him out to you. jrr PS: We were surprised at how few caches there are right in Boulder. The locals can give your the full story but it is our understanding that caches are not allowed in Boulder Open Space parks, making lots of territory off limits.
  16. 1. Name a specific item that was left for me as a Birthday Gift. "something to write with. It has a logo of a special company headquarted in Marin"
  17. It's not just a WAP issue for us, we log one of our coins into/out of caches for miles and haven't been getting those logs a for a couple of days now. (We haven't been logging from a cellphone.) We did get a notice that one of our traveling coins was dropped off. I just looked on the "geocaching.com" forum and didn't see a thread there, so maybe it's a sporadic issue. If it were a universal issue I'm sure Max B on the River would have reported it by now! jrr
  18. Simple answer: I would like the GSA V2 to keep my V1 company! Longer answer: The GSA (and his coins) are very special to me. In fact it was shortly after my first post in this thread, Post 50, that I got word that a trip from the Bering Sea to paradise was in the works! Although the GSA was not my first mystery coin, it was the first one I knew was meant especially for me. Around that time I realized people really do read the forum posts! As for why I won't sell it, well the GSA asked me not to and that's reason enough for me. jrr
  19. Wow! Was all I wanted to say, but I see it's been said already. Agent 137, hoping for a teammate. (Even if he does like having the 2 Geocoin Fairies all to himself in the binder.)
  20. The 080808 Sunset Social is posted. Everyone is invited, though with airfare the way it is, you might need to start swimming now...
  21. The-Wolf-Pack had their one year geocacing anniversary earlier this month, though they've yet to plant their first hide. jrr
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