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  1. I paid and got an e-mail receipt right away. And when the payment was complete there was an option to "print receipt." When I log into my account now it says "Payment to Oakcoins Completed" above the request for payment. So I'm guessing you haven't paid yet. jrr
  2. We had the same issue with ours. jrr We have the same issue too We also have the same isssue. Will we be seeing new mint artwork with the corrections? I asked Emma at Oakcoins and she said that we would not get corrected mint artwork, she did send me a summary of the changes made. Maybe I'll see if I can crop what was sent, then I could post the front side. jrr
  3. We had the same issue with ours. jrr
  4. Ours is published as well GC1TY71. Can't wait to see the mint art! jrr
  5. I have heard rumors that there will be a new 2009 Rhode Island Micro coin... jrr
  6. The Hawaii event will be in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. Make your travel plans now. jrr
  7. Early? 8 a.m. isn't early, now 4 a.m., that's another story! But I did set an alarm... jrr
  8. The turtles managed to make it out to the North Pacific, just about 2700 miles due North of Tahiti. They look great (and are heavy!) in person. jrr
  9. After seeing the coin, I couldn't resist. Our cache Amelia's Iki requires you to find a plaque commemorating Earhart, as the first person to complete a solo flight from Oahu to Oakland. Will post an update when the coin is received. And as Amelia said, "Adventure is worthwhile in itself." jrr
  10. At least the cats were happy I was up at 4 a.m. And since I fed them then (and went back to sleep) they didn't even wake us up at 6 so we got to sleep in. Glad to see the store is back up and running again. jrr
  11. We are up for hosting 9/9/9 in Hawaii. In fact we were just talking about it. jrr
  12. 41% of our first 100 are archived, 6 of those were locationless. We haven't been caching for 5 years, but we have found 97 caches that were hidden in 2002 or earlier. Of those only 18 (with 6 locationless) are archived. Of course since we didn't start caching until 2005, by the time we found any of these caches they'd already been around for 3+ years.
  13. Just wanted to say these are very spiffy looking coins, I was lucky enough to be given one just the other day by a visiting cacher. Evan nicer since we were just in up that way last week! jrr
  14. Glad to hear you will get to recuperate at home, it will be much quieter there!
  15. Get well soon Joni, sending a little Aloha your way.
  16. Steelers 35 Cardinals 20 But I'm only watching for the commercials and The Boss! jrr
  17. We just got the plates for our Jeep Travel Bug this week. We bought the Jeep a few months ago and needed to get new plates. When we checked and found "CACHER" was available, we just had to get it!
  18. Our first hide is still active. GCQ4J5 Pau Hao Brown Cow hidden on 8/13/05 2 months and 30 something finds into our geocaching career. It is an ammobox, which we'd bought long before we'd ever heard of geocaching. We always knew we'd find a use for such a cool container! Back then it took almost 3 weeks for anyone to go look for it, now even caches that require much longer hikes are found within 24 hours.
  19. As far as Hawaii which island(s) will you be visiting? There are caches on all the island, though Oahu (where we live) has the most. As far as maps you might consider buying City Navigator for N. America then you would have the ability to autoroute. jrr
  20. Wow got some! Good thing for sillygirl's macbook since my vio just couldn't refresh fast enough... And it's still 1/2 in this time zone. Nite everyone, jrr
  21. Happy New Year! Cointest would be tougher in Mountain Time since that's when the Forums resets every night!
  22. Yay, 10 pm! Work or sleep should not interfere for a change. jrr
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