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  1. Here's what we're doing in Honolulu: Wai'alae Beach Park 2006 CITO Event Can't wait!
  2. Check out this website: http://www.handicaching.com/
  3. Check out: GCKZG3 ENBU That wasn't a puzzle cache, but you did have to find 9 benchmarks on your way to the cache. Near each benchmark there was a micro with a TU number & clue to help find the next micro, but no coordinates. You needed net access to figure out where to go next. We had fun with this one and it took us several weekends to complete (without any mobile net access). We agree with the previous poster, that as long as it is clear more than one trip is needed, some will be motivated to solve all the stages. We'd give it a try if we lived in the area.
  4. How timely that this thread should be here. As just today we have had someone copy our logs when posting his fake finds. I wrote to the cache owner already, but I'll send a note to our reviewer too.
  5. http://www.geocoins.ca/ Is the site to order and track Canadian geocoins. Hope that helps. We were given one by a friendly Canadian cacher, and they are great looking coins.
  6. Your wife is right! And for the most part we do, which may bewhy not that many "locals" have posted here. I'm just posting to remind everyone of the bigger picture. In our short (less than a year) time in geocaching, we have found the Hawaii caching community to be a very responsible & responsive group. I could provide you several examples where hiders voluntarily archived or moved caches that were thought to be in dangerous or other wise questionable locations. But that would be boring. Seriously, can't we assume (dangerous I know) that geocachers are responsible folks who don't encourage fellow cachers to break laws to find their caches? Having said that, we all have different comfort levels. We have aborted searches for all sorts of reasons: from we were uncomfortable in a deserted area, to we prefer to do that sort of rock climbing with a harness & protection... When we turn on the GPSr we don't turn off our common sense right? The bottom line here is that the placement of this cache has been discussed locally and approved by the reviewer. If the OP believes access to the area should be restricted, then he (and anyone else who feels that way) can simply elect not to look for it. JRR
  7. Very cool idea. We will need 2 sets, at least.
  8. Awww, what ever happens you've guaranteed that dog will live to 103....
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