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  1. I'll get this added to the list we keep for traveling and armchair caches, all of which are excluded for determination of distance statistics. If you hear of others, please note them here so that we can add them, too. Thanks! It would be great if you could add GC4C35 - Cuckoo Cache (could be anywhere) to your list. It is a (still active) traveling cache
  2. This thread reminded me of a cache in Santa Barbara, Jail House Rock hasn't been found since 11/2008 and isn't even disabled! When we looked for in March 2010 we posted a NM and an SBA, and since then only 3 more DNFs! It annoyed us at the time since it was the closest cache to the Mission. I wonder why the reviewer didn't take any action in this case? Maybe now it will at least get disabled. On the other hand, just because a cache hasn't been found in a while, doesn't mean it's not there. On the same trip one of our favorite finds Fairway View (pretty much a park) grab hadn't been found for 9 months. The Santa Barbara trip was where I learned to use GSAK to filter out caches with 4 DNFs in a row as it seemed like S.B. had lots of missing caches. We only posted NM logs on ones we looked for, but there were a lot more that we skipped entirely. As for archiving caches once the locals have found them.... it seems funny to us. But then again most of our caches have more finds by visitors than locals! jrr
  3. Coin number 3 does have a hole in the top...just sayin'...
  4. Got to drive over the pali to pick up our Tiki coins today. (Sometimes living on the rock has its advantages.) All I can say is that the pictures do not do them justice, they are all way more "colorful" in person, even the backs. And the pathtags are just as adorable as they look. Its fun to own trackable works of art. jrr
  5. We would like one. We were both born in NY (Brooklyn & Lockport) plus sillygirl's family had a cabin in Honeoye when she was a kid. jrr
  6. Aloha! Glad you are coming to paradise, we have some great caches here. You didn't mention which island(s) you will be visiting. You can see honu on all of them. We live on Oahu and have cached on all the islands please feel free to contact us (via e-mail we don't get PMs from the forum) if you'd like some advice on where to (& not to) leave your coins. Happy caching, jrr
  7. We will be there, an are looking forward to finally meeting you avroair! We are staying at the Coin event hotel in Redmond Friday & Saturday. We don't have a new coin, though we did make a smaller shiny new tag to trade. Our flight to Seattle leaves 4 weeks from tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon. jrr
  8. Got mine today. They all look even better in person!
  9. Notifications (or lack thereof) seem to be an issue here in Hawaii too. See the logs for these two recently published caches: GC4R42 The Golden Egg and GC4RMT Lean On Me We did not receive notifications on these caches, neither did those who were FTF. We use gmail, at least cacher who did not get the notifications uses a yahoo account. And for us the is a [Nofity] issue, we seem to be getting our watchlist/bookmark/owner e-mails just fine. But in the past couple days we have enabled/disabled some of our caches and while normally we get 2 e-mails one [Owner] and one [Notify] for this action, we have ONLY been getting the owner e-mails. We first noticed this on Sunday. Hope the issue can be identified, thanks! jrr edited to say this is a [GEO] Notify as opposed to [LOG] owner/watchlist/bookmark issue.
  10. Oh cool I hadn't noticed that. The difference I found was that each coin has its year imprinted on the edge. jrr
  11. Anyone get a coin yet? I haven't, just curious. jrr
  12. Yes I received an e-mail saying the coins would be mailed Monday 12/7, now just waiting for the postal service to do its thing. jrr
  13. I haven't gotten mine either, did anyone get an e-mail saying they were sent? jrr
  14. We had another great event here in paradise! There was sunset: With Canoes: And after dark (thanks to the astronomers among us} we had Jupiter and Io: I do have few Hawaii coins left for sale or trade, anyone interested, send an e-mail via profile. jrr
  15. Got my new ETs today. I love love love the Bora Bora, makes me want to go back! Here are a couple photos from our trip last year for sillygirl's milestone birthday. Bora Bora from the Air Bora Bora from the Airport (which is on its own island) Prime Turtle Habitat
  16. Our coins arrived today as well and they look great! I also am willing to trade with all of the event organizers, anyone wanting to trade for sure send me an e-mail (don't get PMs) and I will put one aside.
  17. Got our shipping notice and mint pictures! All the coins look great but the Hawaii one is my favorite and I hope all the event organizers feel the same way about theirs! jrr Hawaii Front Hawaii Back
  18. I (jrr) was just coming here to see if I could convince sillygirl (she has the all graphics knowledge) to show one with Translucent #14, 9, & 5. But now she doesn't have to, and is very happy. I really hope this one gets made, Trans 14 is the closest approximation to the shallow "inside the reef" water here. jrr
  19. Here is the Hawaii artwork. There will be one small color change on the actual coin, the points of the Compass Rose that are pink in the artwork, will be purple on the coin.
  20. We will gladly trade our version of the coin with any of the event organizers. Last year it was fun to get all the versions in the box with our own, but sounds like that is not a possibility this time. We brought the whole set to our event and displayed them, the attendees were amazed how the "same" coin could look so different. jrr
  21. Where did you hear that rumor?!?! Ha ha. I heard it from my first long distance geo-friend! When you coming back out to fix those submarines? jrr
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