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  1. Forgot to post here, the Honolulu event is also published: GC32B23 And I just noticed that excluding the "GC" our event number is a palindrome.
  2. +1 As for how to make them better 1. Make it easy to find your note/picture for challenges you completed. It seem the pictures for completed challenges don't even show up in our "gallery." 2. Let us see which challenges other users have completed, now you can see a number but it's not a link the way caches are. 3. Some sort of notification/watch system. It would be nice to know when someone completed or voted on a challenge you published, or commented on your log. (As a side note why can the "publisher" of a challenge delete that note? I realize we don't "own" the challenge, but I like to see who submitted it.) jrr PS: If there are related topics in the feedback forum, I'll be happy to vote for them, but I can't stand looking for stuff over there...so I need a link.
  3. i would really like to know that too Same here. I am really curious of what is really behind the situation of why they choice it. Seeing as I live in an area that get lots of tourists I can tell you how I interpret (and will use) the icon. I will add that icon to our caches where you will be comfortable bringing "just tourists" (i.e., any non-cachers) traveling with you to. I see the icon as indicating that "just tourists" will be sufficiently distracted by the scenic views, historical info, wildlife viewing etc., that they will not mind (or even notice) that you are searching for a cache. jrr
  4. Seems like a multi to me, but I'm not a reviewer. For me a multi starts at the posted coordinates & has 2 or more stages like your cache does. Not sure why it's mystery. jrr
  5. While on GC.com click on Play, choose "Hide and Seek a Cache" from drop down menu. Choose by State/Province and select one of your states and press go. Now you will be on "All Geocaches" page 1 of xxx pages (the newest caches in that state), click on the ">>" link (just before next) this will take you to the last page, e.g., the oldest caches in that state. jrr
  6. Not sure when he is coming back here, but if you are nice I'll let you see mine. We also have an extra to use as a raffle prize at an event, & knowing your luck the odds aren't bad. PS: they are as cute as they look in pictures! jrr
  7. It depends on where you are. Clearly. The folks around Oahu know the "trends" of their area, just as I'm sure you see find trends in yours. Apples, oranges. The OP claims cheating while at the same time acknowledging evidence that this team did find caches that they did not log. The cache where they dropped a tb but didn't log proves this. So how can they assume that the cachers did not actually find all the caches they logged? They can delete the logs if they want but claiming they cheated on all the caches is a bit presumptuous. The trend on Oahu may be just a handful a day. Maybe most cachers visiting the area take time to enjoy the views. t But there are some cachers who are more concerned with numbers than they are views. If someone wants to spend their day running around the island to find 60 caches I bet it can be done and then some. I never said you can't find 60 caches in a day on Oahu. In fact there are a couple places where you might get that many by lunch. I said it was highly unlikely they found all the caches they logged. As proof I offer you these tidbits... 1. They only tried to re-log 2 of the dozens of deleted finds, not all or even most of them. 2. When questioned (via email) about the lack of signatures, they told cache owners a couple different things. Some they told their gps 'erased' all their found caches and they couldn't remember which caches they found. This came with an apology if they had made any mistakes. To others they suggested they may only have placed initials (without a date) on the logbook & that they may have signed "out of order." What they never said was anything resembling, "I remember that cache it was a magnetic key holder painted green." or "your cache was a lock-n-lock hidden low by the view point." In other words, they didn't respond with anything to suggest they had actually found the caches in question. I suspect if they did, this thread wouldn't be here. jrr
  8. I'm just curious... someone dropped a travel bug in a cache, and their online log was deleted because they didn't sign the physical log? I know some people are really sticklers, but c'mon... they dropped the TB. They obviously found the cache. I can't imagine deleting a log under those circumstances. Since you are curious, here is how that happened: the owner checked the log, no sig. But he didn't realize the metal shaped tag in the cache was a tb (it was a "naked" travel tag), so he didn't realize our drive-by cachers had left it. The found it log is now back on the cache page. jrr
  9. I am curious if the local cache owners cared enough to delete the logs. We did & as you can see so did some others. The visiting cachers have re-posted 2 (of about 40) logs that were deleted. One was a cache where they left a tb but didn't sign the log and the other was a nano whose log has been reported as full by several finders both before & after our drive by loggers. They have not tried to re-"find" any caches owned by us. Interestingly on their last day in the island (and after some logs had been deleted) they only found 2 caches, even though they drove by a bunch more getting there. jrr
  10. Its pretty clear, if you read the OP, that this is not simply a case of somebody that forgot their pen. Correct. Thinking more about it, the question I should have asked is this: Do you care if someone logs a find on your cache when they didn't actually even look for it, but they were within 300 ft. of the container? Corallary question: what does it mean to have 10,000 geocache finds if you never "found" more than 1/2 of them? Looking at the finds of the cachers in question, it's pretty clear that they drove a couple different routes on the island and claimed a find on most every cache within 300 feet (give or take) of the roads they were on. Sometimes they actually geocached (found a container, signed a log, dropped off a tb) but most of the time they just "drove by." And the truth is some of those caches which look like they are close the road are not park & grabs. Access may not be from the closest road, finding the cache may require a hike and/or big change in altitude. It's not that you couldn't find 60 or 100 caches on Oahu in one day, you just couldn't find the ones they logged. jrr
  11. In the case that you haven't come prepared with props, I've heard that staring at a muggle while picking your nose has much the same effect. jrr
  12. Exactly! We live in a place where most of the finds on our caches are by visitors. We've had lots of finds by folks who didn't sign the log, some have taken pictures or contacted us, most have simply said they didn't have a pen. (How you can leave your hotel, full of free pens and set out on a day of caching without any sort of writing implement is another story, but I digress...) We have learned to let this sort of thing go, hey vacations are meant for fun we know, we take them ourselves. But the question for the "live & let live" "those fake finds aren't hurting me" posters is there some tipping point that would get to you? Could you ever imagine the need to call someone on their "finds?" BTW that point on Oahu is log a couple hundred finds over as many days without ever once mentioning anything about the amazing views/scenery/tricky hide/great camo of any of the caches. Plus log a find on an easy cache by a trail head on the same day as a dozen locals hiked the trail but couldn't find that cache. Just sayin... jrr
  13. What if they logged 10 finds without signing? Would you delete the logs? Contact the cacher to ask for an explanation? Do nothing? Story behind the questions: Recently a prolific cacher flew to paradise and logged what seemed to us (& a few other locals) an unrealistic number of finds over a short period of time. The logs were all generic "found on vacation" cut & paste jobs. Being curious, several of us checked on caches near our home coordinates. In this spot check of 20 caches we found one signature, (in a cache without a writing implement.) We also saw a tb they dropped in another cache, though they did not sign the paper log. Being generous, they actually have found 10% of the caches they logged. We suspect they found a few caches, but logged finds on many more that they "drove by." Anyone else have similar experiences? How did you handle it? We deleted their finds on our caches. jrr
  14. I sent an email last week too, but no invite... jrr
  15. Wow is it that time already? After missing 10/10/10 we are back for 11/11/11 on Oahu, HI jrr
  16. We have done it: Kahana Bay Bug Stop Redux We have a link to the original cache on our page, which ironically was doing just fine (though the owners had moved off island) until it was adopted, moved from its original spot & promptly muggled. But a good spot for a cache can be tough to come by, so reduce, re-use and recycle!
  17. Please explain how/why mtn-man, excuse me, puppymonster is the reviewer for British Columbia, Canada. Before you go look up his profile, puppymonster lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but the history I have heard is that Jeremy was the original Reviewer of all caches. Eventually he got some help. Our main reviewer here in Hawaii is erik88l-r, he also lives in the Atlanta area. In addition to Hawaii erik reviews caches in parts of Europe, Asia, & Polynesia. From what I know, Erik, Mtn-man and GPSfun were some of the early reviewers and still review caches far away from where they live. The funny thing (to me) about this discussion, is that even here in Hawaii where there may be as few as one new cache a week, we have a back up reviewer. I would also add that we here in paradise are very happy with our reviewers, just wish they live closer so we could meet them. Of course due to the time difference, (5-6 hours) the FTF hounds have to get up in the middle of the night. jrr
  18. Gee when you put it that way it seems so easy, though I would refer you to the timely quote above from Ralph Waldo Emerson. As for "Geocaching Policy" none of it is written in stone. It was made by human beings who have the power to change it. Since we've been caching there have been all sorts of changes. You used to be able to (with the help of a reviewer) adopt "abandoned" caches. You used to be able to adopt Virtual Caches. You used to be able to require finders take a picture with silly glasses, or tell a knock-knock joke to claim a smiley on a "Traditional Cache." I could go on.... Perhaps it is time to re-examine this particular policy. The reason to re-examine it is in part that this A.P.E. Cache (as other have stated quite eloquently) over the last 5 years has become different than the others. If there were no such thing as the "triad/trifecta" if there were no uniqure souvenir then it wouldn't be different & there might not be a 5 page thread on the forums. jrr (Disclosure, we found this cache last year in counjunction with Geowoodstock. We did not go through the tunnel since it was closed. We are coming back to Seattle for the block party and may still venture through the tunnel for the experience that we missed by coming up the trail.)
  19. We have the CAA in Hawaii, we had to move it once due to theft. We ended up archiving and making a new listing, it just means some of those who complete the challenge will have found the original and others the "new & improved" one. jrr
  20. Anyone else having trouble with the "Log your visit" page. It does not work in Chrome/Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.7, link just opens a blank page with an ad in the right corner. No problems in Firefox. jrr
  21. Glad to know the beta maps will be able to show PMO caches as I all weekend I kept thinking I was "losing" caches on the beta maps, then I realized those that were "missing" were Premium Member ones. My current issue with the beta maps is that when I click on the "Please try the Geocaching Beta Maps in the meanwhile!" link, I get the beta map from my home coordinates every time....is this a bug or is it supposed to be that way? I'm sure the upgrade will be worth waiting for. jrr
  22. Just posting a happy ending, after 3 years and 5000 miles of traveling I will get my Plumbrokeacres Coin this weekend at our event! Mahalo to everyone who moved the coin.
  23. Mine arrived today, definitely worth waiting for.
  24. Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos since the site update? I can't upload (jpeg) from Firefox (3.6.13, even tried disabling greasemonkey scripts) or IE8. I'm on a pc running Windows XP pro. I just keep getting "Your request has resulted in an error. Please return to this site's home page to continue." Everything else is looking spiffy. jrr
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