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  1. late last year , i think it was , someone left a GPSr on the ground beside a cache ( this was in the boston area ).

    the person who hit the cache next , about a week later , found it .

    he checked the logs and wrote the person who last logged the cache .

    it was her's and she didnt even know she didnt have it ( she had just moved there , was still unpacking and didnt have alot of time for caching ).

    they met up for lunch so he could give it back .

    they cached together afterward and have been dating ever since .


    happy ending for all ! :)

  2. i'll be there !!!

    also , my old caching partner ( who moved to boston in Jan ) is flying down to atlanta and we're gonna drive up together .

    plus , she just got word that she can stay an extra few days , so that means we can cache like crazy all through the week ! sweet !

    see you there !!

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