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  1. I did not want to, BUT, guess I have to put something in. First Duane's "handle"... DON"T CHANGE IT !!! when I first saw it, I read the "ch" as in CHeck, not caCHe, after all it is the beginning of the syllable. Second, while the TB is questionable, it is the name of the attached item, and to children, IT IS FUNNY !!!. It is only we "adults" that make a natural body function, dirty, just like farting, especialy in crowds or elevators. And for those that dont know, it is the very last thing your body will do when you "pass". Is this why it's called passing gas? and third but definitely not last, Are we really becoming the United States of the OFFENDED? What happened to freedom of speach, freedom of expression? The american flag can be burnt, but we can't see or hear the word s***? just had to say something.... ps, I did spell the word, just in case I get edited.
  2. As I live on the edge of the wilderness (not only in reality) I have noticed an incress in copperheads for the year, after reading this posting, I am wondering, Do copperheads have a apperance cycle? Does any of the snake gurus, on here, have any ideas? My neighbor has found just under 10 while cutting the back forty, I have seen 2 so far, I have talked with a few canoers on the Greenbrier over the weekend who have seen a few, and now this posting. Seems to me that we are in a cycle for the copperhead... By the way, both times I saw the copperheads, I did smell the cucumber!! Very strong, any truth to this rumor?
  3. Then of course there is at least another reason for not logging, to play grimlin and make sure the cache can not be found again. hate to think that way, but I have already lost the contents to one cache, and there are severak in my area that have come up "missing"
  4. by the way, has any one been to the ol' baldy cache lately?
  5. I have been watching and waiting, so come on people, set a date. I missed the first one, would love to attend this one.
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