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  1. Hmmmm...  I have been meaning to get around to auctioning off a manual and CD to my old Map 330... I have a yellow jeep TB I've been meaning to get rid of...  Hmmm...


    I wonder how folks would react to an Ebay listing like this:


    "MAP 330 manual and Mapsend CD (plus one free bonus Yellow Jeep TB!)"


    Would this be uncool for any reason?  I am trying to see how it would be tacky, and I can't come up with anything.... I mean, the TB itself isn't being sold...

    Just a thought or a question, cause I dont use the mapsend, but when you installed the CD, were you asked to agree to the terms of the company that put out the CD, or did it self install with out intervention? And if you did have to agree to the terms, did those terms state that the CD and programs found on the CD were property of the "company" and copyrighted, and copying, selling, or placing the software on another computer was illegal?

  2. I was hoping to get Plucker bring the pics with all the info

    I use a Zire, with Plucker and Spinner, and I have not been able to get the pics off the caches, but I also down loaded the Grocaching Today E-Zine in pdf format and it shows the photos, so I am still trying on the cache jpg's, if anyone knows how, let me know also, please

  3. Are you going to be adding the medallion to the stick? or is the customer? The way I see it, give the customer the right to choose, and if they request the medallion, recess it into the staff for a smooth grip or look, then charge for medallion, and the stocking, shipping and handling charges to maintain the medallions on site, otherwise just hand carve the design and let the customer buy the medallion and put it on themself..... just my 2 cents, so that will be $5.02, $5 for the advice, and $.02 to recover my costs ;)

  4. I would LOVE to find some of the older PEZ left in a cache, I would go after them quickly :( , But, hopefully you did take the candy out first, didn't you? :blink: Of course you did :P cause leaving food in a cache is a no no, right? :o

  5. Marmetion and Willy :D , kinda simple, I think :D , in the late 60's global talk was of the moon landing, (along with Nam), and as people are called after the place the come from with the "ER" attached such as New Yorker, Chesapeaker, East Banker, ect...., the name Marmeter :D came along, but it did not fit the space race of the time, so one of our happy little comunity came up with Marmetion :) , so if you came from Marmet (the only town with this name) :D , you had to be a Marmetion, With that and my "spaced out condition" :D of the 70's and 80's, it was easy to be a little "alien" :D to the rest of the community, As such "Marmetion, your friendly neighborhood alien" was born. As for the avatar, what other alien is always seen with his dog? In my case, Willy the Weiner :D , my faithful sidekick. But with my past and my present position clashing, I must keep my identity secret :D , so don't tell nobody

  6. I have hidden 3 caches, 2 have been muggled :( , the other was on the wrong side of TPTB mountain :wacko: . I have just about finished the 2nd leg of the last multiple I have hidden, (the previous 2nd leg disapeared, guess the geocaching stickers and the fact the item was non-working didn't mean anything to the one that needed it more than me) :( Depending on how long this one stays, will determine if I hide anymore, or just do the searching. :D

  7. I work for an CABulance service, and we "deliver" patients anywhere, in state, out of state, across country, and if you are willing to pay, other countries !!!! (if we can get the visas :laughing: ). Throw my vista in the window, drive the route, watch the caches go by, go home, load into my mapping software, look at all the different caches I could have gotten, if I didn't have a patient. <_<

  8. One other thing you need to think about is service, where I live, if you are not on an interstate or major city, there is no coverage. SSSOOOO any state park in the boonies, or behind a mountain, or a lost cemetery might leave you just as lost.

  9. While working at a bank, was advised to "remove" all defaced bills from circulation, that came across my window. While I was not able to remove all bills, the newer machines that check for counterfeits "kick out" any bill that has been defaced, so that it may be checked for fakes. SOOO if you spend the bill and it makes it into a deposit that makes it to a federal reserve office, that bill will cease to exist, and a new bill will replace it. If you have seen the shredded hundred thousand million dollar paperweights, u now know where George is :blink:

  10. I did not want to, BUT, guess I have to put something in. First Duane's "handle"... DON"T CHANGE IT !!! when I first saw it, I read the "ch" as in CHeck, not caCHe, after all it is the beginning of the syllable. ;)


    Just for your clarification








    YA (your)


    CHIT ( )


    Has nothing to do with caching or checking.



    For YOUR clarification, the sound of "ch" in CHeck, not the sound of "ch" in caCHe,


    but if you wanted to think about it, it has a lot to do with checking and caching, as for caching it is a play on the visable "ch" in caCHe, as for checking, it is what you need to do before getting into his, or ours or whomevers ;)

  11. and third but definitely not last, Are we really becoming the United States of the OFFENDED? What happened to freedom of speach, freedom of expression?

    Yes, and remember that a web site is free to exclude things like this if they want.


    Aren't you glad you live in America.

    Yes I am Glad, don't think I could LIVE anywhere else, I am too opinionated, would probably have been shot or hung in any other country by now. ;)


    How bout you mtm-man ;)

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