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  1. Started out with this one then started using that one as the front of my coordinate cards placed in a multi, then I tried this one, , but then I noticed someone else using Marvin, and he is a regestered trade mark, so I had to come up with something original, ssssoooooo, , but I was not happy with the original colors, and the new colors are not quite right, so guess I will have to change it again
  2. Was rereading the posts today, and just realized, I changed my avitar, so it don't go with my post, if anyone was reading it and scratching his/her head....
  3. Dont want to argue, but is there something wrong here? You're arguing with the devil? You got balls ... not arguing, maybe I 2 dum 2 understand? voting will start on friday, and end at 7pm on sunday, the 15th, but if I send one in before 8:01p on the 15th it will be void? please clarify for stupid little me.... thanks
  4. Dont want to argue, but is there something wrong here?
  5. I had just decided which route I was going to take, when all of a sudden I turned to the sound of Dualing Banjo's! and there, standing, was a strange looking man. As I backed away, I heard him say "You sure got a purdy mouth"
  6. brother....Lackofcache, and of course Willy
  7. I know all the items listed here are not personilized but some can be, you might want to look here for other SWAG too
  8. Hey, that's WILLY!!!! How did you get him over there?
  9. just checkin the new colors
  10. Do everyone get to vote? even if they ain't want'n to enter?
  11. Keep watching, a little known cacher has been planning one for 2 months now, has drawings involving a roulette wheel, a wind vane and a rifle scope , and he is carring a farmers almanac around with him all day long , when it does come together, LOOK OUT !!!!
  12. Love your avatar!! Thanks Sparky, could not let everyone out do me, still need to work on the colors though..... Hey GeoGrass.... I have to ask, how did GeoGrass come to be your handle? I have visions of the wife pushing a lawn mower and you laying in front of it, with your backside high
  13. This just in…. Prominent Geocacher caught lurking in local Weenie Washing Park. Just before local Geocacher Mtn-man was questioned and arrested regarding his activities, he stated “I was just looking for the cash”. Police Chief Septic Tank responded, “We have him on film in a compromising position with one of the locals, and with him admitting he was after the cash, the least he will come out of this with, is some type of community service. Maybe they (the courts) will make him do trash pick up”
  14. But remember WVDAN, the way you have them listed is not the way the natives spelled or pronounced them, what you have are the white man's spelling and pronounciation. I belive I read that Kanawha was spelled and pronounced Kan-a-wa-que in the Algonquin language and that que meant river, while the Kan-a-wa meant white stones, meaning the river of the white stones. The Shawnee ran the east coast from NY to NC while thier main camp was in Shawnee town of Chillicothe, or Lower Shawnee Town. More of the Shawnee, along with a list of towns cane be found here Did I just give a history lesson?
  15. I changed my avatar after I started the EMS Post. Even though the avatar would look good on a staff, I don't need one, I do my own. So please don't vote on mine. I just wanted to show it off again
  16. I've always heard "Hooty WHO", and that aint just during caching, it can be heard durin muddin, shootin, drinkin, love makin, and dancin, and it always gets louder during the shootin, drinkin, and love makin !!!!
  17. Stuffed Mascot? we don't need no stuffed mascot !!! (but on occasion I do wish I had him on a leash)
  18. Bravo... well done..... Excellent
  19. guess that makes more than 3 Been in the "biz" for 13 years, glad to meet all of ya Started on a christmas night when nephew asked me to take him to fire call (volunteer) when he was 16 years old, another 16 year old and an old man showed up to run the call, I decided something had to be done !!! Now look at me, almost 50, and still climbin mountains like I was 20, I think it has somethin to do with the biz
  20. What the H***??? only 2 DNF and it get's archived? who did you piss off or on?
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