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  1. Then there is my name, and unless you know a little bit about the small towns in WV, then you still would not know.....


    As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

  2. Ammunition thrown into a fire or crushed by a rock or in some other manner abused carelessly by an individual may have some minor explosive effects...but it will not ignite with sufficient pressure to cause great bodily harm


    I disagree, in my crazy days of the 70's (when more alcohol then brains were present), a "friend" (yeah, that's it, a friend) threw a few 22 shells into a fire, after the crowd around the fire cleared and the several small explosions quit, one of the shells (not the slug) was found embedded in the door of my truck. Had anyone been standing in that spot we could have had a death, or at least a trip to the E.R.,

    not to mention the explanation to the local LEO's,,,,,




    As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

  3. I also have had a TB come up missing in the area, Marmetion the alien but this was some time in March of 2005. The note left on the cache page, SJG or Bust, stated "March 19 by Highpointer (1679 found)

    I visited this cache a second time and left the travel bug Mr. Wonderful. The travel bug marmetian the alien is not in the cache and presumably was taken by a non-logging cache visitor who wrote their name as "Pclong" in the logbook, but apparently I can't find this name as a registered geocaching name on geocaching.com".

    So now I am just waiting and wondering if he shows up or if he has "left the planet for good"....


    As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

  4. I calculated $17.50 for 4 coins + s/h, sent payment through paypal. :D Correct? can't wait, will be my 1st geocoins :D




    As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

  5. Recently, while on a canoe trip, a friend of mine, found a new canoe with no oars, no tie off ropes and nothing in the canoe, in an area that had been recently flooded. He placed a note in the area explaining he was taking the note to a canoe renter down stream, and the owner could pick it up there. When he arrived at the renter's business, he asked if anyone had inquired about a canoe and when told no, he told the renter that he would call back in a week and check again. He then left a note explaining that if anyone could identify the canoe with a description, and the serial number, my friend would give the canoe back to the owner. That was 3 weeks ago, my friend has called back every weekend, and to date there has been no one claiming the canoe. He has made ever effort to find the owner without giving up his info. He intends to keep the canoe until someone claims it. If the money is bothering you that much, I suggest you put it in an intrest bearing account, make inquiries at local business' and call back on a regular time period to see if anyone has claimed the money. At the time you feel comfortable with keeping the money, then spend it, or donate it to a charity of your choice, but spend the intrest on yourself for new geocaching equipment.

  6. in my younger days, I worked for the federal reserve, in them days if a bill came into a bank with markings on it, ripped , torn or burned, that bill was taken out of circulation. I too, have marked bills and logged them on WG$. only one has ever shown up, and it was within a week of my marking it. I belive that once the marked bills are deposited into a bank account, and counted, the "damaged" bill is removed from circulation

  7. you did not say if it was your gallery photos, or everyone else's. I looked at yours, and though you only have the one listed, it worked fine. If you are looking at other people's gallery's, and are using a dial up, or a slow connection, it could be timing out loading the picture. try refreshing the page, it might or might not help

  8. The people on here are not rude, but childish. You all hide behind your nicknames like they are shields. We geo-cache because it is fun. Not to invent some cult that only nerds and jerks can join.


    At the rate that people are going on here with comments, I wouldn't be surprised if Geo-caching shuts down the Forum. Then you guys would have only your special hand shakes left.


    Peace and Love for all of you that have no one but yourself and your nickname.

    While I don't post that often, :) I do like to read all of the forums that I can. Some are funny :) , some are rude :lol: , some are a matter of fact and to the point :) . What has been said here seems to be the truth, in more ways than one. :D


    With that being said, maybe you should have posted the above comment here, and the best of luck on your future. :)



    P.S. I go by P(aul)/Rick, but I will answer to just about anything.



  9. I would not call for help in locating a cache, that is not finding it myself, but someone else finding it.


    I got a log where, in a 4 cache multi, someone had found cache 1, could not find cache 2, called someone, still was unable to find cache 2, but went on to cache 3 by the coordinates given to them over the phone, then signed the log in cache 4 as a find. How can it be a find if he did not find it, or find all the caches?

  10. hey all you snakeologists, any body know what this one is called? 6d87bb2f-f124-4ce6-8bc5-fe38a6a36f3f.jpg762e49f0-b37c-42b6-86a5-68db1457801a.jpg87a0057a-652a-48fe-bab3-1024bc14a923.jpg


    And no, it is not dead, but it plays dead and when laid over on its back, the flys swarmed like it had been laying dead in the sun for hours. When I first saw it, it was poised up like a cobra, had a cowl flaired and was hissing, after I had bagged it, it calmed down, and then when I dumped it out again, it's cowl took on a spade shape, after it rolled over on it's back, the cowl went back to normal. There were no "pits", no fangs, and when I let him loose, he moved so fast I thought he was a racer.... Could this be a rat snake? The colors were unbeliveable, the pics do not do it justice, it was neon orange and shiny black, its underbelly was also neon orange. It looked as if someone had a black light turned on.... Anybody got an ideas?

  11. This morning as I was going to work, I took some photos of an item found on most large buldings :ph34r: ( I am planning to use a copy of this item to hide a cache in so I dont want to say what it is) :ph34r: , I always have my head phones on going to work, B) so I can get an update of the weather, road conditions, accidents, and latest news, so I will have an heads up on what to expect when I arrive at work. :blink: I also wear a uniform, that is often mistaken for police. B) But today after taking the photos, I was walking off, getting ready to cross the street when a security guard came running up, waving his hands and saying something, :huh: (I could see his mouth moving) ssssoooo I took off the head phones and waited for him to catch up. Right off the bat he started asking why I was taking the photos and what did I think I was doing. I was about ready to get snoty with him :mad: , then I remembered, he was just doing his job :unsure: , and I had done nothing wrong, B) so I told him, for 20 minutes I talked about Geocaching, and he listened to every word, I produced my GPSr, I explained that to him, I told him about local caches, about how the state parks are participating, I pulled out my PDA and showed him a few of the caches I had stored on it... I could have gone on and on and on ..... when just as he was asking how he could get involved and could he bring his kids and where could he find out more about it, We looked up and an elderly lady was getting ready to turn the wrong way on a very busy one way street, :o so we both jumped out and stopped this "accident" :blink: waiting to happen. As I was now late for work :ph34r: and he was already working, I bid him good luck, wave and was going about my way, when he hollored back at me "see ya at the treasure chest" :D with a big grin on his face. I will see him in the mornin, since I always go past his station on my way to work, and I will be more prepared for it. I am going to print out an easy find and give the copy to him. All in all, I think I converted another muggle.... But getting back on track, my point is, dont think you are doing anything wrong. You aren't, you are a player in a very popular game, and thats all. If the gentleman does not want you on his property, say you are sorry and move on, but dont think you did anything wrong,( unless you did see no trespassing signs and ignored them :mad: ) chances are, after explaining what you were doing, you might have a converted muggle on your hands B) , or you might make a new friend :D, or meet the father of your next girlfriend :blink: but anyway you look at it, YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG, and in these post 9-11 times, people are going to ask if they think you are doing something wrong. Just be up front and tell them the truth, he might tell you to leave and not come back, he might say ok and leave you be, and you might just log another find :) so just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may

  12. Interesting topic - as a noobie, it occurs to me...


    Might be nice to have a subtle gc gesture, something universal so that we can "test" the waters when we see someone on the trail (i.e. something a tad more discrete than "Did you find it?"  B) 


    Might be something as simple as "Howdy" (though that does run the risk of folks who actually go around saying "howdy" to every blessed person they run into).  O.k. so nix the howdy, how 'bout...


    Perhaps better, a subtle gesture like - rub left elbow, or pull right ear.  Yes, yes, I know someone here will no doubt suggest pick one's nose, but - hey, seriously.


    Wouldn't it be handy if we could all agree on some subtle gesture to recognize non-muggles on the trail?

    B) Now don't get me wrong, but.... B)


    If you cant tell the other cacher by.....


    his/her buddy reading off a paper saying, "but the clue says...."


    his/her consistant looking at his/her phone, walking a litle bit, then looking at his/her phone again...Without saying "can you here me now?"


    the same shoe string coming untied every 30 seconds, causing him/her to get down on one knee and retieing it over and over again, while he/her keeps looking under things


    he/she is carring a big stick, and using it to move bushes, rocks, tree bark, .....


    him/her looking at the phone again, but this time talking to themselves saying, "IT has to be RIGHT here"


    you need to do a little more people watching, and less forum watchin.... :P




    but then again you could just do as sparrowhawk said "Take your hand, close all your fingers except index and thumb. Stick out index and thumb as much as possible. Place thumb on cheek, pointing index finger out from underneath chin. "


  13. Oh, forgot to tell ya why I was using Marvin, originaly I was going to call myself, Marvin the marmetian, and use his dog as my faithful side kick, Willy. But my name aint Marvin, so I left off the marvin, and added "as always your friendly neighborhood Marmetion and Willy" to the logs I signed, and now ya know the rest of the story..... for what it's worth :(

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