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  1. Hi all,


    Have been dormant for a while, No vehicle, but now I am back with JEEP. Would love to find a caching buddy, have done a few in the Charleston area, like the hikes and boxes instead of drive ups and micros, if you are interested, and need a caching partner, just holler, off every weekend (unless I pull OT)....


    Oh yeah, you can probably tell where I'm from.....


    As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

  2. from the banned member's forum

    I've now been completely banned from geocaching.com (after being falsely accused of having a sock puppet account) and have a bunch of caches that are available to anyone who wants to take them over. If no one wants them within a reasonable period of time, I'll archive them. If you'd like to take over ownership of one or more of them, let me know either in this thread or by PM.


    There are a total of 23 caches up for grabs.


    The following are regular caches:


    Fallen for You at Williams Park (this cache needs a new container) - in Langley near Hwy 1 and 232nd Street


    Up and Over at Williams Park - in Langley near Hwy 1 and 232nd Street


    Around and About at Williams Park - in Langley near Hwy 1 and 232nd Street


    Blood Beach - in Belcarra Park near Jug Island Beach


    Buntzen Blast - located at Bunzten Lake


    Looking Down Lindeman - located near Chilliwack Lake


    I have one multi-cache:


    Irene Pearce Trail - in South Langley near 4th Avenue and 248th Street


    I also have the following caches that require boat access (all are very low maintenance caches).


    These are located at Indian Arm:


    The Cliffs at Granite Falls


    The Slippery Noodle


    Those Noisy Jellyfish


    Diamonds in the Rough


    Oooh, I Can Thwayte


    Long John's Hideaway


    Kayakers Paradise


    The following are water caches located at Pitt Lake:


    A View to the Top of the Pitt


    Pitt Stop


    Tanks for the Memories


    Lipstick Beach


    Ben Gunn's Cache


    Reelin' in the Gears


    Victory at Osprey Creek


    Get Yer Rocks Off


    Between a Rock and a Soft Place


    You will need to work out a transfer of ownership of the caches with the fine folks at geocaching.com


    so if you want to adopt, the original owner has given his permission


    As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

  3. I have always wanted to set a push button behind a movable rock, like the ones in the indian jones treasue hunts, but pushing on this rock would ring a bell in the cache, somewhere far away in the woods. the problem being that by yourself, you would have to keep ringing the bell until you had a general idea where to look, or when with someone else, they would ring the bell until you found it, then you could switch so they could find it also. BUT someone would just folow the wire connecting the button to the bell, now if I could figure out how to make it wireless....

  4. the phrase originated from the game of pool, but Charles Earle Funke, author of Curious Word Origins, Sayings & Expressions, claims the phrase derived from a specific type of pool -- namely Kelly pool. The rules of Kelly pool required players to pocket fifteen balls, except the number eight, in numerical order. The eight ball was considered unlucky and if a player hit or touched the eight ball with the cue ball, he or she was penalized.


    Mr Funke goes on to say: "Thus, if during the play, the cue ball comes to rest on such a spot that the eight ball lies between the next ball to be played, the player may be faced with an impossible shot ... it is easy to see that 'behind the eight ball' would come to mean a hazardous position."


    However, as in all things etymological divining word origination is not always that simple. Some theories suggest that the rules for Kelly pool were a later development in response to the already commonly used phrase "behind the eight ball."


    Ain't google wonderful.....


    As always your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

  5. Ok. I admit it. There is a conspiracy around Travel Bugs.


    I knew there was something going on with TB's. Mine came up missing, I think abducted by some notorious anti-geocacher that is out to take over the world one TB at a time !!!! I wonder if he has anything to do with court tv?



    As always, your friendly neighbor hood Marmetion

  6. No one interested enough to solve the puzzle, I'm wondering if I should just remove it. The potential for the skull to be misconstrued is there and if it's not an interesting enough element then I'm not sure if the pay off is worth the risk.


    LEAVE IT IN !!!! Thats what geocaching is about. Finding things, everyone of us are treasure seekers, most are puzzle solvers, and to have a coin that leads you on another search or puzzle is just to dadgum cool. Think of 100 years from now, when someone comes across the coin, it could start another "National Treasure" hunt..


    As always, your friendly neighborhood Marmetion

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