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  1. The hint is 'PL AY FA IR'. Should I use the Play Fair chiper? https://www.geocachingtoolbox.com/index.php?lang=en&page=playfairCipher I put in the letter combination, but just got other combinations, which didn't give me clue.
  2. Been using my android phones (2017 - 2019) on my two past cache day finds, and I find them to not be accurate. Do you prefer your Garmin? I have the beast Montana 650, and thinking about getting a new one. Edit: As I hope to reach 500 caches by the end of this year (right, hehe), I bought the Oregon 700.
  3. Probably not no. Yes, it might be fun, but I wouldn't know. :/
  4. Am I alone? I can't go caching without a bottle of antibacterial. I take photos before signing the cache, and use the antibacterial after signing it. I cannot go to events because of this. I find caches kinda yucky. I once found a cache where there was a used sock in it. That was... well, words cannot describe it! Even though, I love geocaching!
  5. Imagine this... You and some other good guys, drove for some miles to Attend a CITO on a polluted place, that some hours after looks way better and clean. It's enough for your carbon footprint? By the way... you (as us all) can CITO in every cache you look for. The footprint thing is all wrong I think. Trash doesn't evaporate as far as I know of.
  6. LOL, that isn't very pleasant! Mostly by bus, but I'm lucky to have many forest caches in walking distance. Which benefits? The invidual benefit?
  7. Public transport isn't totally green no, and I have to admit that some caches have been found by car.
  8. LOL! One bad thing doesn't make another right.
  9. Hello! I don't own a car, and don't know if I would become addicted to driving around and finding as many as possible if I did. This is just my thoughts on all the pollution geocaching generates. How much fossil energy is burned a day because of geocaching is hard to estimate, but I'm sure the atmosphere could do without!
  10. Thanks for the inputs. Didn't get it to work in Windows, but it works fine in Linux Mint.
  11. Windows 7, Firefox 37.0.2, Chrome 42.0.2311.90 and IE11. Got Adblocker Edge and Ghostery for Firefox, and have disabled both to no avail.
  12. Not for me. Not in IE either. Is the Messaging Center Java dependent? When I debug the script it starts with: function Linkified(n,t){this._defaults=defaults;this.element=n;this.setOptions(t);this.init()}var Utilities,defaults;String.prototype.format||(String.prototype.format=function(){var n=arguments;return this.replace(/{(\d+)}/g,function(t,i){return typeof n!="undefined"?n:t})});String.prototype.htmlEncode||(String.prototype.htmlEncode=function(n){return $(document.createElement("div")).text(n).html()}),function(n){function r(n){var i=document,u=i.getElementById(n),t,r;i.body.createTextRange?
  13. It freezes both Chrome and Firefox. I have to force the script to stop to make the browser working again. Trying to reply to a message. First time I have used the new messaging center.
  14. I do not! If I'm FTF or the 10th or hundred I do not care about. It's about the experience, not about getting a price. How do you feel?
  15. I wish it was possible to choose whenever to add that or not. If I choose for example to change the build of a sentence, but not add any new information, I wish I could be able to choose not to have "this entry was edited..." at the bottom. Point made!
  16. Have found caches in my native country, Denmark, Germany and Poland. I'm not selfish or arrogant, but looking up a cache on tour, and all logs are in Polish isn't much helpful.
  17. Not that easy in Android, as I know of, or?
  18. Hello, Greenadventure. I see that you geocache in various countries in Europe, so I can understand the basis for your suggestion. The use of a "standard" logging language in parts of the world where many languages are used could be helpful to those who like to hunt for geocaches in nearby countries, and I suppose English could serve as a good "standard" language, at least in Europe, where many do have some familiarity with it. It couldn't be a logging requirement, but cache owners could make the suggestion on their cache pages if they so desired. Having said that, you posted this suggestion in the Off Topic forum, which is an area reserved for discussions of things other than geocaching. Your suggestion would likely get more appropriate commentary if it was posted in the main Geocaching Topics forum. I'll notify the Off Topic moderators and ask them to move this discussion over there. Hello cache_test_dummies Thanks for the reply. A translate all logs to prefered langauge in the geocacheapp would be nice.
  19. Would make it easier for tourists that don't know the language.
  20. Thanks for your reply Semper Paratus. Bought a Maglite XL200. Should I cancel and go for a Led Lenser T7 instead? Think not! http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?333101-Why-Led-Lenser-s-flashlight-so-bad
  21. Can this be recommended? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-Lm-Zoomable-CREE-XM-L-T6-LED-Flashlight-Torch-Lamp-Light-2X18650-Charger-/271261863959?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item3f28779017
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