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  1. GREAT JOB!!! Lookin' forward to the next podcast...
  2. Five Steps by Dru Hill. At Last by Etta James. End Of The Road by BoyzIIMen. Fields Of Gold by Sting. (Eva Cassidy’s rendition is excellent, too.) Goin’ Up Yonder by Ruben Studdard. Out Of Sight by James Brown. Stranger In A Strange Land by U2. Yeah! by Usher.
  3. I'm puttin' a playlist together, too, carleenp. What are your top two or three favs from your shuffle mix?
  4. What are you top two or three favorite songs on the mix, Lunaverse?
  5. Great list, briansnat! For me, John Legend's recording, Get Lifted, has been a lock as of late.
  6. Now that's what I'm talkin' about, ohgr. THANKS. And keep the tunes comin' geocachers!
  7. My understanding is that more expensive GPSs are more accurate. Is that true? And, if it is, then is it better to hide caches using higher quality GPSs so that your coordinates are more accurate for the potential finders?
  8. What do you listen to on the drive to your next cache? I'll start... Jeremy by Pearl Jam. (Content-wise, this song has absolutely no connection to geocaching. But the groove is right on. ) How 'bout you? Ready? GO!
  9. You could then make it a cache, LOL. cheers I would love to stumble across a car overgrown by grass to find that it was the cache I was looking for.
  10. 30 on July 13th. My oldest daughter is 6 and she rocked on her first geocaching gig. I'm gonna take my 4 year old son.
  11. Poker. Well, at least trying to be poker's next big thing. Grin.
  12. Hiya! Where can I get those 'What is Geocaching?' pamphlets? Coordinates, please. Grin.
  13. Hello from Portland, Oregon, DiscGolfer! What do you think: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=97732#
  14. ...combined Disc Golf and Geocaching? For instance, have nine tees (starting waypoints) and holes (ending waypoints) all around your city. Just thinkin' out loud here...
  15. What a great idea, Jamie! What other groups will you be covering?
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