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  1. What make "rock" "Christian rock?" They sing about Jesus instead of sex and drugs and rock n roll. Which makes me ask, why are there so many rock n roll songs about rock n roll anyways? Do jazz artists write songs about jazz? Did Mozart write pieces about classsical music? Which leads to another question, did they call it classical music back then, or was it just music? OK, I'd better stop before this gets moved to OT. Grin.
  2. Devendra Banhart. If you've seen this Fat Tire bit, you've heard at least one of his songs.
  3. Pedro the Lion is Christian rock. What make "rock" "Christian rock?"
  4. Ani DiFranco's Official Bootleg of her Portland gig on 4.7.04.
  5. The Unofficial LOST Soundtrack (season one) complements of Lost Hatch dot com. http://www.losthatch.com/soundtrack.aspx
  6. That jam by Phil Keaggy and John Sferra (two-thirds of Glass Harp) called "The Further Adventures Of..."
  7. I'll post my rain playlist in, like, September. Grin.
  8. SUMMER PLAYLIST The Theme From 'A Summer Place,' Percy Faith (1960) Summer in the City, the Lovin' Spoonful (1966) In the Summertime, Shaggy Featuring Rayvon (1995) Summer Girls, LFO (1999) Hot Fun in the Summertime, Sly & the Family Stone (1969) Endless Summer Nights, Richard Marx (1988) Summertime, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (1991) In the Summertime, Mungo Jerry (1970) The Boys of Summer, Don Henley (1985) Cruel Summer, Ace of Base (1998)
  9. Right-O! Lookin' forward to listenin'. When I subscribe to this podcast via iTunes, it asks me for a URL. What should I put in that field? My observation is that it's typically only one line.
  10. How do I save waypoints that are in EasyGPS (.loc) in an Excel spreadsheet? I've tried the conventional ways to no avail. Any thots?
  11. A couple of different podcasts going to and from... The Jim Rome Show and Phil Gordon's World Series of Poker Podcasts.
  12. It's been a long time since my Guano Apes CD has seen the light of day. I'm going to have to dig that one out. Thanks for reminding me! And THAT'S what this thread is all about. It's like an Oprah Winfrey show. Grin.
  13. I have the Woven & Spun recording on iPod along with Your Love Is Extravagant. All good stuff!
  14. The Beatles. Specifically, the recording "Beatles 1." 1. Love Me Do 2. From Me to You 3. She Loves You 4. I Want to Hold Your Hand 5. Can't Buy Me Love 6. A Hard Day's Night 7. I Feel Fine 8. Eight Days a Week 9. Ticket to Ride 10. Help! 11. Yesterday 12. Day Tripper 13. We Can Work It Out 14. Paperback Writer 15. Yellow Submarine 16. Eleanor Rigby 17. Penny Lane 18. All You Need Is Love 19. Hello Goodbye 20. Lady Madonna 21. Hey Jude 22. Get Back 23. The Ballad of John & Yoko 24. Something 25. Come Together 26. Let It Be 27. The Long and Winding Road
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