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  1. Hello, You are right yougazoo, I had a 600 KM trip this weekend, and the unit was set to record at every 1 second, each time when it reached 10000 trackpoints the unit shaved the top 3000 points and archived them This is more than ok, as the "join" functions in mapsource works very well in joining multiple tracks The only thing that I might find hard to do is trackback a long track, more than 7000 points If you drive and reach 10001 point then you will only have the last 7000 point to track back, then if you want to go further you have to load the latest archive and to trackback on that and so on I don't think of a better solution and I think the way that ttracks are managed in this device is the optimum way I am happy now A tracklog of 10000 point is about 1 MB in size, so it's ok from the storage point of view I have one complain though, the unit froze up twice when panning the map and doing zoom in zoom out to see the way to the destination in one screen Is there a function to see all the route in one screen?...except for doing zoom out until you see the whole route? Like in nuvis when you pressed the top green bar and then hit the button "Show on map" that shows you the entire route fitted on the screen...
  2. Hello, I have a strange thing happening, I don;t know if it from the 2.70 version or not..here it goes I have left my gpsmap 62s over night to record, was sitting on the window all night ( just to have sattelite signal) I wanted to see what happens when the 10.000 trackpoint limit is reached The unit was set to record based on time and at 1 second interval ( so many point can be created faster) The archive method was set to daily Went to bed at 11:00 PM and when I woke up at 7:00AM i pluged my gps to pc and saw one current gps file in the current folder and about 4-5 gps files on archive, so the gps automatically archives the track when it is full buuuttt...here goes the strange thing...all of my gpx files had only 3000 point each, so the gps archived when it has reached 3000 point, but even stranger than that is the thing that the current track it was on had a track that has not reached the limti and it was ~7050 point I really cand figure it out, maybe someone can help me How does this gpsmap 62s archives tracks? The unit was not moved at all, only when I left the home around 8:00AM does this unit saved track with only 3000 point when it is set to time? and 10000 when it is set to auto or distance? why does my last current track had ~7050 point and still going? I am really confused and I don;t want to miss on some tracks because the unit is spltting them in a completely random way Thank you!
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