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  1. This pre-sale is still on until midnight (Eastern). I will have the coins for sale again when they come back from the mint, but we haven't ordered many extras.
  2. The $8 was for shipping to Australia. Within Canada it will be about $3 to ship one coin.
  3. Sorry, that was the cheapest rate Canada Post quoted.
  4. Yes, it's a pre-sale. Coins are already on order and I'm expecting them in November.
  5. Canada's Capital Cachers is proud to present its 2009 geocoin. Our lovely design is based on Samuel de Champlain's astrolabe - the pointer (alidade) really spins! The other side of the coin features a scene based on the Ottawa River, with three motifs important to cachers in our region - a canoe, a snowshoe, and an ammo can. The coins are available in an Antique Gold or an Antique Nickel finish for $13 Canadian. Proceeds go to Canada's Capital Cachers to support community outreach, caching events, and CITOs. If you're interested in ordering one of these coins, please email me: geonarcissa --at-- gmail dot com, or you can contact me through Geocaching.com - I'm "narcissa." This special price is only available through Monday, October 19th. A video of the coin's moving parts can be seen here. Here is the design from the mint: The full-size version of this image can be viewed here.
  6. I have photo requirements for my ECs to prevent armchair logs. I am pretty lenient - if someone logs without a photo and explains why, I'll usually give them the benefit of the doubt. If they don't explain, or are vague, I will even write to ask about it. Recently I deleted a log from someone who didn't post a picture, had vague responses to the other logging requirements, and didn't respond to my email. If you're really interested in Earthcaching, then figure out a way to get pictures. If you don't want to, then just avoid Earthcaches. Not all caches are for all people.
  7. Yep, we have quite the cache density happening here.
  8. "I simply find it annoying that I have to waste so much time trying to solve a puzzle before I can so much as step out the door to even start trying to find it." Then don't. Just look for traditionals. There's an "ignore list" feature you can use if you don't want to see them on your closest to home page.
  9. Here's a link to a story a few weeks ago about a cemetery using geocachers to help them mark the GPS locations of graves. http://www.dailygazette.com/news/2009/may/29/0529_gps/
  10. I'm going to continue blogging about it, and I hope geocachers continue to post their comments on the articles. I've seen a lot of asinine news articles about geocaching, but Cleburne Times-Review takes the cake for stupidity and missing the point.
  11. The follow-up article wasn't nice. It continued along the same biased line of thinking as the first one, and failed to address most of the concerns brought up by geocachers. It, and the editorial, were poorly written and shoddily researched. I am highly suspicious of their claim that they contacted Groundspeak. I write to Groundspeak somewhat frequently with questions, concerns, and complaints, and I *always* get a prompt reply. That someone chooses to be offended by geocaching does not make geocaching offensive. People do have control over their reactions to things. We've been quite clear that geocaching in cemeteries is not meant to be disrespectful. That they continue to interpret it as disrespectful is ridiculous and immature.
  12. Their "follow-up" seems to be nothing but a shoddily-written editorial with some snarky remarks about geocachers. http://www.cleburnetimesreview.com/opinion...=secondarystory
  13. Yay! I wrote the author the day after the story came out and told him that the article was biased and unfair. Glad to see he's looking at the other side. Way to go Harry!
  14. Yeah, that is a pretty weak Earthcache, and I'm surprised it was published at all.
  15. Why would anyone assume that? Earthcaches are specifically exempt from this new change.
  16. The guideline change only addresses Additional (now Optional) Logging Requirements, and Challenge Caches. I'm not sure where you're getting the impression that the change affects a regular multicache. To prevent people from short cutting the multi, I put an ALR requiring the finders to email me a copy of their track log. A couple months back, I created a BFL cache in the east end of Toronto to give local cachers a nearby opportunity to experience night caching. After 6 finders, one of them started emailing the location of the final so that others could find it in the daylight. It was disappointing. And demotivating when it comes to creating complex caches. I don't understand why you really care if someone else wants to deny themselves the full experience of your cache - they're the ones losing out, not you.
  17. Why is this coin already for sale on ebay? http://cgi.ebay.com/Flying-Spaghetti-Monst...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/FLYING-SPAGHETTI-MONST...1QQcmdZViewItem
  18. "CCC" is "Canada's Capital Cachers." I was cross-posting and forgot to clarify that.
  19. I originally posted this in the CCC forum, but I thought I'd distribute it a little more widely... I recently purchased a geocoin from someone on ebay, as a gift for my bf. I had it sent to him directly. I've never had any problems buying coins on ebay before. Of course, the one time I do have a problem, it's when it's a gift for someone else. *sigh* The coin was sent remarkably fast, even before my PayPal e-cheque cleared. Unfortunately, the coin had already been activated!!! The seller is apparently getting a new one sent, but at this point I'm quite wary and would rather just get a refund. The seller claims that it's a manufacturing error - two coins were made with the same tracking number. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before?
  20. I have removed all of these caches from my "stroller-friendly" cache bookmark lists, and I will not look for them anymore. The last one I went to claimed to be terrain 1, difficulty 1, but I had to go through posion ivy, climb a compost heap, and wade through a swamp to get it. These people should either respect the geocaching.com guidelines and put some thought and effort into their caches and their cache listings, or they should just put the caches on their own website. The commercial aspect of these caches irritates me, but not nearly as much as the complete disrespect they demonstrate with their cut & paste cache listings that ALL seem to be terrain 1, difficulty 1.
  21. I frequently take a TB and another item.
  22. I always leave behind at least one more thing than I take. I always leave quality items. I have taken to commenting on the quality of a cache's swag in the log if I find it to be less than stellar. And I will trade out items that shouldn't be there. I wish people would think about how well an item is going to stand up to the elements in a cache, and how likely it is that someone else will actually take it. Around here I see a lot of "My Little Pony" type toys with ragged, mildewy hair.
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