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  1. Just talk to the cache owner and respect his or her wishes.
  2. I once had a local cacher email me to ask why I hadn't spent time on their geolitter trail because they noticed I had found some caches nearby. I didn't respond.
  3. The cache needs to be NMed or NAed due to its condition. The need for maintenance is not really relevant to whether or not it is a "good cache." The condition of the container has very little impact on my overall enjoyment of a geocaching excursion. This is a cache in need of maintenance. I don't know if it is good or bad overall. If I was just interested in looking at squeaky clean containers, I would to the housewares department at Walmart.
  4. It looks like this area is already well served by geocaches. Maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board and find a hiding spot somewhere else, or wait a year or two until a space clears up. It's great that you want to guve back to the community by hiding a geocache, but it looks like other geocachers have this particular area covered for now!
  5. In the long run, the person most likely to read and re-read my logs is me. My logs are as long or short as I see fit. Just another example of things nobody can possibly get right. Short logs, long logs, everyone gets flamed by a mean person in the end.
  6. Some geocachers believe in a collaborative and friendly approach to group caching wherein all members of the group "find" the cache simultaneously. When this approach is crossed with the "first to find" side game, it is not problematic to call everyone "first to find." It may be a bit quantum physical for some people to grasp, but this has nothing to do with anybody's country of origin becoming "dumb."
  7. Next time I put out a cache, the FTF shall be determined through trial by combat.
  8. Start a fresh account and stop airing your dirty laundry with fellow geocachers unless they are close friends. This is a game. It's supposed to be fun. Nobody wants to be put in a position where they feel they are taking sides with acquaintances. Breakups can suck, but you need to find a more appropriate outlet for dealing with your personal issues.
  9. I don't see a problem with this at all. A good portion of my points are awarded to caches simply because I have a happy memory or a great adventure attached to them. Many of them were already archived when I awarded the points.
  10. It's nice that your tastes align that way. Mine don't. 10+ points isn't going to point me to what I want and my FPs aren't likely to point to what the mainstream wants. I am not changing the way I assign my points in order to make them useful for others.
  11. It isn't possible for FPs to be truly useful as a guide. The aspects that make a cache good for me are unique to me. I mark caches with a point when I enjoyed them. They're called favourite points, not "predict what the mainstream likes" points.
  12. I give FPs because I enjoyed the entire experience of finding the cache. I use the points to flag the caches that meant the most to me. I do not intend for my points to be helpful or meaningful to others and I don't look at points when selecting a cache to find. If the points system got gummed up with categories and other complications, I would probably just stop using it.
  13. I suspect this is intended to prohibit these "hey I am on a cruise" and "hey I am at the airport for an hour" events where only the organizer ends up attending. Key word here being suspect. If my suspicion is correct, then there could be a better way to address it in the guidelines.
  14. Seems about on par for a boomer. Or maybe pigeonholing everyone based on age is just a poor individual decision that has nothing to do with age.
  15. If you take a moment to review what a reviewer has posted in this thread, it will help you better understand how these documents are distinct. There is nothing wrong with pointing to either document in a discussion, but don't be disingenuous by conflating them. They are not the same thing.
  16. Those aren't the guidelines. The title of the document is explicit.
  17. That's awesome. I have trouble with elevated caches because I have a crippling fear of heights. I am still in my 30s. I am okay knowing there are caches I won't get at all, or won't reach without teamwork. I know cachers in their 60s and 70s who are very adventurous and physically capable. I don't think those cachers would appreciate others complaining on their behalf on the basis of age.
  18. Not all caches are for all people. Rather than complaining about a tiny proportion of caches you can't do, move on to ones you can. And please leave it to individuals to determine their own capabilities. It has little to do with age.
  19. The cache placement guidelines prohibit caches that promote an agenda of any sort. If you feel that someone is using a cache page to promote hatred, please report it to Groundspeak. If you feel that a monument in your community promotes hatred, ask your local politicians to remove it.
  20. Sounds like the town is well served by geocaches already.
  21. Oh, but my phone tracked how fast I ran. The fact that I have statistics means it was a race. Right?
  22. And the people with complaints and concerns about challenge caches also feel their whining is legitimate. It's just a lot of whining all around at this point. No need to privilege one side or the other.
  23. People can easily set challenges for themselves with no limits, and yet there is incessant whining about the end of challenge caches. Why is that whining okay?
  24. That's the point. How can geocaching be competitive without others consenting to be part of the competition? I can run down a busy sidewalk and yell at everyone that I've won, but that doesn't mean much if nobody else knew it was a race.
  25. The entire discussion *is* a conspiracy theory that Groundspeak has created a new secret rule (false) in order to deliberately stifle creativity (false) and stop geo-art (false) and that the game is being ruined because of something to do with someone's version of "common sense" (what?). Those are your hyperbolic contributions right there. In actuality, a reviewer has simply noted a potential issue with one cache, and has asked for that minor issue to be addressed before that cache can be published.
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