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  1. Anyway, here is the flaw with the date range searches: now I have multiple files to look through for cache descriptions in MobiPocket! If that isn't truely a pain in the a** I don't know what is...

    Okay, then, can anyone tell me how to coallate my ebook files? Right now I have to have two or more with me to look through for the text to go with any waypoint on my GPSr that I want to know more about. There is no way to tell which type of cache it is from the waypoint, therefore no way to tell which PQ it arrived in, therefore no way to know which ebook to look in for the text. If the data all arrived in a single PQ then the text would all be in a single ebook and I'd have it alot easier in the field.


    One or more of you seem to feel that having data on all the waypoints in a 60 or more km radius of my home is unreasonable. The suggestion has been made that I need to filter better, or that I need to plan better before I leave home. Let me make this perfectly clear: Where I live, if I filter on *only* traditional caches that I have not yet found and that are active within the state that 500 hits only currently goes out to 37 miles from my home. This is a gradually expanding radius as I log caches found within that radius. Also, I don't mind updating my data only every week or two, but I do mind being told that I have to plan exactly what area I'm going to be in every day for the next week or two, or I'm some kind of dim bulb. I often travel 37 or more miles to work every day, and the location of that work can be different every day of the week and I don't know in advance where I'll be. Just because something seems reasonable to you doesn't mean it has to be reasonable to me.


    Your GPSr only holds 500? Well mine doesn't. Your GPSr might not have WAAS either, but don't expect me to go into the field looking for a micro without it. My receiver returns me to the same spots day after day often within a meter. I like it that way. Maybe you are okay with only being dumped off with a 40 meter circle to search, but that doesn't thrill me much.


    I still have not heard any kind of reasonable or official argument as to why the limit needs to be 500. Even if I balance and coallate multiple PQ's for the waypoints, the GPSr puts them all in the right place when I am done. The ebook files are not coallated and edited, I still have to look through them one at a time until I find the text for the waypoint I am looking at at any given moment. If you don't have an organizer or a cell phone that holds this kind of data then you don't know what your missing, and you also don't know what your are talking about when you say that multiple queries are equivalent to a single, focused query. Help!

  2. I have a Meridian Gold, and here's what I do..


    I have about 8 PQs set to run staggered, about 3 a day, sometimes 4, whatever I need. So by Friday, or Sunday, depending on what day I start, I have a huge list of caches. I could do it in about 4 or 5, but I have seperate ones for new caches, mysterys, events, and virtuals that I run when I need. I use selective centering, and I have it so my radii overlap slightly, but not too much. I have about 2000 caches that result from my PQs after sorting, updating, and truncating dupes. GSAK sorts them as I see fit. I actually have a script set so it runs 3 different filters, and then exports 3 separate Cachemate databases. Then I load the 1300-1500 waypoints into my Merigold, 480 at a time, saving each set to SD after I load them, then load the next set of 480, and then I load the final 500 (virtuals) into it and save that one seperate too. This way the closest 480 to my centerpoint (HOME) are saved to the SD as the first file (1), the next 480 are the next outlying caches. Usually the 480 are exhausted about 20 miles around home.

    I think this makes my point nicely. Is whatever he said what I have to do to get more than 60 km of data? Ack!

  3. Okay, on the update thing - I know it worked a miracle with my eTrex Legend, that is all I can tell you. The later eTrex all do 1000 as far as I know.


    Anyway, here is the flaw with the date range searches: now I have multiple files to look through for cache descriptions in MobiPocket! If that isn't truely a pain in the a** I don't know what is...

  4. You already can receive up to 2500 cache listings a day through Pocket Queries. Through creative PQs you can get over 1,000 caches in your area easily, today. So the answer is you can do this now, and more.

    I see now what someone meant by saying that Jeremy had already answered me. How am I supposed to know that this was the official response?


    Okay, so why can't we grab up to 5 PQ's or up to 2500 waypoints, whichever comes first? If server load is the issue, then this change wouldn't change a thing. If someone 'stealing' Groundspeak's data is the issue, then this wouldn't change a thing there either. I can only assume that those who are not in favor of this live in areas with less cache density or have already mined out there local area over time. Imagine being in my shoes with 1000's of caches, untouched by me, within the area I commute through and do daily errands in?


    I can also see now what some folks meant about making several queries with multiple date ranges being *possible* to set up, but can you do a date range AND other characteristics like radius from a location at the same time? Even so, should I have to construct and balance by size several queries, then wait for them all to come in, match them up, coallate and edit them, and then upload them? If I have to, I suppose I will, but I don't see why it should be necessary (see P2 above).


    As to the folks saying that their GPSr's only support 500 waypoints, have they downloaded the software updates for their equipment? It might work a miracle for them.

  5. All of this sarcasm and near flaming is not helping. I'm trying to follow what was suggested on the website to suggest a change to the PQ process. Do we need a change in the procedure for filing a suggestion as well? I don't enjoy reading strangers sniping at each other. I thought I had a reasonable suggestion, but all I get is yet another Internet flame war. I can see that there are those in the community who have taken the time to read what I have written and respond intellegently for or against. I do appreciate that. What I haven't yet received is a coherent response from someone officially representing Groundspeak as to why or whether this is reasonable or not, and why or whether it is not going to happen. Until I do this will probably be the last time you see this new and relatively enthusiastic geocacher in any more forums.


    To sum up: it is patently ridiculous in my opinion to spend time balancing, crunching, and coallating multiple queries and to have to have special software such as GSAK (whatever that is) to do something this simple. I don't wish to take my laptop into the feild with me. I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for updated mapping software and waypoint editing software of some kind to pursue this great avocation. I simply want to go geocaching. I'd like the folks at Groundspeak to support me and others in doing so by addressing this feature suggestion that I have made. That's all.


    It is too bad that others have to spoil this process by repeating, arguing, and whining like children.

  6. Look, when I started this discussion thread I only wanted to try and cut the number of queries I have to do to get the max amount of data my GPSr will hold for the week. This is so I can keep it with me, along with my phone which holds the descriptive portions of the caches, and be able to stop go randomly in a loop as my geocaching day progresses, at least within the radius of the data my GPSr will hold. It allows me to stop and do a quick cache after work, or perhaps when I am out on an errand in some area a ways from home. I live in a very cache-dense area, so 500 waypoints with only traditional only gets me out to 60 km! Multiple queries with multiple dates is just a pain. Who wants to sit home and sift through data? The point of this activity would seem to be to be out there in the field experience new places and new challenges. I'm more of a doer than a planner. I don't sit at home and say to myself "I'm going to be caching in this town or that town today, so I need to take the time to design a PQ for this or that"; I simply go about my life and cache-as-cache-can between things. The point of the database ought to be to facilitate as many different types of cachers as are out there. I'd gladly accept a limit of fewer PQs per week for example, to simply be able to get the max data out to whatever radius I can stuff in my poor, overworked GPSr this week (depending on how many I found in the previous week). I tried limiting by multiple conditions such as 'in a radius from such-and-such coordinates' AND 'within a specific state' but that does not work. I limit the types of caches I am PQing on to the types I am looking for also. I don't really care whose data it is either, I'm simply trying to use it, not possess the entire thing at home. I don't feel it is helpful to have to do multiple queries and resort it on my machine. I don't know what GSAK is and it sounds a bit overboard to me, since I really only want to go out and be out there doing this activity. I appreciate that the folks at Groundspeak might feel possesive about the data, whoevers it is. So how about the idea of limiting the total number of waypoints in a week to a certain number, say 10,000, and then increasing the per PQ amount to 1000, 2500, or even unlimited (effectively limited to 10,000). This would allow for single, focused queries that don't need to be re-edited to fill one's GPSr and would probably cut the data flow out of the servers by a large amount at the same time!

  7. Hi, I'd like to see the limit on PQ's increased to 1000, or even more. My GPS will hold 1000 waypoints and others will hold more I'm sure. I currently have to run two PQ's and upload them sequentially to get the waypoints I am after. Due to the fact that I am running two queries to get more data on different types of caches (as suggested in the help) I get data out to two very different radii. I'd like these to coincide better and the only way I can do that would be to run a single query based on a point and have it run out at 1000 waypoints. I know that I could do the same thing with the number 500, but I live in a cache-dense area and even with 500 waypoints I only get data out to about 60 km if I am doing traditional caches only.


    It would also be nice, BTW, to be able do a logical and type search on location, say for example "caches nearest to a specific point *and* located in NY state" for example. This would solve part of the problem with the number of waypoints problem above as well That would save me a lot of data space wasted on caches that are on the other side of the Canadian border. Now, I have been to Canada to cache, but can always load a more appropriate waypoint set if I intend to go over the border.

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