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  1. Don't enter a location in the search bar on the Search page. Then click "Change Filters," deselect everything but Events, Add your state to "Search Only In..." and "Click Update Search." You can bookmark the resulting URL for easy future reference.
  2. I absolutely hate what you did!!!! I wanted to check on an event in Illinois to see if it conflicted with a date in Iowa and of course, I am not a rocket scientist so could not find it. Mrs. Hill Folk.
  3. Thank you, Blue Deuce for posting in IGO forums. Definitely think Iowa is Mid West.
  4. We are from Southern Iowa. One of our favorite places to "run away to" is Hannibal, Missouri. We tried 3 times to find a multi called Eagle Eye. After we posted our 3rd DNF on the cache, the CO e-mailed us and said they were sorry we had such trouble. They gave us a hint and the next time we were in Hannibal,(several months later) we found it. Now for the rest of the story. We met up with the CO at one of our events and look forward to seeing them when we go to Hannibal. We just love caching. The places we've seen, the frustrations of DNF's, and the awesome people we have met. Had we found that cache the first time, probably never would have such great friends that we have now in Hannibal.
  5. Browsing through the forums cuz the hubby works for the DOT and we are having a pre-blizzard storm. We have a cache called the Sand Prairie Library. It is on the Eddyville, Ia. sand prairie. Yes, Iowa does have a legitimate sand prairie. It is a huge ammo can filled with great books. We asked that no trashy books be put in it. We check it frequently to make sure there is nothing that would embarrass us or other cachers especially if they have children with them. Stole the idea from dazedandconfused from the Cedar Rapids area. We have received some really nice comments about the cache.
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