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  1. congrats everybody, especially Bolingbrook Joe!!
  2. kewl, that was gonna be my next guess, too. yes, thanks for the cointest!!!! that was fun!
  3. how 'bout John Quincy Adams - bday: July 11, 1767
  4. my hubby had a sock monkey as a child. now our son plays with it at "Grammy's" house. put us down for one or two, depending on how much $$$$$ they cost.
  6. CONGA-rats to all the newest coin recipients!! Wahooo!!!! Isn't it great when the Christmas presents don't stop after December 26?? Neat!! ps - TMA, sooooo very glad to hear Ohio didn't get passed over!
  7. WOWZA!! After seeing the photos, i'm MORE thrilled than ever that we purchased some of these beautiful coins!! Thanks SOOOOOOO much!
  8. And hey, I have no problem with armchair caching, though I wouldn't do it myself. What I have a problem with is armchair caching where it isn't welcome. gc.com virtual caches are not set up as armchair caches. "Could have" and "should have" are not the same thing. Thanks for not logging what you didn't find. Edward ya, we've never logged anything we didn't actually find. we don't plan to, especially after seeing some cache owners whose caches were bookmarked as armchairs state that they didn't WANT their caches to be armchairs. that bothered me. i wouldn't want any of our caches to be used for purposes other than what we originally intended.
  9. wow, coming across this thread was very timely for us. i had NEVER heard of armchair caching until a friend showed me one at the "north pole". i thought it was a cute idea, though a bit surprised that it made it past a reviewer. anyway, just thought it was a cute idea, especially at Christmas time. then i saw the numerous bookmarks of couch potato and armchair caching. at first i thought "kewl - a way to virtually visit places i could never afford to travel to". but then i went to the pages for some of those bookmarked caches and saw that some owners put statements on their pages that said they would not accept logs unless you had actually visited and it made me question the whole armchair thing. oh, and there are some virtuals that have been grandfathered in that make the the whole issue murky. not to give armchair cachers another one to "find" but there is one here in Michigan that is a giant sculpture on a college campus. you don't even have to email the owner any info. apparently you can just log it? there are even pictures of the sculpture on the cache page and a description of the sculpture and what it does. we were in the area the other day and found some caches near it, but never actually visited the sculpture, so we didn't log it. I guess we probably could have. I won't until i've seen it, though i have to admit it is tempting. btw, i never did the north pole one or any of the others. i don't know what i think - if they're bad, good, indifferent. mainly i never did any armchair ones because i HATE having to do hours of research online before finding ANY cache. But a cache that is solved only by researching online makes me want to poke my eye out. maybe if i was super bored and during a snowstorm when i was stuck in the house with a sick child and husband for two weeks.... hey wait, that was my december and i still didn't feel the motivation to do the online research for a virtual! i LOVE virtuals. mainly because they take us places i wouldn't normally see and we get to learn about people and places. there are some great historical markers around here that are important and significant but are on private property and so would not work to be regular caches. they would make AWESOME virtuals! i'm sad that they can't become virtuals because one day i see them being completely forgotten and we will forget significant pieces of our local history.
  10. just my $.02, for what little it's worth..... I understand getting annoyed with a perceived 'slam' to my cache. Even if it wasn't meant that way - which, apparently in this case it wasn't mean as a slam. I would never ever ever publicly state that any cache was on my ignore list. if someone put mine on their ignore list and told the world about it, i would be insulted. if someone put mine on their ignore list and simply went on their merry way, i wouldn't care because i wouldn't know about it. if it was on someone's ignore list because there was a problem with the cache - then i would want to know about it. otherwise, why risk hurting someone else's feelings? this was NOT a DNF, but probably shouldn't have been logged at all. But the cacher shouldn't have been made to delete it, either. Here in MI, if a cache is listed as a 3.5 terrain, we would assume that it's not going to be a casual hike and we will likely get dirty and/or wet. I would simply choose to not do the cache or wait until it's more dry. I haven't read the cache page for this one, but I hope and assume (oops, sorry Rod!) that any required crossing of a body of water would be noted somewhere in the description.
  11. OSU - 17 LSU - 13 GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  12. These coins are beautiful! Reserved a 2-tone and a copper. Thanks!!!!
  13. These coins are beautiful! Reserved a 2-tone and a copper. Thanks!!!!
  14. That Mr kyk....!!! CONGRATS on getting that beautiful coin!! oooops...almost forgot...I got a GREAT little sledding penguin yesterday from a good friend...THANKS!!! ooops ooops....went to the mailbox and found a BEAUTIFUL Jay Mills Rasta Heart coin (copper I believe)...What a GREAT coin!! THANKS!! Thanks Rod!!! Congrats to YOU on your new coins!!
  15. little did I know, but in my mailbox yesterday was a silver 2008 Alaska coin! Mr. kyk had ordered it for me for Christmas and it came yesterday. I had NO idea! I had been WANTING that coin since I saw a 2006 at a MiGO event last winter!!! I never even said anything to my husband about it! he was downstairs puttering when i went to bed. the coin in its beautiful box was under my pillow! i still have it on my nightstand - this was the most special coin EVER! I'm still in shock that he did that for me.
  16. Wow, I am in awe of how kind everyone in this forum is. And to think people say the forums are a scary place to be. Not from what I've seen in the last couple of days! Rod, I am so happy for you.. I know this couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! And Maldar, being MI cachers, too, I hope that mr. kyk and i will get to meet you at an event or on the trail because you are top notch in our book!
  17. sorry for the double post. Dialup is such a pain.
  18. Wow, I never heard of mystery coins - what a seriously cool and nice thing to do! Congrats to all who received one of these special coins. I don't get to be on the forums very often so I don't generally get to read about other coin addicts. But this thread caught my eye and it's been wonderful to read the stories from people who have gotten one of these nice surprises. It's really nice to know that there are kind and generous people here. Here's my own different kind of "mystery coin" story: Yesterday, we (my hubby, my almost 6 year-old son, and i) were pulling out of the driveway to head down to my MIL's house in Ohio when we saw a huge santa hat hanging from the utility pole at the end of our driveway, which is right above our Bubby's Bug Retreat cache. Inside was a Signal CITO ('07) coin with a note that said it was for my son! His first geocoin!! And the hat was STUFFED with candy, as well! That made me happier than a dozen bubble mailers for myself. I wish I had a camera and could show you all the look of sheer wonder and joy on my son's face. We still don't know for sure which of our caching friends left that gift for our son, but I know that I will never forget it and neither will he. Maybe there really is a Santa, after all. The kyk96 caching family would like to wish you all a blessed new year with ZERO DNF's and a lot of bubble mailers!!
  19. DUDE! I'm thinkin anytime ya get a free coin, it's a good thing, eh? a gift is always a good thing imho. Today I got a 2007 Signal CITO Signal Finland 2 BYOP glows and a New Hampshire 2007 since my hubby just came back from NH and will be going again in 2 weeks! Yesterday I got a Landsharkz Gecko, an Indiana, and a Cacher's License (possibly from the same friend as Rod? just guessing... )
  20. Ya just gotta love ANYTHING relating to German beer!!!! WE are all over this one! Already placed my pre-order! THANKS!!!!
  21. Very nice coin - LOVE the concept! I just sent you an email with a coupla questions. Thanks!! ~Kim
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