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  1. Wow, congrats, everybody!! Keep those awesome stories comin!!!! It's fun hearing when people get a great surprise.
  2. we've been waiting and hoping for that one, too - it is sooooo cute!! -kim
  3. last week, got a 2005 USA geocoin (thanks, Pete) yesterday, got two Certified Geocoin Addict coins in BN (WOWZA!!!) also, VERY COOL sig magnet from Fluttershy!! I LOOOOOVE it - thanks!!!!! -kim
  4. getting my mission mailed out today. am confident it will arrive in plenty of time! this is a blast!!! -kim
  5. these are SO darn cute I just HAD to go and order one!!! can't wait til it comes!! -kim
  6. still working on my hubby to say yes!! keeping fingers crossed!!! -kim
  7. Gosh, Pete, one would almost have thought you are psychic! -kim
  8. wow, cool idea! sadly, with dialup there is no way for us since it takes roughly five minutes for each post to actually go through. good luck to the rest of ya, though!!! -kim
  9. that is an amazing coin!!! Nice job!!! i managed to get one of the last 10 copper - which is just beautiful!!! can't wait to see it in person!
  10. neat coin!! I'll have to beg Mr. kyk96 to buy one - we are saving up for a new GPSr and surgery on our geopuppy's leg.
  11. Yesterday, got my five random coins from Hogwild - soooooooo awesome!!!! one is secret for the Heart's Desire mission Chattahoochee Valley Cachers Ultimate Mystery Cache Cache or Charge Moose Mob/RoadRunner all fabulous!! Today, got my GCC bottle opener coin and two cool pathtags!! plus, hubby got a pathtag from a cacher he met on the trail today!
  12. I gotta say, I think I like your quilt almost as much as the Jellies!!! I hafta start looking for jellies.
  13. Ain't it the truth!! WOW what an awesome day for you and your family!! Congratulations, Derschlings! We just celebrated our son's fifth Adoption Day (that's what we call finalization day - we do Gotcha Day on the day we brought him home) in December! It IS the most wonderful feeling to have all the legal stuff over and done. Your son has been your family from day one, but now it's legal and BINDING!! Wahooo!!!!!!
  14. That would be the SnowWolf Thanks!! will keep my eyes open!
  15. Oh I love these Lego SW pics!!! My son (almost 6) lost his GameCube Lego SW disc somewhere in this disaster of a house, lol! He is devastated. He was getting a little too good at it, tho, so maybe it's just as well he retire from the video game for a bit.
  16. Oh my word!!!! This is the first time i ran across this thread. what a kewl coin!! soooooo cute! congrats to everyone who has gotten "bit"!!!!
  17. wow.... these are gorgeous!!!! can't wait to see one in person!
  18. today was a very happy day at the mailbox! both 2007 Crake Suncatchers (still hoping to find an 06 cool) and BN I Love Geocoins '08 all are soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!
  19. WOWZA - the Force is strong - lots of Jedi's out there! Congrats everybody!! mrs. kyk was 8 when she saw this movie with her family. it was the first time she ever got to see a movie in a theater (her parents took the family to the local drive-in only). she was so hooked she wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween. And she was! Now its funny that minikyk's fave is also Lord Vader! mrs. kyk (and probably every other young girl at the time) wanted to marry Luke. sigh. oh man, is minikyk addicted to Lego Star Wars for gamecube! can't get over how GOOD he is at it, too! scary how good kids can be at those games! our family's fave quote from Yoda "try not. there is no try. do or do not."
  20. got my Snow globe from Geoswag today. wow it is pretty!!
  21. Oh drat! now I gotta add this one and the Jedi coin to my heart's desire list. What is this coin and where can i find one????
  22. Oh WOW, minikyk would FLIP over that coin!! He is SO into Lego Star Wars (so are his daddy and i, hehehe). that is COOL! Forgot to add (don't tell my hubby...) one of my husband's nicknames in high school was Yoda (because of similarity to our name, not because he's short and green - HA) []
  23. WOWZA!!! Can I ask what is the name of the coin in the top left corner? And, I have to add the Beer Stein (what is the name and how can i get one????) to my Heart's desire list!!!!! OH, and I got my Sock Monkey yesterday!! Yahoo!!
  24. Oh Congratulations!!!! I just love hearing daddies talking about their babies! You brought tears to my eyes. Emerald is a beautiful name and EmmaGem is PERFECT for her geonick! Hope you all get some sleep.
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