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  1. Conga-Rats to everyone who got one of these really nice coins. And to Stephanie for a successful sale - I know you worked really hard on this. We are sad we messed up and missed it but will be looking forward to the remint. keeping fingers WAY crossed, especially if there is somethin blue... Mrs. kyk worked on mr. kyk for weeks to even get a thumbs up to order anything..... so NOW i get a few more weeks to hopefully work on him for thumbs up on maybe 2??? I hope i hope i hope! ~kim (who has eaten sour grapes AND humble pie and didn't like either of them - lol)
  2. hi, we are still here. life has been overwhelming and underwhelming lately. but i wanted to post that we got our wonderful sunshine mission - an awesome coinpal coin and a "relax it's only a geocoin" coin. also got our easter mission - a 2006 Toronto and a really cute 2006 Bouncy Bunny - thanks so much to our missions - you've brightened things up for us more than you can know. also finally received our Great Outdoors coins (we especially love the copper one). and got our Unite for Tank coins that are just beautiful, as well as BN McCaws (sp?) from Geoswag, DNF Duo, Signal Bouncer, and GeoCachers4Christ coin. Mostly all were ordered before chaos set in around here, so it was very nice to have them come now. And on wednesday we found a special cache placed just for my husband by a local "mystery" cacher which contained an unactivated Waymarking Brewpubs bottle opener coin! a very special coin from a special unidentifiable friend. We were finally able to send our missions out yesterday, so we apologize to our mission recipients and hope we will be able to be around more soon. kim
  3. would love to participate in this.... in ANYthing right now, actually. But we are flat broke and gonna be for awhile. can't wait to hear of others' cool coins, tho ~kim
  4. hi, i'm wondering if my email is being weird, because i didn't get my mission yet. that happened with my easter mission, too. weird. can i still participate?
  5. lit another candle, as well. it's so great to hear that he is doing better at home. we will continue to pray for his recovery, and for yours. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  6. Last week: GCC February coin and pathtag NWOGEO resident coin (been trying to snag one from TMA for a long time) This week: Geoswag coin club February coin and pin (looks just like Marky's avatar!!) Jan '06 Signal, MiGO, 05 GCC Ammo can that I'm adopting from Cornerstone4 newest Cachers4Christ it's been happy mailbox days around here!!
  7. Naomi, you ROCK!! What a great idea! Been suffering severe winter blah's myself, so the chance to help perk someone else up might be just what the doctor ordered for me, as well! Will definitely participate in this one (plus it gives me an excuse to bust out my stamps and ribbon.... heeheehee) ~kim
  8. CONGRATS to all the newest Jedi!!!! Wow, geojedi has been BUSY!! I love reading all the cool ways people are getting surprised.... coin in coat pocket, coin in cache while doing maintenance... etc. SUPER fun!! Sweetlife... i know how you feel - been there! Was there a loooooooooooooooong time! I was 33 when we finally got to adopt our son. Hubby was 35 - we tried for over 7 years. He is the MOST wonderful surprise/mystery gift EVER! Now thinking about doing the rollycoaster again - which will put me at 40 and hubby 42 when newbie kyk comes along. yikes! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and email me anytime if you want to talk about it. ~kim
  9. you know, I had wondered how to go about contacting the property owners without just going up and knocking on their door. I would hate if someone did that to me. Never thought about contacting the historical society. Great idea if they could open the door for me. I've been to the marker and the property owners take great care of it and plant flowers around it, etc, so it's definitely not something they are unaware of or unhappy about having in their yard. If I ever get this project going, I will post the GC so y'all can see it. Our local college has a Sojourner Truth training project whose mission is to gather info about the local UR/abolitionist history so i contacted them this morning for more help. I hope i didn't scare them with the talk of geocaching. maybe i'll invite them to cache with me. you guys are funny with the subway, etc. - let's call it the U-Bahn.. hehehe
  10. i'm a little confused. when we started caching it didn't take long for us to become addicted to travelers. we had several long-time cachers advise us not to take tb's from caches unless we had tb's to replace. they said it would give us a bad reputation to do that regularly. now i don't know how to feel about it. i have a tb hotel that i hope is not considered a prison. i never knew about tb prisons until now - an aspect of the forums i'd not learned of. i don't mind at all if someone comes and takes a bunch of the travelers in the cache, but i guess i do feel a little annoyed if nobody ever leaves anything. we spend a lot of time trading trackables in caches and so if all are taken from our cache we have nothing to trade with. we don't want trackables to get stuck in our tb hotel, so we never say anything if someone doesn't trade evenly or trade at all. I think our description says we prefer even trading but that we aren't picky because we mostly want them to get to move along. we honestly don't want to get a bad rep for imprisoning trackables and we also don't want to get a bad rep for retrieving trackables from other caches without trading evenly. i'm soooooo confused. someone gently help me out here?
  11. Yahoo - got my mission!!!! Thanks, Zazth!! This is going to be a vERY fun mission - I'm so excited!!!
  12. Wow, you all have given some GREAT responses - ALL are greatly appreciated. I'm hesitant to post too much info, cuz I know there are lotz of cachers in my area who regularly haunt the forums. I can GUARANTEE there will NEVER be a micro in a bush or bison tube hanging inside an evergreen tree. Got some of those out here and yes I know how the owner could get killed..... There will have to be more than one stage. The first stage is a historical marker that relates to a former underground railroad site. Marker is on private property but visible from the road. So I know I can take people to the marker and then will have to hide elsewhere. The thing is, I feel SO passionately about the abolitionist history of our area and the important role it played in the underground railroad that I want people to REALLY think about it and not just read the marker to get numbers and whoosh to the final. The final will not be in a location directly related to the Underground Railroad because I haven't found any suitable locations that aren't private property. So..... a.) how to relate the two places together and b.) MOST importantly how to really leave a lasting impression on cachers about the amazing people who were here. ~kim ps - been mulling this one over and doing area research on this place/person for MONTHS
  13. I know every poster will have different opinions, but I am wondering if there is consensus on what makes for a really good cache? I want to do a cache that pays honor to an aspect of local history that few people know about, but would really find interesting. I have no breathtaking views at which to place the actual cache. So I'm curious about other ways you all have found to make a cache truly exceptional and worth remembering. thoughts? suggestions? ideas you've seen/experienced? thanks in advance! ~kim
  14. In our area when a new cache gets posted you can immediately feel tensions rise and the race for ftf turns into a giant p---ing contest. sometimes it's fun and other times it becomes ridiculous. Especially when someone gets their feathers ruffled because someone else got there first. It also leads to suspicions of improper logging, caching at inappropriate times of day,etc. I personally enjoy getting an FTF once in a while, but it is just as much fun to share it with a friend or group. Sometimes I've even been the first to spot and grab the cache, but gave ftf honors to a friend. Of course the honor is never reciprocated, but that's not a worry to me. It's not like anyone is going to list their ftf's on a resume, so what does it truly matter in the grand scheme of things.
  15. hi, i truly don't want to be a pain, but i still haven't gotten my mission. it's ok with me not to participate, except if someone is sending us a mission and someone is waiting for us to send them a mission, i'd hate to just be sitting here letting people down. Zazth, I haven't gotten any emails from you and I'm not sure my emails have gotten through to you. If you haven't assigned me to anyone and haven't assigned anyone to me, that's totally cool - no prob at all. again, i really don't want to be a pain - just don't want to disappoint anybody unwittingly. ~kim
  16. hang in there, pgh! this time of year is really rotten in this part of the country. I feel yer pain! been stuck in the house sick with one thing after another for over 2 weeks now. plus snow day so have to also be mom-on-duty when i'd rather be in bed. also was to go visit my dad in ohio who had surgery this morning but couldn't because of my hacking and the crappy roads. plus my darn geopooch is trying to chew his bandage off (had ACL surgery a couple weeks ago) and being a major pain. it all truly sux, but WILL get better!!! will send up prayers for you to feel better!!!
  17. Wow, looks like the Force has been strong in SE Michigan!! Congrats LadyBee4T, as well as all the newest Jedi recipients!!
  18. ooooooooooooooh me like!!!!! i, for one, will definitely be drooling over this one for as long as it takes to get one (set)! very nice coin!
  19. ooooooooooooooh me like!!!!! i, for one, will definitely be drooling over this one for as long as it takes to get one (set)! very nice coin!
  20. Thanks, Rod!! I know Mr. Kyk and minikyk will go NUTZ over your Jedi coin as much or even more than I will! Cannot wait to see it up close! As for us being Jedi's..... that would be a really nice dream. But for now, we will be thrilled for the gift that you have received. You've been a good friend to us and we are very happy for you. ~kim
  21. TOTAL DITTO on that!!!! I can hardly afford to buy the coins I manage to order, much less being able to afford to make a whole bunch of them and ship them everywhere!!!! All I can say is WOWZA!!!! This is an awesome forum - I've recently found out firsthand just how caring the members here can be. It's just great! Thanks to all the secret coin givers for your generosity, and CONGRATS to all the recipients!!!! ~kim PS - Hey ROD - can ya bring yer new shiny coin to the Jackson Rendezvous in march so's I can drool over it closeup?????
  22. um, i am sure i emailed to sign up for this, but i didn't get a name. i guess it's too late. well, hopefully next time. ~kim
  23. Carla, you SO rock! I'm still a bit in shock. Am feeling better today, thanks. Also, thanks SO much to tsun for the Whale of a Cache coin! Carla was right - this is an amazing community! ~kim
  24. i just gotta start by saying I've been DOWN with the flu the last couple of days. Yesterday I was so weak I could barely sit up by myself. On top of that, my dog had surgery on his ACL last week and is almost totally dependent right now. Very hard days, especially yesterday. My husband came home late last night but had the MOST wonderful package in his hands. He helped me sit up and opened it for me so I could look.... WOW!!!!!!!! I was so overwhelmed (still am) that I almost cried. The first thing I saw was a beautiful card - Carla, if you made that you have SO got to teach me how! It's beautiful! Also inside were several really cute envelopes that Carla made - awesome idea!! I wish I knew how to post pics - they were so cute! Inside the envelopes: pink GPS earrings (cute!!), AS Castleman personal (LOVE it), a Geo Jelly that says Spud Rush on the front and LoriDarlin on the back (my first Jelly!!! I love it!). OH and the Jelly was packaged in a Jelly Belly tin, which my son IMMEDIATELY confiscated! Next was a winter '06 MiGO coin which I have been looking for (yahooooo!!!), and a bronze '06 Alaska Christmas coinament which hubby and I have been dying to find for the past year since we saw one at an event!!!!!! Also a CUTE stuffed teddy bear holding a fuzzy red heart, a heart with chocolate candies (which my son immediately piled into), and a NY Giants keychain which my son claimed instantly! Gosh, AND there was an envelope specifically FOR my son (which totally made his day!!!) and inside was a kids' caching coin - SO CUTE!!!! Had never seen one of these up close before! He wouldn't let go of it all evening. Thanks SO much for including him - that was incredibly thoughtful! Last, but not least, was an envelope that stated the artist insisted that ThirstyMick send this coin to us! WOW!!!!! It's a Whale of a Cache coin from TSUN!!!! This coin is special to me and my husband because the second year of our marriage we camped our way to Acadia Nat'l Park and spent a lot of time whale watching - it was our most memorable vacation. I can't express my thanks nearly enough for this very thoughtful and amazing mission gift. About ready to cry again. Thank you thank you a thousand times and beyond! You totally made my day and we will truly treasure your gifts! ~kim
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