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  1. I received a lovely geocoin today from Team Bear-Cat (Mike and Nancy Robinson). Thanks so much for brightening my Christmas!!! Allyson, or aviatrix22 in Seattle!
  2. I just sent a geocoin to you, Hughie!! I hope you get it before Christmas!!!
  3. aviatrix22


    If you want company, I would love to go with you. I have wanted to do these for quite some time. When are you planning to do them?
  4. the Rubinator (Mike) and I are looking for one or two cachers to join us on this CM.....if anyone is interested, post it here or on the cache page! We have the vehicle, unless you want to duke it out with Mike!
  5. Problem solved....I changed my email address recently and haven't figured out all of the places my old one is still valid! Geocaching profile was updated for anyone who had my old one....
  6. If you have a Choice Privileges card, you can get a room at the Rodeway for $45.90 a night....
  7. Well, I ended up buying a new 62 from Cabella's as they were on sale for $199.99; with taxes,total price of $226...since REI gave me $303.00 for the actual price I paid a few years ago, I came out ahead...I decided to get it again because it is such a good GPS for caching....and I will let the bugs get worked out with the 64 and wait for some feedback from other more tech savvy cachers....I am NOT one of those. I couldn't wait any longer...having a GPS with all the information spoils you for good!! Thanks for all your help!! Happy caching!
  8. ...you can get a new 650 on the Garmin site for $529....
  9. Hi BAM! Yes, I tried 3 computers and 3 cords, and even connected a friend's 62s to my computer, and it worked. I was sad...I really liked that GPS! The good news is that REI refunded my entire original expense of $303.00 so I have the $$ to buy one! I am leaning toward the 64, but want to hear from others first....I won't go back to anything less than the 62.
  10. I had been having trouble with connection to my computer....now, it has completely quit and won't communicate. I went to REI to exchange my 62 only to find out they are apparently phasing this GPS out....probably because of these bugs. It has been my favorite GPS and now I can't even exchange it...there were none in any store nearby and few in REI stores around the country.....I got money back, but now don't know what GPS to buy....the 64 maybe? Any thoughts? Guess I go back to my 60 CSX until I figure something out....maybe the Oregon; they are still being made....
  11. Yes, I just looked it up and booked it on line....personally, I don't ever pay much attention to the ratings from others because often they are not accurate, and on the CM, I spend so little time in the room it doesn't matter! A bed and a shower is good for me
  12. FYI....Got a room in Motel 6 for $45.00 a night. That's good enough for me. Good news.....we will have DST by then....an extra hour to cache! Yippee!
  13. On Maui.....do Saphiras Teeth if up near Kapalua; if you take a hike in the Iao Valley there are 3 nice caches there...a very pretty walk....on the way up (or down) Haleakala make sure you stop off at the virtual half way up...it's called Haleakala Glory and I think it is more spectacular then the top! Be sure to do Maui Rocks! for a fun treat and a fun little hike down...it is south of Napili Bay...have a good time!
  14. I have the time off to go to this one but I need a team....I do not want to drive all the way to Couer d'Alene by myself. I am happy to go with others for the drive and help share in the expenses, driving, whatever...but I do not have a geomobile...I have a Miata!! I live in Seattle, can leave a day or two early, maybe to do some caching on the way...anyone got room?? Send me a message....
  15. As Eraseek and I could have told you.....you shoulda used the USPS!!! WE....DELIVER!!
  16. I played in the poker game and after I busted out I went out caching; never saw a post about who won in the end....does anyone know??
  17. I am coming down tomorrow and will be looking to join up with someone(s) to do the CM with....let me know if anyone has some available space....will donate to gas, etc...
  18. My first GPS was the Geko 301. I used it for about three years and loved it and thought it was very accurate. I then finally switched to the 60 CSX and love it even better...it can hold more waypoints, give more information, holds satellites everywhere, including inside my house (very strong antennae)and can autoroute me to caches which really sold me, but the Geko was fine with me for quite a while. I think it depends on how much caching you plan on doing...I went for it big time and that is when I started upgrading.
  19. I quit buying Write in the Rain pens which I got addicted to {soooo nice to sign a log with!!) because I kept losing them...and they aren't cheap! Gloves....at lest 10 pair...you have to take the darn things off to sign the log...and several pair of reading glasses needed to either sign the log or read the GPS...they come on and off my face often...but they aren't a worry since they are the $1.00 a pair variety, but just as I get a favorite pair they get lost!! There is a positive to these lost items...I can't tell you how many caches I have found by finding other cacher's things left behind right near the cache...oohhh...there it is!!
  20. Funny...I just did the same thing. I gathered a list of m/hotels in the area and the Motel 6 was the second one I tried; the price was right so I took it; $98.00 for just me for the weekend; single queen, $42.00 a nighht plus tax. That will work for me...
  21. Hey Travis....I just tried the Priceline gig for $40.00, then $41 and I couldn't get anything...how did you DO that?? I then called the Shilo Inn directly and they said a room was $110.00 a night! I totally don't get it! Maybe I will ...camp!!
  22. aviatrix22


    I was shocked to get this news from Jcar just as I was calling him for help on a cache. I knew he hadn't been feeling well lately but I didn't expect this. I mostly remember Brian at events, like the Christmas Parties and Pizza gatherings...and of course the CM's. I remember running into Him and AndrewRJ on one of the CM's and he was climbing a steep hill to reunite with his group. I couldn't believe such a large man could make it up that hill, but he did ..huffing and puffing his way up. Willpower. Hard to understand that I won't be seeing him around. We will all mis you much, Allanon. Rest in Peace, my friend. No more pain, no more suffering.
  23. I got a room at the Crest Motel for about $63.00 a night; I booked it quite a while ago, so I don't know if it has vacancies now...I don't know the place, but I really don't care so much if it is a great place or not since I spend 80% of my time outside of it! I think (but I am not sure...) this is also the same weekend as a Kite Festival around there, so that is another reason why rooms might be tough to get. I have done both the river walk caches and the trolley, walking the pathway down, caching on the way, and riding the trolley back after getting the last one in the picture series. It is an absloutely fabulous caching experience, but I am glad I did it when we could take our time and enjoy the walk and the views as well as caching...I recommend that people take their time and enjoy the walk and the caches but I don't think that is gonna fly on a CM!
  24. There is already a multi cache here in Seattle that uses a commemorative brick as the waypoint for one of the stages of the multi. It is ingenious and was awarded Cache of the Month a few years ago. When you get to the coordinates, your jaw drops when you look down and see the coordinates.....like, who thought of THAT??! It is by a friend of mine, Markta, and if you are coming to Geowoodstock, it is one of the must do csches in Seattle...it is called "Something NICE on Queen Anne", and the other WPs are also great! Check it out!
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