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  1. Got this reply from a help request: "Hello Terry- Thank you for contacting Geocaching HQ. We are aware of the Email issues, the code issues, as well as "@,#,& etc... symbols in usernames preventing people from collecting the final souvenir. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to get this resolved soon. Best regards," I'm posting this so people (like me) will be patient and let them solve the problems - I'm sure they are less than thrilled to be faced with these issues that must be impacting many otherwise happy geocachers.
  2. My problem is that it is telling me I am logged in as Geek - but I'm actually Geek & Sweet - so it won't accept my code word - not a good way to end this thing Can anyone help
  3. Tried it with Edge and the save button showed so it worked just fine - strange that its not showing in Firefox.
  4. So I delete all the old bio data in my profile and paste a replacement in and it is not changing to the newly pasted version. I tried it 3 times to no avail. Using Firefox in Windows 10.
  5. Thanks Lil Devil - nice to know how to do the queries for the provinces.
  6. How do I do a pocket query for B.C. Failing that can someone tell me how many caches (active)there are in B.C.
  7. So the Ministry of Transport here in B.C. makes a compliant to Goundspeak and they react by doing the following: "Due to a recent complaint by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, Groundspeak has asked that no roadside geocaches be published at this time. This means no caches by a highway, road, lane, pullout, intersection, traffic circle, median, highway rest stop, boulevard or any land or equipment that may be remotely considered owned or maintained by the Ministry of Transportation. There is a huge grey area here as the Ministry of Transportation has not yet told Groundspeak exactly which land they consider their right of way. Because of this, we must err on the side of caution. This is not to say that your cache can never be published. The people at Groundspeak headquarters are working with the Ministry of Transportation to hopefully bring this debate to a satisfactory conclusion for everyone involved. I understand your frustration but please be advised that this is out of the reviewer's control. Everyone concerned is frustrated. You have the option to move your cache to another area well away from any road or you may wait until the matter is settled. If you choose to wait, be advised that it is the government we're dealing with and there may not be any settlement for a very long time. I'm temporarily disabling your cache to give you the option to move far from any road. If you do move it, please feel free to click the enable link by the top right corner of the cache page to submit your cache to the reviewer's queue once again." One of the caches I was trying to get published was 80 meters from the road - just how far is far enough. Further both these caches were on backroad gravel roads with little traffic. Seems like an over reaction by Groundspeak but there is no doubt that it's their call as they have to concerned about being sued.
  8. Reading this post, it sounds like you have created a bookmark list and titled it "Ignore List" and then added caches to the list. I'm not an expert on such things, but I think that you might have to actually click the "Ignore Listing" link on the cache page. Did you try one method over the other? Thanks - your suggestion solved the problem - move to the head of the class
  9. The ignore list used to work - but no more. I vaguely recall that I once deleted the list and then a few weeks later reestablished the list - but it hasn't worked since I did that. The lists name is Ignore List - is that correct.
  10. I have several specific caches listed in my ignore list and I have selected the option not to include caches listed in my ignore list in my pocket queries but to no avail - the feature is just not working, Is anyone else experiencing this problem. Does anyone have any "fixes" Thanks
  11. Yup the site is running really slow - even for a Sunday. Also it is not rendering google kml or kmz files correctly when uploading routes and also when creating the pocket query. Also refuses to upload a gpx file created by MS Streets for route creation. Also not identifying My Finds on google map renderings. All in all = pretty screwed up. Not a good day for the site.
  12. I can not think of a better place to post this request so I hope you bear with me. After several years of geocaching I have finally decided to purchase a vehicle that will allow me to get access to caches on the Barry Goldwater Range near Yuma and traverse logging roads in B.C. I would also like to use the vehicle for general purposes as well which means city and highway driving and economical gas consumption. A lot to ask I know. I am thinking near new or new. It does not have to haul stuff or more than a couple people. Would appreciate any and all advise from geocachers.
  13. The query engine is obviously screwed up - when do people start getting pissed of that the service we are paying for has not been working correctly for 2 days now.
  14. Yes I just ran mine and none of mine showed up as finds in GASK nor were locations included - so what the heck is going on now.
  15. In hopes of saving time for those of you who are using the replacement cables for your GPS's that require the PL-2303 Drivers and have or will be upgrading to Windows 7 - here's the link for the new drivers. http://www.prolific.com.tw/support/files/%...13_20090319.zip
  16. I agree - if this category were to be setup I would be contributing virtual caches from all over North America.
  17. I agree - if this category were to be up I would be contributing virtual caches from all over North America.
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