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  1. I can understand wanting to insure them for the stated reasons but to the best of my knowledge that much money for insurance would cover the cost of quite a few coins let alone costing that much for just one, insurance is based on the total value of the item(s) sent, my experience with insured items is the dozen or so I've ordered off the internet and the few that I've had to insure and ship back to the maker for whatever reason. Your right if I don't like it I don't have to order and I'm not $12 a coin is just way to much to pay.
  2. Just to go ahead and get my name down in just in case more coins are made I'd like 4 coins.
  3. Well so far I've been to 3 Walmarts looking for a white jeep and haven't found a one, on the other hand I've found 2 of jeep tbs so all in all I don't recon I'm doing to bad
  4. I'd take a couple more if you do
  5. For some reason I can't get it to work
  6. I'd like 4 sending payment thru paypal for them now
  7. I'm interested also, have been looking for some type of signature item.
  8. Am hoping to put out my first cache in the next week or so and I was wondering what sort of items I should place in it. So what are some of ya'll favorite things to find in a cache.
  9. Just wondering if any are coming to Louisiana and if so how would I find out what area's they were released in.
  10. Very nice marbles, I want one too!! To bad I live in Louisiana, I don't think I'll be coming across one in a cache anytime soon. They would be a really neat signature item too.
  11. Oops didn't scroll all the way down to the last post. Just paid for 3 through paypal. jime71211
  12. Got mine last night, great looking coin, terrific packaging job, thanks Sissy.
  13. I have just started collecting the geocoins so don't have anything to trade but would be willing to purchase if someone has some they would sell. Thanks!
  14. Just found this thread myself, if anymore come available I'd like 2 if possible but one would be fine.
  15. Hope it isn't locked yet, just found this thread today and just started looking for geocaches yesterday (found 4) If anyone gets a new group going I'm in for 3.
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