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  1. And we finally bought the Montana 700! I hope it will bring us loads of geocaching fun! The last few times we went on a trip the maps on the official geocaching iphone app kept lagging an loading verry slowly so we decided to take on the extra cost and just go for it! 

    If anyone is still interested in my findings as a newbie to hiking gps, keep me posted here and i will share my findings in a few weeks/months. 


  2. @contesta

    i haven’t made a purchase yet. We decided that it could wait a couple of months seeing as its a pretty big buy. I have been thinking long and hard About what to buy and decided on the Montana 700. Purely because Of the touchscreen. I think it will be great on the road/trail. If they would combine the multi gps of the sr and the touchscreen of the Montana I would know what I would choose without a

    doubt! 😊 

  3. 23 hours ago, Atlas Cached said:


    Yes, on touchscreen devices, you can simply touch the geocache icon on the map page to select it, as demonstrated at GPSrChive > Montana 7x0 > Main Menu > Geocaching > Geocache Map.


    The process is similar on non-touchscreen devices, and you can see one example at GPSrChive > GPSMAP 66sr > Pages > Geocaching > Geocache Map.

    What a helpful site for those of us that have never gotten a unit before. 
    thanks for all the help! 

  4. And maybe one last question, when I go out with my iPhone now I can look at the map and select the cache nearest to me on the map, I can see the list as well but find the map to be nicer to find the nearest caches when I am out geocaching. With the Montana I presume you can look at the map and just touchy the icon of the cache you want to see but how does it work with the 66sr? How do you select a geocache on the map page? I’ve been looking for a filmfragment where someone shows the live geocaching function on a 66 series gps but can’t find one. Not where the show it from start to finish. Not having any handheld experience makes that I don’t know how it works and would like some insight before I buy. ? 

  5. Hi there, 


    I am struggling in choosing a handheld gps. I’ve been geocaching for some time and have recently decided that my children (6, 4 and 2) are old enough to come with me on a cachehunt. I’ve been doing my geocaching and logging on my iPhone and find that I like logging on the spot verry easy and fun to do. Time is always short when coming back home so sitting down and logging at home is no option. I’ve narrowed my choice down to the gpsmap 66sr and the Montana 700. I know one is buttons and one is touchscreen but other than that and the price difference

    what Could convince me to choose one or the other.  Please advise me because the choise is hard. 

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