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  1. I go by YourSunshineGirl mostly in the 3D world and he - well he used to have a nice red beard before it turned all white. All of that was to long for our Geocaching name so we shortened the best we could
  2. Thanks again all for the tips. We have made it back unscathed, well at least the kids did. I have learned that as I age the eyes do not adjust to the darkness as they once did and a flashlight is becoming a necessary item to take to the latrine. Those helpful "fire pits" tend to get smaller after the sun goes down. Anyway, we got a late start and did not get to stop along the route to find any caches. After picking up the kids, setting up camp and a good nights rest, we stopped in at the Visitors Center to ask about a trail map. The DNR Naturalist was very helpful in getting us set up with the map and teaching us little bit about reading it. He even let us know that two of the three trails in the Park were heavily laden with ticks and would wait until a cold snap hit to kill off the little buggers. And the third cache - he did not find last month when we went looking. So we searched in the local town - spent an hour looking in the wrong place for one micro - finally started over and found it. RedBeard and I need more practice - we called it a day. Every night while the kids slept and with flashlight in hand, I placed the trinket boxes around the campground and marked them. With both GPS's this was easy - they couldn't wait until breakfast was over and the dishes done to get started. It became a race to see who could find their box first. O' the one cache that the Naturalist couldn't find last month was still there. We found it on the second to last day we were there and found a really wonderful piece of history to boot.
  3. Waypoint - check. Drinks, camera, don't forget to Waypoint, double check D/Ts. Waypoint. Will still have to grab a compass, as I've donated all of my old Scouting Stuff to the local Cub Scout Pack Thanks All - I'm getting excited. I went into my craft box last night and found some little zippy bags and some un-painted wooden trinket boxes. Thought the boxes would be a good way of teaching the kids a little bit about the GPS. Get to the campsite early enough and hide the boxes for them to find and then decorate, then they can use them to keep their Swag in. We've even picked up a second GPS (Triton 400). I've downloaded 21 caches for the trip, but we are taking the miniLaptop with us in hopes to connect up if we need more. Or the local Library should have connection. Now to pack the car.
  4. I actually did think of swag - I picked up some stickers, carabiners, mini coloring books, little cubes of sticky notes and some of these rubberband shaped things that the kids are raving about now. But a trail map I did not think of. Hopefully I can grab one at the State Park. Thank you!
  5. Hello all, beginner here. Myself and Redbeard are going camping for vacation next week and we thought it would be nice to take the Grandkids (6 and 4yr olds). The State Park does not have many activities for this age group, so we charged up the GPS eXplorist 400 and started to learn to use it. Gramps and I have found 4 local caches so there is not much experience here yet. I've got the driving routes picked out and bookmarked some caches along the way so we can get some more experience in before getting the kids and take them trapesing off into the woods - you know so we don't look like total idiots. Any other advice or tips before we venture out?
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