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  1. SLOW that was this morning... it's FULL STOP now. with the message at GC.com The Service is unavailable - Server is too busy. knew that geocaching was a popular activity on weekends, must be all those extra Geocaching Day logs.... (or those stupid challenges - ya not a fan how that was implemented) SITE DOWN!
  2. not that anyone is an authority on FTFs... but from my experence (530ftf with 42 months of consecutive FTF nov 2007 to april 2011), i feel that these issues are the fun part of FTF, the cache is set up an intended, you take a risk and have to deal with mistakes which sometimes ends with DNFs. I find no huge joy in locating a cache that has a trail to the cache site, a foot ring where the cache is located, the branches have all been bent back, and is visable from 10 feet away. I would disregard the cacher, wonder if he ever found one that was 20 feet off (same issue only larger) and be proud that even though the geocaching gods were against you, you came up victorious. anyone who gets to the finish line second always has an excuse or needs someone to blame. what you found was a miss labled puzzle cache. (bad joke)
  3. it gets 100+ degrees here, so i freeze 80 of the water in the bag and top it off before we go out for a hike for the day, have a built in AC unit sitting on my back for most of the day.
  4. Hi Mark, you know how to get an automatic SMS text notification ? set mine up years ago using the phone#@service.com, but now i see that you need to validate a phone number, so dont know how that would work.
  5. there might be different answers depending on unit? I have a 200, the only way i have found to clear my favorate is to reboot which wipes out all user data. hold the right corner of the screen when turning on. that or one at a time. if someone else has a better solution would love to hear it.
  6. i really wish GC.COM would undo what every they did... what worked for me now dont. Same message a three different phones from three different brands. It worked before.
  7. this is exactly what i did until they broke the WAP so it dont work with any of my cell phones (it did a year ago - but what ever they did in the last ver killed it with no reply from GC.com)
  8. I had given examples of the left nav sitting on top of the cache page, now the cache page is missing left side and the nav is at bottom - dont see a post on this one yet
  9. I have used camo tape both duct and cloth. it's a quick coverup, and if your goal is to cover up a few film cans for cheap caches, it's a good short term solution. which i some areas, i know is not going to last long so no harm no foul. (small public parks) but the key word is short term. both of those tapes was not designed for long outdoor exposue. the duct tape will peal after a good temp change and the cloth will collect water. both make it something that ya might not not to pick up in a year. on the other hand, if your going to spend 5 to 10 bucks on a cache container, think about getting your finger colored with a spray can. pick two colors that are somewhat neutral to your area and a black. mix back and forth between the two, you can also put leaves on it and then remove. lastly, take the black can, and drive a finishing nail into the spray head (ya might want to remove it from the can first) remove nail and spray the worst spray you have ever seen, which is exactly what you want to blend the first two colors. good luck
  10. looks like someone got it back working again... THANK YOU
  11. i continue to get this when i attempt to log in. this was not happing 6 months ago on the same phone Server error in '/' application. valuditeon viewstate mac failed. if this application is hosted by a web farm or cluster ensure that <machineKey> configuration specifies the same validationgKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster..... it continues on for awhile.... including a paragraphs that starts with DESCRIPTION, EXEPTION DETAILS, SOURSE ERROR, STACK TRACE and VERSION INFORMATION
  12. not sure that this is 100% correct. if GC wanted to force us to the cache pages there would be NO PQ via email, WAP or the recently released ipod app. I might argue that there are more ways to get cache info without going to the browser based GC.Com website that going to it.
  13. retrofit

    WAP interface

    still get same login error as reported 10/13
  14. i did the same thing recently for a cache in the bottom of kings caynon. going there i new there was a 15 or so, grabbed all the coins and moved them down to the mainland. i got a few emails from owners thanking me. no one complained that i screwed up their progress to a goal.
  15. as this would be checking a tenth mile in every direction i'd find it hard to believe that someone would spend hours attemptint to locate a location that had a hit and not have any info regarding what it was that make the hit. i guess you could attempt to trinaglate on something, but still be clueless it what that was. heck it was just a suggestion, and if someone has brought it up before.. i did it again as a way to reduce frustration of those putting caches out and the reviewer having to be the bad guy.
  16. this is from another topic but once i wrote it, it seemed to warrent it's own topic/thread. my suggestion would be on the cache setup page you could press a button called "location check". it would give feedback regarding posible conflicts. for example a waypoint is within XXX feet @ # degrees true north of your requested location. I wouldnt need to provide exact details of what or where to spoil others caches, but would stop people who are really trying to partispate in placing caches from going down a path which will end in failier. this might reduce the effort reviewers having to write that I'm sorry your cache is to close to something that you cant see of find, as well as keeping the reviewers from being the bad guy who have to be the rotten people they are for not publishing my cache because someone is using the mile marker number 300 feet away as part of their mystry/multi. heck it could even be part of the automatic form check woulud provide warning when you tryed to submit/save it. just thinking there is a technology that could work here that would make everyone life a little easier.
  17. This is the method I prefer. Or even leave the box checked so it goes into my queue, and make sure it's CLEAR on the cache page not to publish it. Of course if there's an issue with the listing I won't publish it anyway That does help with the issue of palcing a cache only to find out it is too close to a waypoint. HOWEVER, that does not help with the rule of waypoints engulfing parks. here is what i do for research. i ihave a PQ that runs all caches in my area. down load that to cachemate, run a macro for cachecircles that opens up google earth and puts a circle around all caches. it's easy to see places that are open... again except for those places that are not listed part of a multi or puzzle. my suggestion would be on the cache setup page you could press a button called "location check" and it would give feedback regarding posible conflicts. IE a waypoint is within XXX feet @ # degrees true north of your requested location. this would stop people who are really trying to partispate from going down a path which will end in failier as well as reduce the effort reviewers of people contacting them saying "what about here" and keep them from being the bad guy who is just a meannie not publishing my cache because someone is using the mile marker number as part of their mystry/multi.
  18. exactly what I do... what i am looking for is a solution when I dont have access to computer email that allows the links to function (cellphone email version of yahoo or google from sprint/att only gives you the link in text mode) which is exactly why I like the idea of a ipod or something like that to pull stuff up on the road. and was hoping that this app would replace my use of WAP in these situations. which now it has failed me three times and I have had to fall back to WAP. PS to the WAP DEVELOPER THANK YOU!
  19. understand that something can or cant change, what i read was the frustration of a person who is attempting to partisipate more than just finding things. Recently I had the same experence where I did my research, found a location that appeared to be free of caches, which was cool cuz there was a 1950's car rusting at the bottom of a canyon, hiked down and took a part off of it to make a container fit for the location, created a way cool cache page that requred a tad research on a book called crash club, hiked back down there, placed cache, got location, came back and attempted to pubish only to find out exactly the same thing. talked about a downer... once i realized that placing caches is like walking thru a mine field, ya start to question why take the time to put something really cool togheter only in the end to be shot down by some invisable force, and maybe altoids, magbox and 35mm containers are used for a reason (you dont need to recover them?). So i started playing with all of the virt, and multi and mystrys to find out the problem and it;s up on the othe side of the road on top of a cliff that you cant even get there from here. Now I have to hike back down, retreive cache and figure out what to do with a cache that is made out of a rusty old shock absorber. my suggestion would be a location check . where one could put in a lat/long and it would tell me if there is something blocking the location prior to going to review. it wouldnt tell me what or where, but would give me a heads up that this is not a good location. it might also make it easier on the reviewer, cuz when i got the "I;m sorry email", he clearly took the blunt of my frustration, and once I found the issue, I was even more ticked off when I explained the issue, and I still got a "I'm sorry email". If I could have REALLY check the location prior to all of this, I wouldnt be sitting here with a stupid cache wondering why I try anything more that just guardrail hides. PS other than my first hide, NO ONE CAN SUGGEST that my hide locations or containers are anything but something they have never seen before. - but i am still bitter about this one! (can you tell?)
  20. ok, i now take back everything i said before... Why? failed on two real world cases. New cache published notification hit my cellphone. tried to look up a cache in pod app, it returned a cant find with no other suggestions. as it was new listing i was really interested to find it for an attempt at a FTF. as other have reported, which i hadnt read, it was a members only. all i got was nothing, moved over to WAP (on ipod) and got everything i needed in seconds, as well as FTF! next wanted to check up on a cache that had gone out recently to FTF and found it missing. as the waypoint was still in my gps, I had the GC on hand. did a search... again nothing, as above, did WAP on POD and got everything i needed. which I fould that it was still temp disabled. Again GC Pod App failed to provide the support i had expected. so for ten buck i got, something that tells me all the caches in the area i have already found and for the two that i really wanted to find, it came up empty as if they dont exist. As I have a pocket querry run each morning to my mailbox which is loaded into cachemate then gps and throwaway palm, I am not using this to look for hundreds of caches, just a way to quickly pick up new caches that show up when on the road. on a postive side, it has a nice interface, finger friendly, kinda cool features. It is a great 1.0 application for a proof of concept. but my ability to really use it in a real word situation? NOPE If your serious about caching on a ipod as addtional support to your primary equipment, try WAP on the pod again!
  21. here is a real world example of the chain and effects of notifications when you cant get any info from the notifications or the wap site. this happened to me in dallas how to get people not to give you their phone number as a lifeline
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