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  1. Is there an easy way to find out about on-going souvenir events (like 2-22-22)? Similarly, how can one find out about their current status in completing other souvenir events such as the Base Camp series? I know I've stumbled across this information before, but can't seem to find it easily. Thanks in advance!!! Mike
  2. Is there a souvenir associated with finding one of the turtle TB's? Thanks!
  3. Did a Leap Day geo yesterday and logged it this morning. It originally looked as being found today, but I corrected it to yesterday, yet I have yet to see the souvenir show up???
  4. Folks, Two questions regarding Geocaching souvenirs ..... 1. How do I sign up to receive alerts from geocaching regarding upcoming souvenirs? 2. Where can I find a listing of the announced/upcoming souvenir events? Thank you!
  5. Where can I find the requirements required to get a souvenir badge from a given state? I did a geo in WV over a year ago but just noticed I don't have that state's badge. I wanted to find my log of that geo but haven't figured out how to sort through my "found" logs. Thanks! Michael
  6. Is it possible to obtain a sortable listing of all geos I've found? I'd like to see the GC code, date found, and state. I know a LOC file download can be gotten from the website, but it seems I can only get a hand full at a time, and the LOC file does not have all the data I'd like. Thanks! Michael
  7. OK, I LOVE the Pocket Query feature, but am frustrated that I can't seem to print a map showing me the geo-caches and their name/ID. Am I missing something? How can I do this? I want to be able to see the caches in my query, and where each is located on my map. Thanks! Berks
  8. Are there any GPS units priced under $200 which feature paperless geo-caching? I'd like to get a friend a paperless unit but can't afford the $350+ I paid for my Garmin 62s. TNX! Berks Dutchie
  9. I found a bug in GC17Y4V, but the bug had no logs showing how it arrived there. I must have mistakenly logged the bug as "Discovered". I tried unsuccessfully to enter another log and/or correct my original log. I couldn't do the former because I don't have the "private" bug number (and neither does the owner), and the latter won't work because I can't change the log's "Action". So now what? I dropped off the bug near the Grand Canyon but can't show it as "dropped" because I'm not seen as having retrieved it.....stupid error on my part! Help please! Michael
  10. Thanks Mama! I can't believe I didn't choose a day in the Query criteria!
  11. After I run my Pocket Queries, I never get them in my Microsoft Outlook mailbox. My anti-virus software isn't stopping them, they're not "caught" at my ISP, my Profile email is correct, and they're not being routed to my Junk Mail folder. Ideas please? I've thought about changing my Profile email to a seldom used Hotmail account, just to verify my ISP isn't causing the problem. TNX! Michael
  12. Folks, I've been playing with my new Garmin 62s, and am loving the paperless caching. I'd like to setup my GOTO geocaching screen to show the directional arrow, distance to cache, my current coords and the caches coords. Can the 62s do this? Thanks in advance! Michael
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