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  1. In my experience with sports cards usually #1 and the last of the run are more sought after. Also the particular players jersey number is a big one. Doesn't really apply here just thought I'd throw that in. I'd say the first and the last and on average the lowers would probably be more sought after.
  2. Got mine today. Nice coin. Thanks for all the hard work.
  3. Got mine today. Thanks for the effort, nice coins.
  4. Just made payment for my 3. Thanks, can't wait to get em.
  5. YAY. It is working (of course you knew that). Thanks for the quickity quick quick attention.
  6. I got my Colorado Geocoins over the weekend. I picked the 1 I wanted to keep for myself and activated it. Today I placed it into my cache PCI-Cache and made a note as to what I was doing. I then went to the geocoin page whoptbird's Colorado Geocoin and clicked the add a log entry link so I could pull it back out. I was then met with a huge error page something to the effect of "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Argument 'Array' is Nothing". I looked on the gc.com site and they basically say to come here with problems. Try it yourself I'm sure it will do the same to you. Anyone have this problem before with another coin? Anyone have this with the CO geocoin? Am I being an idiot and doing something really wrong? I don't remember seeing this type of topic before and I glanced through the pages and didn't see anything that jumped at me so sorry if this has been covered and beaten. ***add on Interestingly, when I go to my stats page and click the geocoin icon under my owned items I get "Sorry, no results were found for this search." Sounds like GC.com has something messed up with these.
  7. A guy I work with mentioned the Kansas state quarter comes out this year so you may want to look at that so that the design differs. Just a little input. Should be able to view the coin from the Mint website http://www.usmint.gov
  8. I'll make a request for 4 as long as I can change that in the future
  9. Got mine today from MrCoGeo himself. Coins turned out great and it was nice meeting you. Thanks for making the time for me.
  10. I'm doing the Pee-Pee dance now. I can't wait
  11. And while we're at it make all geocoins the same. State coins go international too and... I think I made my point. The "USA Geocoin" is named that. The designer gave it that name. It isn't the only geocoin out there. It is just one of many. This post seems to be made based on the fact that USA geocoins are the only geocoins out there, and since that isn't the case I think this is really a dead issue.
  12. Don't give up hope. It hasn't been missing for too long and I've read some stories here about things that pop up sometimes months afterwards. You might have someone check the log book to see if someone logged taking it but didn't log their visit on gc.com. I hope you find it that's a good one and it's so close to making it home with those autographs. I'll keep an extra eye out for it even though it was last seen a long ways from me.
  13. Thanks Avroair. Got mine today and it's a really nice coin. Does stand out by being small but that makes it unique as well. Thanks again.
  14. The beauty of this is just about anything can be a TB. If you have kids you can maybe take one of their action figures or small dolls to do. If you are a car nut you can get a hot wheels/matchbox of your dream car and send it on it's way. Did you have a favorite toy as a kid? Not sure on your age but the kids of the 80's toys are coming back in full force and are pretty easy to find and send out into the world. Sports fan? Take an item of your favorite team (keychain, starting lineup figure, mcfarlane figure...etc) and give it a goal of making it to the home stadium/park/field if it's far away, or give it the goal of going to the team you dislike most home field. You could even send it on it's way to the Superbowl (Detroit, MI in 2006, Miami, FL in 2007) or give it the goal of making it to the World Series, Stanley Cup finals (ok maybe not this one) or the NBA Finals (and those are over tonight so you'd have to wait untill next year). The latter 3 you'd have to wait untill the end of the season since they are played on the home arenas of the teams in the finals, but you could get the but out there with that goal in mind even if your team doesn't make it. I like the tape dispenser Idea and I've even seen Boss's Stapler out there. I would suggest keeping it moderately small to accomodate more caches. Use something related to what you are "really into". Runner? Biker? Mountain Biker? Hiker? Soccer Player? I think I've beat this down enough now . Almost anything you can drill a hole in or has a hole in it can be a TB. Now get one out there and I hope to see it in a cache close to me.
  15. It's been several days. All I have to go on is the id number etched into the tag, there is no other name on it. How do I put a name to it with only the number on the tag itself? If you go to the geocaching.com main site and click on Track Travel bugs on the left hand side you will be taken to the travel bug page where you can enter that number on the right hand side under "travel bug lookup" hope that helps ya.
  16. Just sent $13.50 for 3 coins via paypal. Thanks
  17. Made my payment on paypal. Now anxiously waiting
  18. I just have to say 9Key that I love your avatar picture. I chuckle every time I see it
  19. I emailed yesterday. Just waiting on the response to send my payment. Just covering all bases.
  20. I am a hostage taker. Not purposefully though. I picked up a few bugs before heading to TX for a trip at the end of Sept. last year. While in TX I was alot more crunched for time than I thought I'd be and only placed one bug (didn't want to put them all in one place but should have in hindsight). When I returned I took the ones I had placed them in a TB hotel and logged that I did. I some how some way missed that I still had a bug. I didn't visit GC.com any since it was getting cold (I'm a fair weather cacher, 10 finds in 3 years) and actually had my computer fry in late Oct. Didn't replace it untill recently and visited GC.com to find that I still had Skipping Stacey. I was confused and wondered why I didn't log this one. Before logging I checked the pack that I use when hiking and for the few times I've cached and found Stacey crammed in one of my pockets. I immediately emailed the owners and let them know what had happened and how stupid I felt. I appologized profusely and hopefully that was enough for them. I release Stacey back into the world and she has since been picked up and moved to another cache. Thought I'd share a different view of this. Sometimes it can be someone just being real bone headed like me. I am hoping to get in more caching this year since my daughter likes the nature hikes.
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