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  1. So browsing around for caches in my area and notice there are some roads and poi's missing, ok in itself not a major problem, maybe they are fairly new and OSM hasnt captured them yet. But no the road and poi's have exisited in OSM for OVER A YEAR now!! How often does GC update their map tiles? Ok on the website not a major thing for me as i tend to use the OSM layer for more detail, but on the mobile app (iphone in my case) its GC's own tiles or Apple's. When can we expect updated map tiles?
  2. Ive used some of the links from here... Always seem to be good (Only used various European ones) http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download
  3. Same here... Win7 and OSX on IE, Firefox and Safari...
  4. The website you got your stats from (and the same site i use) is now owned by Groundspeak.... And they have started to move some of the functionality over to gc.com..... Premium Members get some of these statisics by default now (click on the statistics tab on your profile) just hope they get their a**es in to gear and get more stats moved over...
  5. This is something I was wondering about. My new device makes a geocache_visits.txt file. Can I upload that? Where do you go on the GC site to do so? View your profile and look for a link called "Access Your Field Notes" click on it and follow the instructions. Never knew you could do that!! As they say you learn something new everyday...
  6. All great ideas and a couple that i suggested under the old feedback system thingy... But out of this list 1, 8 and 12 would be great
  7. If the PQ hasnt picked up the caches your expecting it's because the caches dont have the abandonded structure attribute. Having an advanced search would result in the same results as the PQ.
  8. Hardware: Garmin GPSMAP62s Software: JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap - Editor) Both simple to use and I can use JOSM at work (Windoze) and at home (Mac), so only learnt one program..
  9. I donate to OSM by updating it.... Been doing this for ages.... Never used the Google maps on here as I cant have google maps on my GPS, so what's the point looking for caches on my PC with google and then going in the field with another map?
  10. May just be lucky but every boot i've had has been waterproof for several years with a lot of mileage on them. I would always recommend that you go to a proper outdoor shop and get your feet measured first, Cotswold Outdoors have trained staff to measure feet and ensure boot's fit for your feet, ankles and where you are going to use the boot.. GO Outdoors also have a similar service. Once you know what boot fits perfectly have a look on the usual sites (Amazon and ebay etc) and get them cheaper My 2p's worth...
  11. got some very odd looks in the office laughing at this one...
  12. But Google are the default map everywhere else........
  13. Same with the travelbug map...
  14. I believe it is it's own country.... This has kinda cropped up before with Northern Ireland.... (I wont go in to the reasons as it has been a thoroughly discussed topic - a quick search on NI will find some threads related to this) HTH!! (EDIT: for my fat fingers)
  15. I use the poundland pens that mouse linked to.. Great little pen and at 50p each doesnt matter if you loose them!
  16. http://www.aboveandbeyond.co.uk/ very good service and have a store on amazon aswell.
  17. I just spoke to a friend of mine who is in the military (and also a cacher) and he informed me that it does kill the signal completly (with the result of not seeing any satellites)...... He breifly explained (if your interested in geeky stuff) that the freq they transmit is in the same ranges as the satellites transmit in but at a higher power than the singals you would receive therby not allowing your GPSr to receive the true singal's.
  18. You have an email address dedicated to notifications, that's sent to your smartphone
  19. Thanks both for the very quick response. Thanks dfk that has confirmed my fears
  20. Hopefully the Title actually makes sense! Is it possible easily? or would i have to make a bookmark list and PQ?? Reason i ask is that there are a couple of cachers locally that others have said are great hiders etc.. so id like to simply map all the caches they have hidden.. Any ideas?
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