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  1. It sounds like you also have a limited amount of time to prepare to go geocaching too. There is a reason that we are able to write comments when we make our DNF log entries. It is because a DNF does not mean that the container is missing. If you choose to interpret it that way then so be it but then there wouldn't be any reason to be able to write a comment.
  2. If I have the time this weekend I may go Markwelling. I know this topic has been brought up many times since almost the beginning of geocaching. You are correct, most everyone is initially for some kind of test. Then nothing happens. I wouldn't be against something like that on the intro app. For example; when it detects that someone is looking at a listing for an earth cache for the first time it can pop up a window that says something like "I see this is the first time you'll be looking for an Earth Cache." Then go on to explain what an earth cache is. At the end of the description is a simple comprehension question that needs to be answered correctly in order to close the window.
  3. A metric calendar. That's a novel idea. Would that mean that a week is 10 days long?
  4. In Settings>Safari do you have Private Browsing OFF and Accept Cookies set to ALWAYS?
  5. This idea gets brought up every couple of years. I don't have the time to dig though old posts and find the relevant ones (do we still call this Markwelling?) but needless to say the idea keeps getting shot down and I agree that it sounds like a good idea on the surface but it isn't a very good idea once you start to get below the surface.
  6. As I tried to explain, this was just misunderstanding. Of course I didn't mean they were synonyms. It's a common misunderstanding. Especially when reviewers will disable a cache after only a couple of DNFs, then declare that the cache container isn't there, and that the cache owner needs to replace the cache container or archive the listing. Stuff like that only reenforces the misconception that DNF is synonyms with missing container.
  7. If are stopped because of a washed out bridge and the cache you are heading for is still 20 more miles up a forest road that you just spent an hour traveling you wouldn't log a DNF because you didn't get close enough to look for it? A DNF in this case will be helpful to alert other cachers to the situation so they won't have to waste their time discovering the washed out bride on their own. It will also be helpful to the cache owner to know that his cache is now much more difficult to get to, hopefully for only a short time but not always. This isn't limited to just back country geocaches either. If I stumble upon a homeless camp in an urban area and it wasn't mentioned in the cache description I'm going to log a DNF even though I didn't actively look for the geocache. It lets me know why I didn't find if I put back on my to find list and it lets others who may not be comfortable looking for a geocache in someones living room of the situation. These are just two of many situations where logging a DNF is appropriate even tho the cacher didn't close enough to look for the cache.
  8. Mine isn't as specific as yours is. "with my experience and after reasonable search or due to <insert extraordinary circumstance here> I can state that I did not find the container" I don't like that DNF has become synonymous with the container is missing. If you think that the container is missing then that is what a NM log is for.
  9. *covered above, I wasn't quick enough*
  10. Not necessarily "out of their minds" - there are a number of reasons why someone might not want to pay to become a premium member in 2013. You might simply not appreciate what they are. There is a difference here. If someone doesn't want to pay for premium membership I can respect that. However, RhizomicSearcher is suggesting that he should get premium membership for free. The reason appears to be because he would only use one or very few premium member features. I suppose it would be fairer if we were charged only for the features that we used but buying features a la carte tend to cost more than bundled features. Another issue RhizomicSearcher seems to have is with the advertizing model on the site. Not only has this model been used successfully on this site for years it is being used successfully on many other sites.
  11. Would I log a DNF? No. Would I log a DNF with a detailed write up as to why I logged it as a DNF? Yes. Logging a DNF with no description is of no help to anyone including yourself. Logging a DNF and commenting that the river was running to fast to cross safely is of immense help to yourself and others. It lets others know the hazard and could save them from wasting time trying to get to the cache. It also lets others know and reminds you that it is better to attempt finding the cache sometime that the river isn't likely to be running fast or to find an alternate route to the cache.
  12. I'm impressed. However I am in agreement with the other who are saying that $30 is a good deal.
  13. Forgive my ignorance in these matters but I was under the understanding that PMO cache listings can't be viewed by regular members. In fact I was under the impression that PMO caches aren't returned in the searches or cache listings for regular members.
  14. Sorry that I wasn't clear. Yes, a shiny new icon is an important part of the plan. Experienced geocachers should be encouraged to hide and maintain INTRO caches. What better way to do than to give them a shiny new icon in there stats for doing so. Another important aspect is that these INTRO caches, like you said, will have to be the only ones that someone using the INTRO app can see. Additionally important is for the INTRO caches to be available for everyone else too. This will give Geocachers a ready list of geocaches they can use to introduce other people to the hobby. There definitely needs to be some criteria/guidance for creating an INTRO cache. I didn't have any one particular cache type or style of hind in mind but they do tend to lend themselves to being park and grab or very short hike styled caches. The important factor will be the cache owners willingness create a cache that is easy to find and that will be properly maintained with the understanding that the caches will see a lot traffic and need more maintenance than normal. Theses cache owners are going to essentially be a Geocahcing Ambassador for the entire time that their INTRO cache is active. I like the idea of reviewers being able to solicit cache owners for permission to change the cache type to INTRO cache. I realize that will add a little extra burden to the reviewing process but it is for a good cause and give the reviewer the control they need.
  15. The problem with the beginner cache designation is that the cache owner has no control as to whether or not their cache will be listed (highlighted) as a beginner cache. INTRO caches will need to have cache owners who are very attentive to the needs of the cache. It can't be left up to some computer to automatically select the cache owners without their consent. That is basically what we have now. What needs to happen is for the cache owner to agree to the extra maintains and attention that owning an INTRO cache will require.
  16. I can not take RhizomicSearcher seriously. Reading the His/Her profile I see one logged find in an area of California that is filled with non premium caches. I refuse to believe that a person would only look for premium caches when there are plenty on non premium caches to be found. I can understand accidentally finding one PMO cache, then joining as a free member, and finding more geocaches. That happens quite often. But finding several PMO caches he must be the luckiest geocacher in the world to be able to find PMO caches without being able to see the coordinance! Either that or he is having trouble logging non-PMO caches and is assuming that his difficulties in logging non-PMO caches are somehow related to PMO caches.
  17. I gave this one a little thought although I'm not completely convinced that there is an issue. However, if there is an issue then this is my suggestion. Create a new cache type. The INTRO cache. Give it it's own icon. I know, I know, but bear with me. I'm going somewhere good with this. This new cache type will be the only caches that someone using the intro app can see. The INTRO caches will be caches that you would take someone too if you were introducing them to geocaching. An INTRO cache would have no or minimal camouflaging, low terrain and difficulty ratings, a park and grab or a short hike, no special equipment required, etc. This will also allow reviewers to do a sanity check on INTRO caches for things like low terrain and difficulty ratings, and appropriate location for someone who's never found a geocache before. A new icon will be a benefit by encouraging experienced geocachers to hide INTRO caches so that there is a good number of INTRO caches to be found. It will also signal experienced geocachers to the fact that the cache will most likely need a little more TLC than most other caches.
  18. There are a number of things that can cause this problem all of them are related to the title of the geocaches. Titles can't be longer than 12 characters and can only be ASCII characters. Anything other than letters and numbers should be avoided. It's easy to test this. Just remove the SD and see if the error goes away. If the error does go away then you know the issue is with a geocache. Delete all the geocaches off the unit and then reload them paying attention to how they are named looking to make sure that the names follow the rules. No more than 12 characters and no special characters. If removing the SD card didn't fix the problem then you should a factory reset. Take the SD card out if it isn't already. Power up the unit and then go to MENU -> VIEW -> SETTINGS -> MEMORY and select CLEAR MEMORY. Once that is complete then do a RESET FACTORY DEFAULTS. If still get the error after making sure all the geocaches are named correctly and a factory reset then you should try reloading the firmware. You can find the files you need and the instruction to do this on the Magellan website. Click the support link, software downloads, magellan outdoor, then triton series.
  19. Have you looked at the hint? Keep the difficulty rating in mind. It's a 5 star. The highest difficulty rating. Two things just out at me. From the description "Cache is magnetic." and the first word from the hint.
  20. Don't you have be in the footprint of one of the WAAS satellites to get WAAS corrections. No. Only the ionospheric delay corrections require being in the footprint. The ephemeris and clock corrections work globally. Of course, you have to be able to see the GEO satellite, but with EGNOS and WAAS you can see them from the majority of the Earth. I think I see what you are saying now. You are combining WAAS and EGNOS because they have the same function. I wasn't considering EGNOS. I still stand by comment that you need to be in the footprint of a WAAS satellite to get WAAS corrections but I'll add that you need to be in the footprint of an EGNOS satellite to get EGNOS corrections. I understand that the ephemeris and clock corrections work globally but is that information being transmitted from all GPS satellites are just the WAAS/EGNOS satellites? There is a distinct difference between the information working globally and having global access to the information. I suppose if you had a high enough antenna...
  21. Don't you have be in the footprint of one of the WAAS satellites to get WAAS corrections. I'm not sure how EGNOS works. Are they not geostationary like WAAS? Afaik, it's exactly the same setup and radio interface as WAAS albeit with different satellites. Re increased current consumption with WAAS, I haven't checked that on my receiver. I know though, that many show significantly increased current consumption during the acquisition phase. And since in northern Europe it's very hard to get an EGNOS lock (in 60ºN Stockholm nearly impossible, unless one sees the low southern horizon perfectly, on a boat one might have some luck), it will just stay in acquisition all the time... (probably not nearly as bad as staying in GPS acquisition mode though). I was talking specifically about the satellite or space component. If you routinely have trouble obtaining the signal at high latitudes then that is an indication that the satellites are geostationary because geostationary satellites are typically placed above the equator. I've always though of the receiver in the GPSr as passive very passive. Now I wonder if it isn't doing something to boost the signal. The problem with increasing the gain on any receiver is that you not only get an increase in signal strength but you also get an increase in overall noise. Maybe there is little DSP (Digital Signal Processing) going on. Something like that would create some extra current draw.
  22. Don't you have be in the footprint of one of the WAAS satellites to get WAAS corrections. I'm not sure how EGNOS works. Are they not geostationary like WAAS?
  23. *cough* post #10 *cough* *cough* Ahem. It works just fine in Canada. I would hope so. Four Wide-area Reference Stations are located in Canada. There are also some located in Mexico.
  24. Have you tried putting the GPS in to disk access mode? Connect the usb cable between the GPS and your computer (with the explorist off). Hold menu+up+power or menu+left+power (depending on firmware version) and the unit will start up in disk access mode. You must keep all three buttons pressed until you get a menu on the screen to get to disk access mode. If you are having trouble a trick is to press menu and up or left buttons first. Then once you are sure you have both of them pressed, press and hold the power button while continuing to hold the other two buttons. Be sure to not let go until after the menu screen appears. Now see if you can access your GPS from your computer. BTW, what is the firmware version that is currently installed on your GPS?
  25. I thought people stopped doing that in 2006.
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