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  1. A little off topic, but how did you get the speed and altitude to show on your chart? Those two are missing on mine. I don't get the Ave. Speed either.
  2. Since it says that the 1GB chip would be available by the end of the year and the 2GB by "sometime next year" I would think the 2GB would be out nearer to 3rd or 4th Quarter of this year since the 1GB just came out last month. The article came out July 2005.
  3. FYI, I went for a bike ride yesterday and I too experienced the exact same thing not long after I started riding. I ended up recalibrating the altimeter in order to get it working again.
  4. Maybe it's all a matter of WHO is doing the updates? With City Navigator (I'll leave CS out since it's being dropped from their line) I'm sure it's hard to keep it up to date each and every year. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cities and towns. Keeping it up to date is quite an undertaking. I'm sure the main priority, at least in California, is changing all the freeway exits to the new numbering system.
  5. I was looking at one of the other units and they've had a beta out since January! So we can never be sure when they'll finalize it.
  6. I second that recommendation. I used my GPS V for 4 years and I probably would still be using it today if it wasn't stolen last month. The routing was slow, but it did its job. The memory limitation was something I was able to live with. The versitility is second to none. I studied all the different features on all the Garmin units and the only one that came up close was the 60c/cs(x) models and those are beyond your budget. They have the same combination of features, but they're missing two main ingredients with autorouting and that's a detour button and the vertical-only orientation. Plus it doesn't come with City Select. The GPS V has all that along with the ability to switch between vertical for hiking and horizontal for driving. Definitely the best of all worlds.
  7. No, I'm not referring to the recalculate - I mean an actual OPTION for DETOUR - - If I had the time this morning, I'd post a screenshot of my V offering such. Thanks anyway!!!! I didn't notice this until you mentioned it. I don't have my 60csx yet (still coming in the mail) but I checked the manual and it doesn't have an entry for detour in the index. The Quest has it as does the nuvi and the SP series. The GPS V definitely had it since I used it often. I'm really, really not happy it's not in the 60csx considering it's suppose to replace my stolen GPS V. I could go without the parachute jumping feature on the 60csx if it meant something had to go in order for the detour to have a place.
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