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  1. We were not able to search for caches in advance of our weekend road trip, but luckily we had put a pi day event on our watch list that was 100+ miles from home so all was not lost. Also on our watch list is an out of state event 5 hours from home that we plan to attend in April, plus a few megas. The frustration continues. Only 30 mile search radius? Convoluted stacked filtration? Arrrrg :-)
  2. How do I get back to "Classic Search"??? I am planning an out of state trip and need to quickly find the GC code and location of the oldest and search a few other parameters that used to be very straightforward with a simple click or two on the column headers. I must also protest the large format design of the completed search - the page only displays a few caches and you must scroll down the page to view more search results rather than see the entire page without scrolling. These new and unnecessary changes are not intuitive, not user friendly, and quite frankly I do not have the time right now to re-educate myself to use your website. At this point in time I am greatly disappointed. It looks like two little geo-pups won't be able to plan any cache finds on this roadtrip :-(
  3. It would be nice to be able to see a list of places visited without needing to look at the map, which is hard to see on smartphones.
  4. We have several geocoins that were purchased from an online auction site. The coins are all unactivated and trackable on Geocaching.com. We have retrieved activation codes from geocaching.com in the past, but recently our attempts during the past two weeks have resulted in an error message stating that we have exceeded the hourly limit for code retrieval. Not sure how many tries per hour are allowed, but we have certainly not reached the limit as we try one time every few days. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I would like to drop these coins on an upcoming trip!
  5. Williams County, bordered by Indiana and Michigan
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