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  1. Since the last app update I am not able to log anything, it appears to send the log but it never reaches geocaching.com. I have asked them if there is a fix for this but have been told no "it's a very rare occurrence". Makes the app pointless for me as I'm now back to the old paper trail. Can anyone help? Can I undo the last update etc etc etc.

  2. We need more details.


    What program are you getting the waypoint file from?

    Are you using a serial cable, or one of those USB ones?


    I think there is a baud rate control on that unit.

    Have you had any success downloading anything to the unit before?

    I am getting it from easy gps via geocaching and I'm using the Garmin usb cable, I have had success on 5 occassions. Sorry I dont know what a baud rate is.

  3. Hi, I am new to this and purchased an Etrex camo to get me started, unfortunately I have been recieving the error message 'The programme recieved data it could not understand' whenever I am sending info to the gps via LOC waypoint file or GPX file. Would help in getting me off the ground with this.


    P.S. If this is not the place to ask this question could someone point me in the right direction.





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