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  1. Well at least I know it's not just me! But I guess that doesn't solve the problem. Paying more than double the cost of the travel bug for shipping along seems crazy. Anybody have any solutions??

  2. Can anyone please tell me how to use paypal to order a travelbug? I tried going through this website as directed, but it does not give me that option. Unless I'm missing something. I have a paypal account. Thanks!

  3. Did you install the software? That disc is a DVD...I assume you are using a DVD drive?


    It won't install at all, which is why I was wondering if it has to do with my topo maps interferring.

    It says it's a CD-ROM, at least that's what I thought. Is City Select only come in a DVD format? When I ordered it off Amazon the title says "CD-ROM". I just want to geocache with my new maps!

  4. Awhile ago I loaded the Garmin topo maps on our computer. Now I tried to load my brand new City Select V7 disc and it will not do anything. When nothing happened, I clicked on the MapSource icon (from the Topo maps) and went through the unlocking feature with my new City Select unlock code. That seemed to work, but still can't get the City Select maps. Then I thought perhaps I needed to temporarily dump the Topo maps so I deleted them and tried to start over. Still nothing, although going through the startup menu, I can still get to the topo maps and it registers my new unlock code. I fear I really messed things up.


    Please, please lend my some advice. Everytime I call Garmin tech support, morning and evening, it says there's more than a 30 minute wait. I want to use my new software!

  5. I just purchased a Garmin VistaC and am desparately trying to figure out how to download waypoints from this website onto my GPS. I downloaded the software that came with my GPS (MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager) and I connected the USB cable. I also downloaded EasyGPS. But when I go to download waypoints from this website or from the MapSource program, I get a message that says it can't find my device.


    Please, please, please help me. It is driving me crazy trying to figure out what I am doing wrong as I am sure it's something simple!! Thanks.

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