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  1. I received many, many messages from various people - thank you!! I am going to sell the coin and my asking price will be $60 which includes shipping. If anyone is interested, please send me a message! Also - the coin is NOT activated.
  2. I have a collection of geocoins that I am selling because they are not doing me any good sitting around. Most of them are easy to price but I remember this being a somewhat special piece that I paid a premium to receive. Please PM me with offers. Alternatively, if anyone could be kind enough to send me a message with what would be a fair and reasonable price to ask for this coin, I would be tremendously appreciative. Thanks so much!!
  3. Sorry! I have not priced them individually because the price depends on how many/what you want. I will take trades and offers. All coins unactivated. Actual shipping costs from Minnesota.
  4. I have a bunch of coins for sale or trade. This is just my first round... I have more coming soon. 1) Geocoin Club - November 2009. (Neptunium) 2) Geocoin Club - (Cache the dark side) 3) Geocoin Club April 2011. (Easter Egg) 4) Geocoin Club June 2011. (Knight) 5) Geocoin Club May 2011. X2 6) Geocoin Club November 2011. (Celtic) 7) Geocoin Club April 2009 (Nostradamus) 8) Geocoin Club September 2009. (Reaper) 9) Geocoin Club April 2010. (Tick) x2 10) Geocoin Club March 2009. (Horseshoe) 11) Geocoin Club June 2008. (Nicolavs) 12) Geocoin Club August 2010. (5 year anniversary) 13) Geocoin Club December 2011. (Snowflake spinner) 14) Geocoin Club November 2006. 15) Geocoin Club August 2007. 16) Geocoin Club September 2006. 17) Crake Wildflowers 2009. Nickel. 18) Crake Wildflowers 2009. Black nickel. 19) Geocoin Club June 2006. 20) Geocoin Club. July 2006. (X2) 21) A Higher Power. 22) "The Herd" Angola Indiana personal (elephant shaped) coin. 23) Cache Critters Baa (sheep shaped) coin. 24) Geocoin Club May 2006.
  5. I still have these! I'd be willing to sell these all as well as two additional surprise unactivated geocoins for $100! I'd like to move them out!
  6. I came across a bunch of geocoins that I intended to trade or sell so here goes! Many of these were acquired through the poker tournament or trades for items acquired in the poker tournament. If there is a coin that should not be sold - please tell me. I mean no disrespect by posting it here - they just are not doing any good in my house and we have SO many out in the wild already! 2007 Compass Rose in antique silver that is unactivated. I'm not sure what to ask for this so make an offer. MarkTa 2nd to Find - $10. Nocturnal Hunter (Geocoin Club October 2008) - $10 Cache Rewards (Great Container) - $10 Conundrum Coin - $10 San Diego Geocachers 2007 - $10 Seal of Solomon (purple) - $12. Do You Dare? (Fear your stripes) -$12 Mackey Made It (new baby) - $10 That's it for now but I will definitely have more coming! If you don't like my prices - make an offer! I'll also consider trades!
  7. AHHHH - I log on after a bit of a hiatus and the new coins are all absolutely fantastic! My daughter LOVES anything otter and I know she would die for one of these. Are there, or will there be any more for sale??
  8. I don't have what you are looking for but I do want to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your coin!!!!
  9. Oh no! I'm so sad that I missed this! Great deal!
  10. I didn't read the instructions well last time! About our collections: I geocache with my kids and they love the coins that look like something so I seem to be collecting a lot of those. My youngest daughter's favorite coins are the flip flops and the pencil. My oldest daughter collects geocoins that have turtles on them. Me middle daughter has a small collection started of any that have peace signs or flowers on them. So, we have a lot of collections going!
  11. Oh, I REALLY want one of these. Antique silver, if possible. This is one of the most gorgeous geocoins I have ever seen.
  12. My favorite geocoin is the tree of life. I, sadly, don't own it though. I typically (generally speaking) collect around anything nature related. I also really love shaped coins. I'd love to see an Ohm (or anything Hindu) related geocoin. Apparently I can't read directions well. I'll answer the other two in a new post.
  13. I got an Aztec Puzzle coin set in the math trade and while it is a beautiful and neat coin, I probably should have thought a bit harder before I picked it! We love to release our coins and watch them travel and these pieces are too small and not at all suitable for this purpose - plus it would be silly to break up such a nice set. SO, I'd like to trade this set (4 unique, trackable coins) for something else. I'd prefer to trade for several plain (less likely to be stolen, though I realize there is no guarantee) coins versus one nicer one. I also have a Compass Rose 2007 (Antique Silver) coin that I could be easily persuaded to trade in the same manner as the above.
  14. Mine are sent and I received both of mine! Thanks!!!
  15. Our mission is complete, too!! We received our package a couple of days ago! It contained some Make-Your-Own-Snow, a stuffed reindeer and two cool geocoins! My youngest daughter fell in love with the stuffed reindeer the moment she saw it and has been sleeping with it every night. We put the Make-Your-Own-Snow away for when the real snow is gone! Oh, one of the coins is the coolest thing! It's like a pinwheel flag. The pinwheel part actually spins - so cool!!! I'm not sure what the other one is called but it's very neat, too!! Thanks for the awesome gifts!!
  16. Oh man, I wish I would have got in on this!
  17. I've had a couple successful trades but I still have lots of poker coins left! I'll happily trade these for anything at all. I'll give at least three for any unactivated trackable!
  18. Signed up: 12/4/10 Received Name: 12/29/10 Sent Package: 2/2/11 Received Package: Nope.
  19. I sent an email! I hope it is not too late!!
  20. I have a super awesome update on this coin! So, here is a quick recap: On November 27, the coin was placed in the cache. On November 30, a cacher went to the cache but did not take the coin. On December 1, a cacher commented that there was no coin in the cache. The cache owner then (apparently without actually checking) marked the coin as missing on December 3. I got some advice above and emailed the one cacher that was there on the 27th and asked it he grabbed the coin. He responded and said he saw it but did not grab it. He offered to go back and see if it was still there for me. On the 5th, he returned to the cache and the coin WAS indeed there!! Yay!
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