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    Funky Monkey, TB364F, in the hands of Jeo. I physically dropped it in Rocky Trinity, GCBB32.


    Ok, this is easiest when the bug is sitting in a cache, otherwise you'll have to coordinate with the current holder to grab it back from you. I suggest just waiting until it's dropped into a cache and sitting there.


    1. On the bug page, retrieve the bug from the current cache.


    2. On the Rocky cache post a note POST DATED and drop the bug. ( you can just say "logging bug")


    3. On the bug page, retrieve the bug from the Rocky cache POST DATED.


    4. On the current cache, post a note and drop the bug.


    5. On the current cache Delete the note that you dropped the bug


    6. On the bug page Delete both the logs showing that you retrieved and dropped the bug in the current cache


    When all is said and done the bug will have the Rocky cache added to the history, the grab and the subsequent drops by others will be accurate.


    If this isn't clear or you have questions feel free to PM or email me.


    Shorter version:

    Retrieve the bug

    drop and retrieve it from the first cache, post dated

    drop it back into the current cache

    delete the your drop note on the current cache page and on the bug page delete the retrieve and drop for the current cache

    Thanks. I had penned (but not sent) an E-M to jeo. But Im East, hes west- could take a while to coord my- Grab from jeo, drop RT, his grab back form RT. Tomorrows Sat- he could likely drop it somewhere. I'll EM him anyway but different msg.

  2. (I hope HD doesn't hear about this!)


    Are you saying that someone grabbed the bug away from you before you could log the drop?


    Yes, there is a way to 'backlog' the drop. Could you tell me which bug it is so I can check a couple things?



    Funky Monkey, TB364F, in the hands of Jeo. I physically dropped it in Rocky Trinity, GCBB32.

  3. If you know the cache it was found in you can drop the bug into the cache by posting a note then retrieving it back out. There are a few steps you'll need to take to properly log it based on who's holding it and if it's been logged through other caches since.


    Let us know if you need any specific instructions.


    Really the current holder should have dropped it into the cache (and back out) after grabbing it. You could just send them a note asking them to do this before they log it into another cache.

    I also have a problem. I dropped a TB, but someone else retrived it and logged it before I could log my drop, so a 3000 mi section of the TBs trip is missing. The 'toubleshooting' section is vague- contact the current holder and grab it, then drop it. Whats the procedure to grab it?

  4. QUOTE (geoduck4 @ Jan 14 2006, 10:16 PM)

    Thanks for your replies. This isn't a rare event with these certain geocachers.


    True, but what can you do about it? That's what I want to know.

    Can't do anything about it. Just venting. :unsure:

    Thats it! Venting. LOL Good name for the practice. Giving the travel bug some air.

  5. The How to log a travel bug topic pinned at the top of this forum does pretty good too.

    There appears to be a fly in the ointment!!! I dropped off a TB in a cache, but before I could log my drop, someone else grabbed it and logged the grab. The TB was no longer in my virtual bug bag to drop- which on a simplistic level, made sense since if I now dropped it in the cache, it would appear there but not be there. Smart software would account for the fact that I merely logged the drop after someone picked it up and it's not actually there. The ramification of all this was that I could only post a note in the TBs log that I dropped it off. My drop off does not appear in the TBs mileage or map. Sorry Funky M! If anyone knows a way around this glitch, post away!!

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