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  1. Put the Wild-Bunch down for at least 2, 3 if I can talk my wallet into giving up the extra money.
  2. We loved the puzzle coin idea! We would like at least 2 sets. Happy caching y'all.
  3. Ok, I can see where you’re headed with this. Sorry about earlier post. We are guilty of the short log on the good cache but sometimes you just run out of things to say. Happy caching y'all
  4. I would like to add my opinion to the cemetery caches. We have recently started a cemetery cache series, all containers are small and placed around the perimeter of the cemeteries and we have placed several at cemeteries that most people haven’t even heard about. We have done this with the deepest respect for those who are buried or have loved ones buried there. We don’t want these places to be forgotten, they are full of history and if it takes a game to bring remembrance of those who have made the long journey before us, is it really so bad? May all their spirits rest in peace knowing that they are not forgotten and that we want to remember them and their sacrifices to humanity, however small. We know that some people have a problem with cemetery caches and that’s ok, we are not trying to change anyone else’s opinion on cemetery caching. This is only our opinion and we express it with all due respect to those around us and who post in the forums. Happy caching, y’all!
  5. If you really don’t care about the feelings of the person who placed the cache, I guess a rude log is ok. But as someone who has placed caches and received rude logs it makes it that much harder to feel good about placing another cache. We give it our best effort to place good caches but our kids have placed caches too, and some of them have been really easy or not well hidden. But they are just kids and are learning about geocaching. We try to think about the person who placed the cache before we post a log for it. Maybe, it was a child and what better way of ruining geocaching for a young cacher then posting a rude log on a cache that they may have hidden. I know it won’t matter to some but I thought I would just express my opinion after all geocaching is just a game and games should be fun for everyone. Thanks for letting me up on the “soap box” for a moment. Happy caching y’all!
  6. A tragic loss. Our prayers go out to the family.
  7. Sent an email for 3 if we are still able to order.
  8. Just sent an email, hope we are still able to add to our order.
  9. We placed an order for 2 is there still time to add one more to that? Thanks The Willden Wild-Bunch
  10. We would love to get at least one of each too.
  11. When your children pack your GPS and geocaching folder for you while you're planning your anniversay get away.
  12. We just happened to be channel surfing one evening and caught the last little bit of an interesting clip on geocaching that the Travel Channel ran a couple of months ago. I went on-line to do a bit of resurch on this geocaching thing and two weeks later we got our first GPS. We caught the geocaching bug with our first find. Now, instead of "Can we play the nintendo?" I hear "When can we go caching?" from my kids. Even my 16 year son has a renewed intrest in our "family outings".
  13. We saw that little clip too. We had never heard of geocaching until then so I did some resurche and now we have found 32 caches so far. This has been a great family event and it gets the kids away from the T.V. and video games.
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