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  1. Before Rowling invented the word "muggle", purportedly from expanding the Old English word "mug", meaning "fool", the word "muggle" was an American slang term from the 1920's and 30's for a marijuana cigarette. Prior to that, there was also a word "muggle" which meant mist or drizzle, as in a light rain.

    :) Oh, I never knew that. Interesting info. :laughing:

  2. Lunatics, real ticks, poison ivy, pitbulls, rabid raccoons, drunk drivers, tetanus, nettles, rattlesnakes, bugs, falling rocks, falling into water, car breaking down, kids getting hurt, getting a DNF on a real easy cache, mean cops, mean muggles, discarded needles, discarded undergarments, broken glass, barbed wire, dust in the eye, rust in the eye, flat tires, broken shoelaces, getting shot by rednecks, getting shot by deer hunters, sunburn, frostbite, losing something expensive on the trail, air shafts to abandoned coal mines, drug dealers, perverts, splinters, bad coordinates, grouchy bears, getting rained on, and worst of all...getting locked behind a gate. Yep, I'm a worrywart!


    Alien abduction. :D


    Those two about sum it up don’t they? :P

  3. Snakes don't want a piece of you any more than you want a piece of them, leave 'em be and everyone will be happy.


    I don’t know about that. :D That was my bad childhood experience with a snake. It was about a 6 foot long non-poisonous blow snake (commonly referred to as the bull snake) but to a 4 year old with a new puppy it looked like a very big horrible monster coming to eat me and it was coming for me and my puppy. :D Slithered right out of a pile of rubble toward me, scared me almost to death (I'm still here today so it was only almost :) ). It is one of the very few memories I have from that age but it was so terrifying to me at the moment that it has vividly stuck with me my whole life. Thus, I am still afraid of snakes.


    A little trick for those of you on the trail. Poisonous snakes have verticle pupils, like little slits. Nonpoisonous snakes have round pupils.


    Too scared to get that close!! :D



    I was happily out caching in Arizona on our way home from Mesquite and we stopped at the "Heart Break Hotel" cache (GCRYRA) and I almost stepped right on a sidewinder. :lol:

    I hate snakes to begin with, terrified of them really (sorry guys but it comes from a very traumatic childhood experience). I had wandered to with-in about a foot and a half of the little critter. I was watching the gpsr and didn't see it until I was way to close for comfort. I froze and screamed. Hubby came to my rescue and helped me find the cache from there. It was cold out and snakes in our area won't be out for at least another month so it was quite a shock for me to see the little guy. My husband loves snakes and was thrilled to see it but it put a bit of a dampener on the rest of the day for me. It was only when we reached Cedar City that I realized that I should've had him at least take a picture of it. :huh: Oh well, maybe next time.

  5. Wow, it sound like I may have been the only one that got a half way decent coin. :anicute: My only complaints were it was way too black and the tracking number was a little small making it hard to read but other then that my 3 coins all seemed to be in ok shape, tracking numbers were all in the right place and everything looked neatly done (I have nicer looking coins in my collection but I also have worse). I ordered a February coin before I got the January coins so we will see how that one turns out before I spend another $10.00 on any more though.

  6. Just paid for my coins. This was a must have for my collection. I also love the icon. YemonYime is very talented.


    I agree YemonYime has talent. However it was Token Collector who won the contest :P


    Oops. Sorry about the mistake. :P:P Both are very talented!! :P

  7. That sounds like a fair trade, two coins for your husband and brother in law, BTW are they trackable?


    Ha, Of course not. If she is willing to trade for them then she doesn't want to know where they are :(


    I guess I'll just have to trade coins for coins because somehow my husband and brother-in-law always seem to find the way home. ;):P

  8. We missed out on getting some of these coins. :D I would like to get two for my husband and brother-in-law if someone is willing to sell or trade. They had a very spooky experience here in Utah several years ago on a hunting trip just east of where we live. We have bear and cougar in the area but they swear that no bear or cougar will stock anyone upright on just two legs for very long and this smelly creature stocked them almost all the way back to the truck. The never did get to see what was following them but they heard it and smelled it. My husband said the hair on the back of his neck stood up all the way back and he dosn't scare easy. :) This is a cool coin and we are sorry we missed it.

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