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  1. Don't know if this has been mentioned here or not yet but... With the new cache page formatting there does not seem to be any instance of the GC# on the PDF print friendly page. I use GC#'s almost exclusively to reference and log caches in the field so not having the waypoint reference included on the print out means you would need to write it on manually after the page prints which IMO is lame. I hope it's just a temporary oversight and not some decision that was made to omitt it on purpose, I hope to see the GC #'s back on the PDF pages again soon because I had planned to gear up soon for some more distant &/or complicated cache hunts that require the print-out. Thanks! M.D. p.s. so far the new changes look pretty good although I'm not sure if I like the cache size term "regular" as part of the author line. "A regular cache by..." could sorta give the impression that it's lame or nothing special, just your regular old cache by... Although I do like the sound of "A LARGE cache by..." Maybe "mid-size" would be a better term to use in it's place...?
  2. After further delving, it appears that one of my previous emails from the insta-notify system was erroneously marked as junk mail be me somehow. With Hotmail, the "delete" and "report as junk & delete" buttons above messages are right next to each other, so I surmise that I may have accidentally and unkowingly clicked the wrong one when deleting an alert after reading it. There definately were some problems with other emails awhile ago but all seems to be OK now. Time to whip out the plastic for one more year of preemo.
  3. OK, I am now getting insta-notifies to my Shaw account. I have set them to auto forward to my Hotmail account to see if they get through but it takes about 24hrs to take effect so i'm still waiting to see if I get them now... I require Hotmail to recieve these mails because I have configured MSN mobile to send an SMS alert to my cellphone whenever a new cache is published in my search area or any other triggered event happens with my caches or watchlist entries. I've added "noreplyatgeocachingdotcom" to my list of accepted mailing list addy's in case that helps. Hopefully the latency delay with the extra step in getting my insta-notify alerts will not cost me any FTF's if I can't get them to deliver directly to Hotmail anymore. Thanks again for looking into this for me Elias! I'll check back in awhile with any developments.
  4. Just checked & all my insta-notify subscriptions ARE active.
  5. Ok, but did you receive 5 emails from the site between 10 PM and midnight last night (Pacific time)? Elias Nope, nadda, nilch-o
  6. OK, I just changed my GC account over to Shaw. I've set it to forward to my Hotmail account so I should still be getting them at my new Shaw account if for some inexplicable reason they are being blocked from my Hotmail account. Now we wait... I will also confirm my notify settings to make sure they didn't mysteriously change either...
  7. We sent you 5 emails late last night starting at 10 PM Pacific time; what I can't tell is what they specifically are, but they did come from the server that handles the instant notifications. Can you confirm that you received all 5 and that none of them were the published log you're missing? Elias I just checked my emails & I haven't yet recieved ANY of the insta-notifies for the new caches that were just published here within my proximity radius. I just sent a message through the site to another cacher & I did get the "copy of email to:" in my inbox. Thanks for looking into this for me Elias! I just hope it can get fixed real soon, i'm missing out on all the exciting FTF races!
  8. I think I'm missing something - you don't have any PQs scheduled. In fact, it looks like the last one we sent you was January 29th. Do you maybe have another account that isn't receiving PQs? Elias Clarification: I don't actually have any regularly scheduled PQ's. The "run once" PQ's i've generated rarely make it before they're needed so i've been downloading the separate waypoints one at a time from the search preview instead. This is not my bigger concern right now though. Right now I would really just like to be getting all of my insta-notification emails when somebody logs my caches or my watchlist items etc. I have recieved a few PM emails from other cachers but i'm not sure if they're all making it through. I've been working with a U.S. cacher on an international co-op cache and i'm not sure if he even got the co-ords I sent but I haven't heard back from him in yet, so I can't really say. Right now i'd just like to be able to rest assured that i'm getting ALL my geo-mails and not just some... I know I have missed caches being published and people logging my caches and watchlist items for awhile. I still did not get an insta-notify for a local cache that was published several hours ago either. I just created a new email addy with my ISP so I'll switch my account over to that one and see if the mails get to me. I know hotmail pretty well and find it odd that some got through and some didn't...? Maybe MSN switching over to Livemail beta has something to do with it if it's not a problem on the GC end? I'm not a software guy.
  9. It's not just AOL. I use hotmail and have made no changes to my mail filters yet I am not getting mails either. Everything was working fine up until about the same time the latest "patch" was executed. I have recieved a few alert mails sporatically (and days late) over the last two weeks or so but MOST of the mails I should be getting from the site (including PQ's) are NOT arriving in my inbox. If hotmail blocks a message that you haven't specified the email addy of in your block sender list then it will always go to your junk folder first so you can see it. I am convinced this problem is NOT on the user or ISP side. All this and now my membership is coming due soon.
  10. My insta-notifies are still not coming and neither are my PQ's. I feel so out of the loop.
  11. Same, and i'm not getting my insta-notifies either.
  12. I didn't mess with the embedded Google maps too much but I thought they were great! I hope the issues get worked out & they come back soon... Don't give up on them yet Jeremy!
  13. Ooops! I meant this one...
  14. This loophole still hasn't been addressed...?
  15. Get activation codes for 2006 BC & LMGA coins at: Landsharkz.ca/coins
  16. Hey thanks! I looked into it & it turns out the coins are not trackable on GC.com. I wonder why they have what LOOKS like a tracking number on them? Just a serial # I guess.
  17. My GF & I won an unactivated "Summer 2005 North Dakota" coin at an event awhile back. There is no activation code with the coin & the original owner does not have it or know where to get it.... It has a tracking number on it so I assume it IS trackable but I haven't been able to find anything about how to get an activation code for it. Anybody know anything about these?
  18. Oh, OK. I think I may have gotten confused with the multiple images associated with a log entry but any cache page gallery I visit with image links on the main description page seem to be doing it. It just seemed logical that clicking on a gallery thumbnail would link you to the full image, not the main cache page... Maybe it's always been like that but IMHO, still seems like a minor bug in the site.
  19. Have I stumped everyone with this one? bummer...
  20. Don't! ... Choose that is... Find a gilfriend who is into caching! Have you cache & eat it too! OK, that didn't sound as good as I thought it would but you get the point...
  21. I am having an odd issue with cache page galleries... OK, here's what's happening: I sign in to GC.com, no problem. I go to view a cache page, no problem. If I click on an image link that is on the main cache page, the image comes up in a separate window, no problem... If I click on the "visit the gallery" link, the thumbnails come up, no problem... If I click on an image thumbnail in the gallery it sends me back to the main cache page! ~PROBLEM!!!~ Anyone know why this is happening? It's not the first time & it seems like it's permanently doing this now! Before the glitch, I could click on a thumbnail & a somewhat larger version would come up with the "prev." & "Next" options above it & clicking that image would bring up the full sized image in a separate window. Is it my computer's fault for being a state of the art P.O.S. or is this a site issue?
  22. My theory on the increased solar activity is the approach of a once in a 22,000 year event where the sun crosses the galactic ecliptic, due to occur on Dec. 20, 2012 at 11:40 am Pacific time. The ancient Mayans built their entire system of keeping time around this "Baktun" (great cycle) event. For being a pre-technological society, they still have the most accurate calender ever conceived of to date... But that's a whole other "off topic" forum subject. To stay on topic, I had no more difficulty than usual acquiring & maintaining a GPS lock today. It seems as though the storm arrived very early in the morning here & produced very little effect before passing by. The NOAA POES data indicates that all is calm in the ionospere now. Might be time to close this one up...
  23. Just finished looking at the newest NOAA POES data & nothing appears out of the ordinary. In fact, activity looks below average...! Calm before the storm? I don't know why I didn't notice the other discussion on this topic... I'm just wondering if the alleged solar storm would have a noticeable effect on GPSr's.
  24. Aparently, a solar particle storm generated by recent solar flare activity is due to reach Earth later on tonight (Pacific time)... Some high orbitting sattelites (such as the GPS system) are expected to experience possible disruptions or interference with operation during it's peak. Anyone is encouraged to report if they experienced loss or degradation of the GPS positioning telemetry for any time during the next 24 hrs. (5pm Pacific) Might be interesting to see if anything actually happens or not....
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